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A crazy night at the hospital, no mor banner1 After doing chores that morning, Elsie was glad that she finally had her alone time. That day was unlike every ordinary day because it was Masturbation Saturday so she locked her room, unzipped her shorts and stripped her clothes off naked. She grabbed her laptop and went straight to her favorite porn site.

When Elsie found the video that caught her eye, she plugged in her earphones and started to play the video. Feeling caressed, she gently started to fondle her breasts and teased her nipples. She was on the verge of masturbating while watching the climax of the video then suddenly the phone rang. She gruntly paused her video feeling all annoyed she angrily received her phone.

She couldn't understand what the caller was trying to convey so she calmly talked and explain everything. 

Shocked, she hurriedly put on her clothes and ran downstairs in her apartment. She got on her car and immediatey headed straight to the hospital. 

Upon entering, Elsie immediately asked where room 205 was and rushed upstairs. Thrilled when she saw her best friend Bobbie alive and happily talking to the nurse. As she knocked and entered her room, she immediately hugged her best friend and asked her what happened.

She was shocked when Bobbie explained to her that she got in a car accident and she broke her ankle, but the good thing was she was okay. Elsie volunteered to spend the night with her at the hospital so she hurriedly went back to her apparment and grabbed some clothes and headed sraight back to the hospital.

It was dinner time and Elsie was feeling a little impatient because she doesn't want her best friend to starve and she was also hungry by that time so she was about to march to the door when the nurse was already on his way in.

Looking surprised, Elsie slowly watched the nurse come in the room and bring Bobbie her dinner. He was tall, good looking and fit.

Elsie immediately felt a little hot while watching him. The nurse introduced himself, he was Mark and he was going to be Bobbie's nurse in her stay at the hospital.

As Bobbie was eating dinner, Elsie asked if Mark could just watch Bobbie for a while so that she could go buy her dinner at the cafeteria. 

When Elsie came back, Bobbie was finished with her dinner and was already asleep but Mark was still there, watching her. Elsie apologized for taking too long to eat and said thank you for staying with her best friend. As she shaked Mark's hand, their eyes met and suddenly she felt arroused. She felt that hot tingling sensation that she felt when she was starting to ger pretty hot wathing her porn movies.

Embarrased with how she acted because she noticed that Mark felt it too, she hurriedly let go of his arm and said their good nights.

There was a small sofa beside Bobbies bed and that's where she lay down.

She was pretty annoyed because her Masturbation Saturday was interrupted, she figured why not do it there because Bobbie was a heaby sleeper so she'll never notice. 

She plugged in her earphones and resumed watching the video. She slipped her hands in her panty and started to rub her clit. She was feeling hot and sweaty she could feel the tinggle of her climax when suddenly someone was knocking at the door.

Feeling a little grumpy now, she went gto the door and opened it. She was shocked when she saw Mark. 

"I've been watching you", he said.

Feeling a very embarrased, she didn't know how to react. Then suddenly, she could see that Mark's crotch was erect.

Feeling so hot and already ready to climax, she grabbed him and started kissing him.

"We can't do this here", he said 
"I'm sorry, I was out of control"
"No, I know a place we can go."

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