Sex with my naughty step-mom

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I interrupted. “This is how it’s going to go. Firstly you can toss the covers off you as you won’t be needing them. Then you can call Charles and tell him he won’t be needed. Then you will come to me on this chair where I will spank that little ass of your red. Then I will have my way with you, and that fucking sexy ass of yours." She dropped the covers knowing she was caught. “Yes James.” she said without a fight. rings OK I was 19 so I would just about fuck anything and everything that female with a pulse.

My family wasn’t short of money but the trade-off was that I lost Dad, most of the time through work commitments. And when Mum had had enough of him I lost her too. She packed her bags and left.

I'm not complaining, lots of money has it benefits but they don’t replace a family and one becomes selfish. I guess its monkey see monkey do sort of thing. All I know is I got what I wanted and when I wanted it.

On the day in question Dad or as the staff called him, Mr Mason, was away again but this time he had left his new girlfriend behind in our home. Her name was Buffy, and as the name suggests she wasn’t one that would hit the top level on an I.Q scale chart. But she was32 and totally sexy. She spent her days between yoga or and pilates and ate nothing but health food and her body showed it.

Dad had been away for a week already when I walked past their bedroom door. I heard the unmistakable of a vibrator humming and imagined it going to work on Buffy’s sweet pussy. I listened closer with my ear on the door.

“Yes Mr M, I'm cumming , I am cumming for you . Aaaahhhhhhhh YEEEEEESSSSSSS Mr MMMMMMMMMM.” Buffy screamed at the top of her voice. My cock started to get hard. I wanted to see this beautiful specimen of a woman in her prime and in her primal state. I reached for the handle. I turned and the door opened it just a touch. I peeked inside.

Buffy was laying on the bed with her legs spread wide. She was completely naked, except for the headphones attached to her mobile that lay next to her. Her breasts were as firm as teenagers and her nipples stood tall. One of her hands was pulling and massaging her nipples one at a time in rhythm to the way she was feeding her pussy with the large black dildo she held in her other hand.

“Yes I will be a good girl, I will. Can I cum again for you again please please can I?” she begged

I 'm not sure what Dad told her but she erupted instantly screaming loud “Aaaaaaggrrrr fuck yessss! I want it deep inside me, fuck me Mr M fuck me!” Buffy screamed as she thrashed her head about on their large bed continuing to work her nipples and her dildo at the same time.

“More! I want more please!” she begged. I took out my phone and started to record her. She was hot. Better then any pay per view porn session, and she was in my house live. I dropped to the floor with one hand in my pants as I continued to tape and watch her play.

“OK Mr M I will put my toys away and wait to I hear from you tomorrow. Thank you for letting me please you tonight. I can’t wait until you come back Mr M my body aches for you. I need you sooooo bad.” she said then hung up the call. Then she kept talking. “No more! Is he fucking kidding, I need a fucking my cunt's just getting warmed up.” She picked up the phone again and looked through her contacts. Choosing a number she reset her headphones.

“Charles what are you doing?" she said. She listened as did I. "Well get over here I need to be fucked and Mr Fucking 5 minutes is overseas. Come and bring that big fucking cock with you. I am so fucking horny. Get over here I will make it worth your while my ass is so in need of a work out and I know how you enjoy my ass.” she said really slow and sexy.

Buffy hung up the phone, reached over the bed and took out a buzzer from the bottom draw. Wow her butt was sexy and I couldn't help but want to be the person to fill it. Anyway who the fuck was Charles? And what the fuck did she think she was doing bring people into our fucking house the little slut!

My temper got the better of me and I pushed open the door. Buffy pulled the covers over herself “James what are you doing? Get out! This is my room. How dare you burst in!" she screamed although half hearted.

"How dare I? You little slut - how fucking dare I? Don’t give me your shit!" I pressed play on my phone and tossed it on the bed next to her. 'Just get the fuck over here' she heard her words play loud and clear.

“How dare I?" I said.

“I don’t know... I... James..." she pleaded.

I interrupted. “This is how it’s going to go. Firstly you can toss the covers off you as you won’t be needing them. Then you can call Charles and tell him he won’t be needed. Then you will come to me on this chair where I will spank that little ass of your red. Then I will have my way with you, and that fucking sexy ass of yours." She dropped the covers knowing she was caught.

“Yes James.” She said without a fight. She dialled. "Change of plan Charles, sorry you’re not needed." She said and hung up before he could respond. Buffy stood and started to walk to me.

“Stop! On your knees that's where you belong. Go on get down.” I said.

Buffy dropped to her knees, I slid my pants off and tossed them aside and undid my button up cotton white shirt. “Come on.” I said leaving her with no confusion about who was in charge here. Buffy reached my legs and looked at me like a naughty school girl who'd been caught out. "Well make sure you do a good job and who knows maybe we don’t have to tell Dad."

Her eyes lit up and she crawled to me and and engulfed the end of my cock in her mouth. She sucked hard and took it in as deep as she could without gagging. My hands grabbed the back of her head and held her hair I stated to use her face to suck and fuck my cock. “Now that is a good girl. Ohhhh yes, a really good girl.” I said rolling back on the chair - her body moving with me so she didn't lose contact with my cock. She continued to suck.

“Oh you are such a naughty girl Buffy. I hope, yes I really hope that was the first time you invited someone back here for sex. Gee this is where we live!” Her eyes told the story without her saying a word. “Maybe the staff get turns as well?” I suggested. Again she just looked.

I pulled her up by the hair and pushed her over the chair I was sitting on. “Oh James you are so much more powerful than your Dad.” she said in a submissive voice. Her words made my cock pulse. I buried two fingers inside her hot snatch and pumped them into her.

“Yes James yes, finger me, finger my hole!” she screamed "Ooooooooooooo fuuuucccckkkk Jammmeeesssss finger fuck me! Finger fuck my pussy!" I worked my fingers in and out of her cunt and slapped her ass cheeks as I went. The slaps only heightened her desire. Then she came. Her body shook and her pussy juiced. She screamed "Aaaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh oooohhhhh don’t stop don’t stop aaaarrgggg oooohhhh aarrrgg yyeessss fuck! Yes fuck! Yes!" she continued to scream until the pleasure pulses released her from their grasp. "Oh James I need your cock. Please James! I need that cock inside me." she said breathlessly. I walked to the bed she followed like a eager puppy about to be fed and my cock was on the menu.

“On you back and spread your legs wide.” My words were commands not questions or statements. Buffy lay on her back and I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the end of the bed, her silk sheets and covers falling onto my feet, as I put her into the position I wanted. “Open them wide.” I say. Buffy obliged her pussy bald and glistening, her lips red and apart. Her hole, the pleasure path, was still slightly open from her dildo fucking and my fingers. I rubbed the head of my cock on the edge of her pleasure place then slid in one go all the way to the shaft. If Dad's genes gave me anything it was a big cock and there was nothing better than getting it inside a woman.

“Oh fuck James that is fucking huge! I am so fucking full." She said.

"Be a good girl Buffy show." I said wanting total control of her now.

“Yes James yes I will be a good girl . I will for you just y…" I pulled out and slammed my cock back inside and her words got lost in the action. I pulled her legs open as wide as possible and continued to fuck her hot sexy hole. Again and again I delved inside her. "Now play with your clit as I fuck you." I commanded. Her hand reached for a pillow and she put it under her head.

"I want to see you , I want to see what you are doing to me.” she said as her hand reached for her pleasure bud. The reward was instant, her pussy walls closed tighter around me as I continued to fill her. I now fucked harder and faster. “I'm aaaaarrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!” she screamed. I was only at quarter pace - her hole needed a fucking and I was going to give it to her. I stepped up the pace and Buffy's pleasure ride stepped into second gear as another wave crashed through her senses. Or maybe it was the same as before. All I know was the harder I slammed myself into her the more she liked it, and the more she liked it the tighter her pussy got.

“Take that you fucking naughty little bitch take it!" The more I spoke and the harder I fucked the tighter she got. “Take that, take it!” I said over and over as if I was purging demons as I pounded myself into her. Feeling that unmistakable feeling, welling inside me of my bliss on its way. I stopped and pulled out.

“So what did you say about your ass not being fucked in ages?" I said.

"Oh James you are so fucking big. I haven’t had anyone that big inside me before. Not up my ass.” she said hoping I would change my mind and take pity on her. I didn’t.

"There is always a first time. Maybe we can get it ready for Mr M, or Charles or the driver or whoever else you let stick things inside you.” I said making it clear there was no way out of it. I pushed her legs back and told her to hold them tight. Still standing at the end of the bed I used Buffy's own cum juices to lube her tight little ass. Then holding my cock at the base I pushed my meat into her ass. Fuck it was tight. I could see the strain on Buffy's face but that made me even more eager. She was a slut who fucked others in my fucking house. Now I was getting my share.

"Oh you're big! Oh you're fuckingggggg big! Sloowww slow please James slow. I will take you I promise just start sloe please.

I slowed down and felt the feeling of her ass grip the end of my cock as the head slid in. It gripped me like a vice.

“Please I need to open my leg please James can I open my legs please?" she begged her eyes pleading with me.

“Yes just until I'm all the way in and then they go back to where they are.” I said sternly.

“Oh thank you!” she said as she let go of her legs and spread them wide. “Oh fuck slooooooowwww!" she screamed as she felt me slide into her. As she opened her legs my cock slipped more into her I continued to pump with slow pumps until I was all the way in to the hilt.

Her eyes were wide and she could barely speak. “Oh fuck James that is so good sooo full so fucking full. Oh please fuck it! Please jam fuck my ass!"

“Who's ass?” I yelled as I shoved myself into her hard.

"Yours James! Your ass!” She cried. "Fuck it James, fuck your ass you own it now." she screamed. I started to slide in and out using full long slow strokes all the way out just so only the head of my cock stayed in her ass hole and all the way back in until the base met her pelvis.

“Yes that is nice Buffy that is really fucking nice.” I said as I took in full the pleasure of her tight hole.

“Your Dad won’t fuck my ass- he is too old-fashioned and I need it so bad sometimes.” she said.

I grabbed her legs and put them back together. This made her tighter and increased my pleasure tenfold. “Hold them don’t let them go.” I said

“I won’t James, I promise I won’t.” she said putting her arms around her legs.

"OK that’s a good girl." I said as I started to increase my pace. I set myself on track for heaven taking stops at joyville and lust-haven on the way as Buffy came and came thanks to my relentless hard and fast pounding.

“Yes Oh fuck that’s sooo good!" I screamed. “Your fucking ass is so amazing. You take it like a good girl.” I shouted

“Good girl, good girl, yes I'm a goooooooooddd girllllllll!” she screamed as her body shook with another intense orgasm. Her orgasm took me on a ride there was no return from. I felt the tingles in my toes and they shot off throughout my system all culminating at the base of my shaft that was now deep inside Buffy’s well fucked ass. I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her closer to me and allowed my body to take over. I felt load after load of hot cum spurt deep inside Buffy’s now well fucked ass. I pumped until every drop was extinguished from inside me.

I was soaked with sweat and my cock flicked with pleasure. Buffy who rolled around on her silk sheets enjoying the last throws of pleasure still sweeping through her body.

“James that was incredible” she said. “Wonderful, amazing! I am so well fucked - it’s been so long since I was so well fucked. Thank you.” she said, well pleased with herself. I stood up now and moved to the end of the bed.

"You are going to receive 10 of the best." I reached over for my pants and removed my belt.

Buffy’s eyes pleaded 'No!' but she got into position. Smack! Smack! Smack! Ten slaps of the belt rained across her ass. Five on each side. Buffy fell to her knees with cum now dripping out of her ass.

“Next time you need a fucking you come and see me. No mire strangers in my house. You understand?" I asked.

“Yes James, no more strangers" she agreed.

“I don’t care who fucks you, but from now on, while you are here under our roof your ass is solely mine. Do you understand?"

“Yes James I wouldn’t want it any other way." she said true of heart.

I smiled and picked up my clothes and phone and headed out of the door.

“Oh James.” she purred. I turned and looked Buffy was still on her knees … “Thank you. Same time tomorrow?" she asked with a smile.
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