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business pleasure trip

mimimaya   July 25, 2018   | 44703 Views
Zara enjoyed her new job. But she enjoyed her new boss more. Luxury

Mark came home that afternoon when Zara was gardening. It had been her routines since she finished working last month, and she really enjoyed it. 

‘Leo invites us for dinner next Sunday, babe. ‘ says Mark to Zara, who was busy digging a hole for a new rose. 

Zara looked up. ‘Oh, hi there, hun. which one is Leo again?’

‘He is the one with hospital project. He wants to meet you.’

Zara frowned. ‘why?’

‘Oh, I happened to mention that you were interior designer and he’s interested to meet you. Maybe he needs an advice or two. You’d like him. he is a fun guy.’

Zara shrugged her shoulders. ‘ok.’

Mark kissed her forehead before going inside to grab a bottle of cold beer. 

Zara was wearing her ankle high boots, skinny jeans and nice loose top. She did not really know this Leo guy, so she didn’t want to overdo her appearance. Her short straight hair never needed anything more than just few brushes. She was 165cm and she was slim with few curves. 

To Mark, she was always gorgeous, hot and sexy. 

Mark and Zara came early to the restaurant, so they ordered a glass of wine each to wait for Leo. Zara had the impression from Mark that Leo was an easy going client. 

Fifteen minutes later, Leo arrived with colleague, Danurta. He was apologizing for his lateness due to busy traffic. 

Conversations were really flowing. There were not much about work. It was more a casual dining. And Zara really enjoyed it. Usually, Mark’s dinner with clients were always about work and closed to a boring one. But not this time. 

‘So, what do you think of Leo?’ asked Mark on the way back home. 

‘He seems a nice person. ‘ said Zara. 


Zara never gave anymore thought of that dinner afterwards until one day, Mark came home and said that Leo wanted Zara to work for him. 

Zara frowned. ‘He wants what?’

‘He was asking me if you want to work for him.’ Mark repeated. 

‘Uhm, he knows he can ask me directly, and not trough you, yeah?’ Zara felt a bit insulted that Leo had to ‘ask permission’ from Mark. 

Mark laughed,’don’t worry, babe. I told him right away. He’ll call you soon.’

Long story short, Zara worked for Leo in his new office. Leo gave Zara clear job descriptions and she was happy with it. 

Leo himself doesn’t seem to be in the office much. He spent most of the working hours meeting with clients and everythings seemed to work smoothly. 

One afternoon, Leo called Zara to come to his office. 

‘Yes, Leo?’

‘I need you to come for a business trip with me next week for a few days. Do you think you can do that? It’s related to the project you are working on at the moment so I need you to have a good look on the location.’

‘of course.’

Leo and Zara arrived in the company apartment. it’s a three bedrooms apartment in the 20th floor. Nice view. Leo took the master room, and he showed Zara the room she could use. 

That evening Leo took Zara to a dinner with few clients. It was a casual dinner and Zara can see that the clients really trusted Leo. 

Leo was a very charming man. He was in his early fifty but he still had the energy of early thirty man. 

He managed to convinced the clients to give him more projects. 

Zara was amazed by the way Leo handling the clients. She thought he was super hot, but of course she would not do anything about it. 

After dinner, and the clients left Leo and Zara alone, Leo asked if Zara was interested in enjoying the nightlife. 

Zara said she didn’t mind. She hadn’t had nightlife for sometimes, so they headed off to the local nightclub. 

They ordered few drinks, and closed to midnight, both were a bit drunk. 

Zara and Leo danced together when suddenly Zara kissed Leo. Leo was surprised with the gesture but he didn’t reject the kiss. He enjoyed Zara’s hot lips and tongue playing in his mouth. 

‘I’m sorry. but i think you’re very hot’ whispered Zara in Leo’s ear. 

Leo held Zara’s hips closer to him and whispered back to her ,’I think YOU are super duper hot. I can’t stop thinking about you since our first dinner.’

They kissed passionately on the dance floor until Leo suggested to go back to apartment. 

And once they enter the apartment, Leo’s tounge is stuck to Zara’s body. He kissed her lips, her neck and he loved her mouthful breasts. 

‘Zara, you are so beautiful!!’ said Leo while undressing her. 

Zara smiled. She opened her legs wide open to show Leo her shaven pussy where Leo burried his face right away. 

Leo was sucking her clits and licking her outer vagina lips and that sent Zara to enjoyment. She thrusted her hip closer to Leo’s mouth asking for more. 

Leo’s face was covered with Zara’s love juices. He knew Zara almost exploded so he took a break. ‘Are you ok, there, Zara?’

Zara nodded. ‘Why are you stopping?’

Leo said nothing but smiled, and slowly he inserted two fingers in Zara’s wet pussy which sent her to another enjoyment. 

Leo felt the warmth pussy wall wrapping her fingers and he wanted to have his cock inside it. He wanted to fuck this woman since the first time they met. He was a married man, and he never cheated to his wife before, until he met this sexy, beautiful woman. She had been occupying his mind since day one. There were many things he wanted to do on her, in her, with her. 

And there she was. Laying beautifully naked, enjoying every movements of his fingers. 

‘Are you planning to fuck me anytime tonight?’Zara asked teasingly.

Leo’s cock was hard and he couldn’t wait to plunge it into Zara’s pussy. He pulled his fingers and replaced it with his cock. 

Both were moaning with pleasure. They paused for a second to enjoy each other’s skin before Leo started pushing his hips and thrusting his cock deeper. 

Zara held Leo’s bums and synchronized their movement. She could feel Leo’s cock inside her trying to push harder and deeper. She forgot about Mark who was at home working hard. She liked Mark, maybe loved him a bit, but Zara was never satisfied with one men. She had histories with plenty men. Not that she was a slut, but she never liked to commit to one person. Mark was the longest relationship she had. 

Zara had been good. She had not cheated to Mark for a year they’ve been together. But Leo was just different. He was smart and charming. And he had good body too. And now Zara enjoyed his big cock inside her pussy. Every bit of it. 

Zara felt her pussy pulsating which gave a tight wrap to Leo’s cock. Zara knew she was about to cum. 

‘Leo, I’m cumming.... fuck me harder....’

Leo could feel it too. He wanted to cum inside Zara so much. He moved faster, deeper and deeper. 

He wanted to fill Zara’s pussy with his cum. 

Zara moaned as she reached her orgasm, and Leo followed when he shot his load inside Zara’s pussy. 

Leo laid on top of Zara, kissing her face and whispered to her ear,’you’re fucking beautiful!!!’

Zara smiled. 

The following morning, it was hard for Leo to keep his hands off Zara. During a meeting with clients, he found out he had a hardon while watching Zara talking to them. She was so smart and hot. Two perfect combinations!!

He went to the restroom, took pic of his erect cock and sent it to Zara. ‘Look what you’ve done to me’

When he came back to the room, Zara didn’t seem to read her message yet, she was still busy with the clients. 

Thirty long minutes after, the clients left the meeting, happy. Zara looked at Leo and said,’Seriously?!? You sent me your cock pic while i was talking to clients?!?!’ Zara pretended to be annoyed. 

‘Sorry, Zara, but you were so perfectly hot, I couldn’t help it. My cock had his own mind’ Leo tried to sneak in a kiss to her cheek but instead he caught the corner of her lips and it was enough to start passionate long kisses between them. 

Leo pinched Zara’s nipple which gave her shiver of excitement. ‘Take off your bra.’ whispered Leo while unbottoning her blouse. 

‘But we will have a client presentation in twenty minutes.’ Zara protested, enjoying her boss sucking her breasts. 

‘Let them enjoy your nipples too’ Leo unhooked her bra and took them off. Zara’s hard nipples could be seen from her silk blouse. 

‘ok, i have to prepare for the next presentation. ‘ Zara pushed Leo away from her breasts reluctantly. She really liked his tongue and now he made her really horny. her nipples were pointing hard, they were easily spotted and it was visible that she wore no bra. 

The next client could easily see how hard her nipples were. He tried to ignore it, but Leo managed to catch him staring at them often. Zara decided to enjoy her show, both professionally and sexually. 

After thirty minutes of presentation, the client agreed to give them the project and he was quickly disappeared to the restroom. 

‘Two clients in one day! It needs celebration!!’ Leo said. 

They drove back to the apartment, grabbed few bottles of wine and take away food on the way, and they rushed to their floor. 

‘You have to stop being so hot. I couldn’t concentrate working.’ said Leo jokingly. 

‘You could fire me, if that helps.’


Leo didn’t want to wait long. As soon as they closed the apartment’s door, he grabbed Zara and took off her blouse. 

‘Your tits were pointing up so hard, I was so horny the whole time when you did the presentation. And the client’s eyes were almost popping out!!!’

Zara let Leo play with her nipples. He twisted them hard and that really turned her on. 

She let out a big moan evertime Leo pinched them by surprise. 

She unzipped her skirt, and apparently she didn’t wear anything under it. Leo looked at her with a shock look. ‘You naughty little girl!!! you’ve been running around in the office with clients like that? i could have fingered you anytime today. ‘

Zara smiled mischievously. ‘so, how is your cock now?’ She reached out for his crotch and found a rock hard cock behind his trousers. 

‘I am going to fuck you hard, Zara. All night long.’ said Leo undressing himself. 

Big hard cock popped out of his trousers, and Zara loved his cock. She greedily took it in her mouth and suck it hard. Leo let her do that for five minutes. 

after that, he told her to go on four so he could see her butt cheeks. He liked the scene from Zara’s behind. Her pussy was so inviting. and he loved her butt cheeks too. they were so squeezable. 

He kneeled down and licked her pussy from behind. He licked it up and down, and sometimes he inserted his tongue inside. Zara loved having her clit being sucked. 

And Leo enjoyed licking and sucking her clit, her pussy and also the line between her pussy to her asshole. He pulled her buttcheeks apart so he could access more to her pussy. Sometimes he slid in two fingers into her pussy just to tease her. His face was covered with her juices and he was so ready to fuck her. 

He positioned himself to fuck Zara from behind but he took his time to tease Zara who was at this time already horny and couldn’t wait to have cock inside her. 

‘Fuck me, pleaseeee. Just fuck me now, Leo. I want you to put that cock inside me. now. Pleaseee’ She was begging but Leo ignored her. He grabbed her tits from behind and pinched them hard, gave her a startle of joy. 

‘You are fucking hot, Zara.’ and with that Leo rammed his cock to Zara’s wet pussy. Zara was happily took the cock, and it was disappeared fully in her pussy. Leo loved seeing the pussy swallowed the whole cock. And he could feel the pussy milking his cock inside. He pulled out his cock slowly, and pushed it back in hard, and out and in and out, he could sense the excitement was built up. Zara grabbed her buttcheeks spread them apart so that Leo’s cock could go deeper inside her. She moved her hips forward and backward, moving together with Leo’s thrust. 

‘Harder, please. harder. fuck me!!! fuck me, leo!!!’ Zara was yelling out like a slut and that really turned Leo on. He fucked her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. He could feel her pussy was getting tighter, which meant she was about to have her first orgasm. He wanted to cum together with her, so he went faster and faster. 

‘let’s cum together, babe. I want to cum inside you.’

‘oh, yes pleaseee. cum inside me. give your load to me, pleaseeeee.’

with that both of them were pumping harder and faster. Few more pumping, Zara just couldn’t hold it anymore. She screamed, ‘I am cumming, babe!!!’

Leo could feel the orgasm from Zara, so he pumped harder and faster, and he didn’t want to hold it any longer either. He shot his loads inside Zara’s pussy. It felt so good. They were sweating and exhausted but both were satisfied. 

‘Wine time.’ said Leo. 

Day 3

Leo decided to have an easy working day that day. They had no clients to meet, so they worked from the apartment, under one condition that they both should be naked. 

And by 10 in the morning, Leo couldn’t help himself having erection from watching Zara’s naked body. He came over to Zara’s desk and gave her a kiss on her neck. 

‘I am working, Leo..’ she didn’t seem to mind with the kiss. 

‘Keep working, then. Ignore me.’ Leo continued kissing her earlobe, gave her a little lick here and there. 

Zara tried to ignore her until Leo’s fingers slowly touching her lips. He rubbed her lips slowly and parted them with his fingers. Zara opened her mouth, let the fingers inside and she licked the fingers one by one before she kept three of them and sucked them tight with her mouth. 

Leo whispered to her ear,’that is soooo hot, babe.’

Zara closed her eyes enjoying sucking Leo’s fingers. Her legs were slightly open and her nipples were hard. 

Leo turned her chair around so they could have more rooms. He pulled her fingers out Zara’s mouth slowly. She gruntled softly and opened her eyes. She wanted to see what Leo was up to. He bent over and kissed her lips while his hands cupping and fondling her breasts. 

Zara moaned when he pinched her nipples. ‘Mmmmhhhh.... do it again....’She begged. 

Leo did it few times and he loved making her moan. Her nipples were sore from all the pinches and it made her more sensitive. 

Her legs were widely open now, and there was wet patches on her chair. She was totally wet. 

He placed his knee between her legs and he could feel the damp warm pussy waiting for him. 

Her pussy was swollen from all the sex activities they had been doing in the last three days. 

Leo carried her to the couch. They were kissing hard and long until Zara changed her position. She placed her pussy on top of his face and she was facing his crotch. She greedily took his erect cock in her mouth and started sucking it hard. 

Leo enjoyed it very much and he also loved to have her pussy on his face. He inserted his tongue in her pussy which gave her a startle. 

He held her buttcheeks down and smothered himself under her swollen pussy. 

His face was flooded with her flow and after few minutes he needed to get some fresh air. 

Zara still enjoying his thick cock in her mouth which was now getting really hard. Leo pushed himself to Zara even closer. He wanted his cock go deeper in her throat he wanted to gag her with his cock. 

At the same time his finger was rubbing the outside of her asshole. He really wanted to feel her tight ass but he didn’t know how she would react. Judging from the size, he knew she hadn’t had any cock in it. Or, not many. It looked so tight. 

He licked her outside rearhole to see her reaction. Zara didn’t seem to notice it. He inserted his tongue in. This time Zara felt it. She paused fucking his cock for a second and then ignored him. 

Leo greedily licking and sucking her rearhole while Zara fucking his cock with her mouth. 

Now her tight hole was covered with his saliva, wet enough as lubricant. He slowly inserted a finger into her butt. Ooooohhhh, he almost had his orgasm. Her ass was sooo tight it wrapped his finger tightly. 

Zara stopped her cock sucking, turned her head and looked at Leo who was fucking her ass with his finger. He looked so horny. 

‘Oooohhh Leo, what are you doing?’

Leo looked at her and said,’sorry, babe. but your ass is sooo inviting. It feels so good being wrapped this tight. mmmmmhhhh’

Leo slid his finger in and out her ass, and Zara arched her back. She didn’t know if she enjoyed it or not, it’s a new sensation to her. She had never been touched by her asshole before. It wasn’t too bad, she thought. And she started enjoying the movement of Leo’s fingers, she even rocked herself to get more pleasure. Her pussy was dripping with her sex juice. 

Leo pulled out his finger and inserted two in her asshole. Zara didn’t seem to mind. 

Leo asked her to bend over so that he could see the whole view of her behind. His thick cock was rock hard, and Zara’s pussy was dribbling wet. So when Zara bent over, he rammed his cock into her pussy while fingering her ass. 

‘It feels sooo good, Leo. Oooohhhh... mmmmhhh’ Zara moved wildly. 

‘I love your tight ass, babe...’ with that, Leo spat on it to lubricate it more. 

He gave few thrusts to Zara’s pussy, and he pulled the cock and fingers out. He wanted to fuck Zara’s ass with his cock. 

Zara thought Leo was just taking a break, until she felt where Leo directed his cock. 

Her face was in horror. She couldn’t bare the thought of her ass being ripped by that thick cock. 

‘No, Leo. that’s too big for my ass... ‘ She was begging. She tried to move her ass away from his cock. But Leo was determine. ‘Just the tip, babe. I promise I won’t hurt you. Pleaseeee....’

Her hole was really tight he needed to apply more lubricant on the tip of his cock. And he started to push himself in her slowly. 

Zara felt a slight pain when the head of his thick cock entered her hole. She also felt a different sensation. It was painful and pleasure at the same time. And it was more of those two feelings when Leo pushed himself more. She let out a loud moan. 

‘Do you want me to stop, Zara?’ Asked Leo holding her waist closer to him. 

Zara shook her head. She was enjoying the pain and the pleasure. She just couldn’t believe that Leo’s cock could get into her tiny ass. 

She was grabbing the edge of the couch and trying to grasp some air while Leo pushed his cock even further. He applied more lubricant to her tiny hole, and the cool gel helped soothing the pain a little. 

Leo felt amazing. His cock was wrapped tightly by her sacrum wall, he couldn’t take it any longer. 

His cock was throbbing hard and he just wanted to shoot his load in her ass. So with a hard thrust, he rammed her ass and he shot his cum inside her ass. 

Zara was screaming when he pulled her waist and rammed his cock deep inside her ass. It felt like his cock ripped her apart. She could feel his cum inside her ass, and she found it very sexy. 

They both collapsed on the couch, sweating and covered with lube, sex juice, saliva. 

Leo touched her face lightly and kissed her cheeks. ‘I love you, Zara’

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