Restaurant Meet

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Older lady comes on to me at Chili's.... Lesbian TITLE: Restaurant Meet    

Went to eat at Chili's, Sat at the end of the bar, an older lady came and sat beside me. I said Hi I'm Patrick, she responded I'm Gloria..... We chatted a bit, just filler, She asked what I did, I told her and then said I'm on the road this week. She said so am I, funny we would meet like this, I said it sure is, hay let me ask you something, when you are on the road like we are do you ever think, who would know? She said I have thought that many times, but never had a guy say that to me, She said I am no spring chicken anymore, I had 3 kids, and have a few extra pounds. I told her well look at me, nothing special, and to be honest my biggest asset is not between my legs. She said that has never been a problem for me,  I have only been with 2 other guys, but sometimes the itch is there and no one to scratch it. I said oh I know how you feel.
    She said I bet a good looking guy like you has no problem, I said I might not if I tried hard, but I am content to just go back to my room and take care of business..... then when I get home I know what's there. She said same here, but don't you every just think how about a one night thing? I said you mean like tonight? She said well would you even consider me? I said sure I would.  Neither one of us had expectations other than having a one night stand. She asked where I was staying I said right next door at the Wyndham, she said me too, I said I am on the 4th floor. She said I am on the 3rd.

    We sat and drank our drinks, I ordered 2 more, I said no problem we are walking.... she laughed. I said so you want to come to my room or me to yours, I said I have a King Suite, she said mine is 2 doubles... I said it's your call. I wrote my room number on a napkin. I said we go back and you can call me from your room, if you want to come up, bring whatever and come on up. We finished our drinks, we went in and on the way I stopped at the front desk and asked for a spare key to my room. We went to the elevator and got on, I handed the extra key to Gloria, I said call me if you are coming up, no need to knock if you do, just come on in.

    I said just fair warning if it takes you more than 10 minutes to get there, when you do get there I will be naked, not a stich of clothes at all. She said then how can I resist not waiting 15 minutes... The elevator stopped on 3, I said hope to see you, she said I hope to see you too, hope you are a man of your word, the doors closed as I said Oh I am no problem. I got into the room turned on some lights and the TV, Flipped on the bathroom light, this was one of those times I was glad the room had a shower not a tub. I sat in the chair and started to take my clothes off, was only a few and I was naked as promised.

    It was 15 minutes almost to the minute, I heard a light rap on the door then heard it opening, then close and she flipped the security latch. She walked down the narrow hall past the bathroom door, I was off to the side a bit, when she reached the corner, she let out a gasp and said FUCK you were serious, I said one thing I am about sex is serious. She looked at me and came forward, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I hugged back too, I opened my mouth a bit and she let my tongue slip right into her mouth. As we let go and we parted I said you are not disappointed are you? She said not so far,  as she backed up she took hold of the sides of her dress... she slowly raised it up and over her head, she said I kind of got ready.... she did not have a bra or panties on she was naked too, She did not look bad at all. I was in my late 40's she was 60 or a bit more... yes she was not beach model, but she looked really good.

    She said okay right up front, this is a one night thing, no falling in love or crap like that, if we ever meet again and decide to do it then so be it. Otherwise I leave later or in the morning and we part ways Okay?  I said I agree 100%.... Now we were both naked, I said did you catch the bathroom, look in there, she looked and said wow that shower is really big, I said yes It is accessible, but the room is not marked like that...but look it has 2 shower heads and 2 water controls and even a fold down seat.... I said you think we might be able to check that out sometime between now and morning, assuming you are going to spend the night. She said I'll stay if you want me to. I said oh I want you to for sure.

    I said well now that you are staying do you want to go get any essentials before we get wild? She said that might be a good idea, I said ok lets slip on something and I'll get us something to drink and a snack for later.... I said do you drink Rum? She said Rum & Coke is my favorite Drink, I said I have the Rum I'll get some Cokes, she said now you have the right idea, So we went down to her room, I got the snacks and drinks while she got what she needed. She came out just as I was heading back down the hall to her room. We went back up and into my room. We both striped in seconds, I put the Cokes in the fridge. She pulled the comforter and sheet down,  she dropped onto the bed and rolled over, she said ok now it's up to you. I got on the bed beside her sitting with my legs crossed, I was looking her over up and down, she said I told you, I said you told me wrong you are really freaking hot. She said for an old lady, I said you said that not me.

    She was a very passionate lady, yes older but still nice. As we laid, me on top of her I asked so what kind of things do you like, she said well I have done it all how about you, I said me too, pretty much done everything at one time or another, she said can I ask you something? I said anything go for it, she said have you ever done anal, I said give or get? She well have you ever been fucked, I said yes I have,  but I will tell you anal is not on the top of my list... giving or getting. She said I like the sound of that, I am have never enjoyed, I have done it a few times but hated it every time. I said as a guy with a gal, I think why mess back there, when there is the perfect place just inches away... and it is not nasty. She said oh my thinking too.

    She said what else have you done, I said you first then me... she said well I did a 3 way with 2 guys once. I said well I let someone pee on me, she said you into golden showers? I said yes they are one of my greatest weakness and perversions. She said get this I love piss play, I have enjoyed it since I was a kid, I said me too, she said who was your first? I said a male cousin. She said hers was with a female cousin a year older than her, she was 10... I said so was I. She said maybe we can use that big shower after all. I said now that would be perfect. She said ok no peeing either of us okay? I said okay.... how bout we take on some water before we go any further. I got 2 bottles of water out of the fridge. We both drank them down like nothing.

    We were at one hell of a starting point for sure, I said well now this is personal... she said were naked in bed together..... I laughed and said I guess you are right, anyway do you like for a guy to get you off orally? She said very few will even worry about what I want.  Well I am kind of different I guess, maybe because of my endowment, she said stop it, you are not small. I said okay if I miss something direct me okay? She said okay... She turned to an angle in the king bed, I got between her legs, she spread them for me, she looked damn good, not a bush just a nicely manicured lawn. The aroma was awesome, I could smell pussy and pee... Damn I was boned. I placed my mouth over her pussy and then licked from bottom to top, stopping on her clit and nibbling a bit, she squirmed, I said you ok? She said more than ok... keep going don't stop.

    I worked her for at least 15 minutes and then she started humping my mouth... she took hold of my head and pressed it into her crotch. It was just seconds and she let out a scream and then said yes yes fuck yes..... then she just moaned .... I stopped as she was really sensitive right now.  She reached for my arms, and pulled me up... I helped.... she kissed me and said damn where the fuck have you been all my life? I have never had a guy get me off that intense ever in my life. She pulled her lags up, i was between them I grabbed a pillow and she raised her ass to place it under. I was on my knees, I took her legs and put them on my shoulder, I was there and she said get into me NOW.... and I did, she gasped, maybe to make me feel good I don't know.

    Her pussy felt so good around my dick she said see I told you stud... I pumped in and out and she was meeting my every stroke. Soon I said I'm cumming and she said do it do it.
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