Months Without Sex- Losing my Virginity a Second Time

East Coast Mama   September 07, 2018   | 29204 Views
After going months without sex, and having a partner who sucked in bed with a small dick.....I set out to get myself a good hard fun fuck. banner2      I had been in a relationship for approximately 10 years. How and why I stayed is beyond my comprehension. While I used to enjoy hot and heavy sex with an ex partner, my current partner has a tiny dick and to top it all off, he really sucks in bed.
     After months of celibacy and thinking about getting laid, I was pretty darn horny and ready for some action. I was not settling for some limp, small dick 5 minute roll between the sheets.

I felt like a virgin again, and I was determined to lose my virginity a second time:

I met a guy, Tim in the local community. A fine specimen of a man, and I could see the visible bulge in the crotch of his shorts. I was instantly attracted to him and when I would run into him, I could feel him checking out my legs, my ass and my chest- wondering what I would look like naked. It didn't take us long to exchange numbers and start flirty texts and sex-talk. Only problem being- we were both in relationships, and couldn't just run off at a moment's notice and explore what the other had to offer.

One afternoon, the opportunity presented itself. We were both at a mutual friend's home and she got called into work for a few hours. Oh, how we had been waiting- we were like to horny 16 year olds, not knowing how to take the plunge and make the first move. I could feel my nipples tighten, my belly and sex start to hum and dampness in my undies. God, I wanted this man inside of me, it had been so long. I glanced down at his crotch and saw the usual visible bulge growing......I needed that cock more than I needed anything in the world at that moment. But, oh where to start?
   Quickly we started to devour each other's mouths, clothes were getting shed and I finally got to see his bare, beautiful chest. Strong from physical daily work, I was eager to rub my nipples against the few blonde curls. I could feel his cock hard, pushing and pushing against his shorts, waiting for me to let it loose. The sensation of my oh-so-sensitive nipples against his chest and his cock pushed hard against my belly was almost making me cum. I didn't dare let him touch my clit, I was drunk on arousal, loving the feeling of desire and the anticipation of what was to come. I undid his belt and shorts, reached inside to get a feel of his cock- oh my, it felt wonderful in my hand- heavy and hard and big. As I dropped to my knees, his breath was getting pretty ragged and he was moaning softly, this was all the encouragement I needed to strip him off and let that cock free. Wow. It was big and beautiful, silky smooth and dripping with juice for me. I had to taste it, I had to lick it, I had to suck it. I don't think I've ever been so turned on giving head in my life, I didn't want to stop, I was loving his breathing, his moaning, how his cock seemed to be thrusting itself in and out of my mouth, I was playing with his balls with one hand and gripping his ass with the other. I keep sucking and licking, trying my hardest not to gag on the size. I could feel him getting close, his moans turned to growls and his balls started to tighten........suddenly he stopped me- brought me up for a good long kiss and spun me around.
     "You like my cock, don't you?" he says, I can barely breathe- I just nod and whisper "Yes". I'm still in my shorts, I swear I'm dripping sex juice down my legs- his cock is pressed hard into my ass as he's squeezing my nipples. I want him, I want to be naked. I want to get fucked. I want to cum. I'm fumbling to get my shorts down, not wanting to graze my clit at all in case I lose all control. I manage to step out of them- and I am finally naked for him to see. He spins me around, and all of a sudden, I feel a tad self-conscious- "You are one sexy woman" he says and I melt again. "I want to fuck you" I say. He reaches out and squeezes/ pinches my nipple while the other goes for my inner thigh, rubbing strokingm driving me crazy- I can't stop myself, I grind my clit against his hand. I've never in my life been so desperate for release. Panting, moaning and almost screaming "Please, please, please!!!"
   "You're boyfriend doesn't take very good care of you" he says as he guides me onto the kitchen table. Spreads my legs and gets a full view of my sopping, dripping, desperate cunt. "I want you in me, I want to feel your cock inside" I say, "Not yet, baby, we're going to enjoy this while we can". How much more torture can a woman take? He starts kissing and licking from my knees up, I can hardly stand the pleasure. When his tongue finally finds my clit, I scream his name, begging him not to stop. He's licking and I have never felt so alive and turned on, I'm going to cum I scream. He puts a thumb inside me and just enough pressue on my asshole to send me flying into a complete time-stopping orgasm, I have never in my life squirted, but I'm pretty sure I did as there was juice dripping off his face and his hand as he continued to gently lick and probe. My body was shaking, my mind felt like it was exploding, I couldn't catch my breath. When I did, I said "Now, fuck me and fuck me good and hard" I felt like a woman again- this was what sex was all about.
   He gave me a minute to make sure my wobbly legs would hold me. I was staring in awe at his cock dripping with his juice, anticipating the feel of it inside of me. I hadn't had a cock inside me for months, it had been years since I had one that size fill me up and I was eager to see what it felt like.
   He led me over to our friend's couch. Asked me to get on my hands and knees- let me tell you, that was my pleasure as I know how full you feel with a big cock inside you riding doggy style. Plus, I wanted to grant him as much pleasure as he did me, whatever he wanted- I was willing to give to him.
   He was standing in front of me, stroking that big, beautiful silky cock and said "Don't suck it, let me rub it over your face" Still on my hands and knees, he stroked his dick, while rubbing it all over my face, as he'd bring it close to my mouth, I'd sneak a little lick in here and there, tasting the wonderful flavour of this man. This was incredibly erotic and I was humming with need. He climbed on the couch behind me, bending over to rub his hand over my clit and stick a finger in my cunt. Dripping with juice, his finger started circling my asshole. I was trying to stay still, panting and moaning with pleasure- next his tongue joined his finger and I started pushing backward- wanting to feel his finger up my ass. "Oh baby, you are so hot- maybe I'll get to fuck that ass someday", God I wanted him inside me, anywhere- I had not had anal sex since my previous partner, and I immediately remembered the sheer pleasure. I wanted him in me, in my cunt, in my ass. I started begging to get fucked.
   He eased himself up on his knees and pressed his cock against my asshole- then with a good powerful thrust- started fucking my pussy. It was heaven, I felt full right up to my armpits. Finally, it was in me. "Harder, harder, please, please." He slapped my ass good and hard, I was lost. Harder and harder he went, I'm not sure how he didn't cum- "You are so tight baby, play with your clit for me". I was finally getting the fucking that I had been missing for years and I didn't want to cum yet- his finger started playing in my ass again and I was screaming with pleasure. I said "Please fuck my ass, please, stick it in me" It was all the encouragement he needed- he pulled out of my cunt and slowly started to work the head of his massive cock inside my tight little asshole. The head was in and I was done- I needed it all. I pushed back hard and bit my lip through the momentary pain- "Slap my ass and ride me!!" And boy did he ride me. Both of us moaning and growling, enjoying every second of this pure carnal pleasure. I was in a frenzy with my clit as his cock continued to drive up my ass- I was going to cum- and I did- what a massive release. I shivered and shook and screamed my pleasure. I wanted him to give me his cum, I wanted him to get the same massive release that I had. All of a sudden, he withdrew from my ass, "Get over here, I'm going to cum on your face"....I got on the floor on my knees and put one hand over his on his cock and gripped his balls with the other....his body started to convulse and delicious, white cum squirted all over my face, hair and was dripping down onto my chest. What a ride that was, this will be forever ingrained in my memory.
   We giggled a bit as we got dressed, not wanting our friend to come back and find us naked. We ran some water, cleaned up our mess together, lit a scented candle to cover the smell of our lovemaking, talking easily and enjoying our little secret. We both sure are looking forward to next time.......

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