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Spontaneous Surprise: EVE

Swiftcreek   April 13, 2021   | 12363 Views
“Wow, she was right. You do have the sweetest cum” Eve said as she gathered her things. “She talks to you about me as well?” I asked. “Oh, yes. She loves to discuss the guys we have both been able to experience. Lesbian

Another week had flown by at work and still no response from my little cum slut. No answer to my text or any phone calls. At this point, I assumed the worst and tried to put her out of my mind. This was really hard to do. There are so many memories of her expanding my sexual horizons beyond anything I had experienced before. I was actually starting to enjoy it a bit and almost rely on it. It was Saturday night and I was closing up the shop for the evening hoping to get that late-night text. I think wishful thinking is the term they use to describe my feelings. I decided to hang out at my friend Phillip at his local bar in town since I had not heard from her. It was always a friendly place with lots of regulars and a few tramps hanging around looking for a good time.

I had been talking with my friend and enjoying a couple drinks when a familiar voice whispered in my ear from behind. Just like my cum slut’s mom, this was a distinct voice that was just a familiar. “Hey handsome” she whispered. I knew exactly who it was. I turned around to find Eve, all dolled up and hanging with a few less desirable ladies. I believe she was there to attract the guys over to them and then turn them over to the shy girls. This kind of bait and switch tactic happens a lot at bars all the time. 

Eve was a sight for sore eyes really. She had a black mini skirt on with a low-cut red blouse that hugged every curve of those store-bought breasts. “What a pleasant surprise seeing you here” she said as she waved goodbye to her friends as they slipped out of the bar. She sat on the bar stool directly beside me as I was turned to face her. She placed her hand on my leg and began to rub it slightly. “I wanted to apologize about the night of the pajama party. Seems I let the cat out of the bag. You seemed a bit distracted even though you fucked me so good” she said with a huge smile on her face. 

It seems this whole swinger crowd has a very forward way about their conversations. She really was one of the hotter red-heads that I have ever met before. “Yeah, it seems after that night, not many people have seen her around much. Her mom says she does this a lot, but I guess I am just not used to that” I said with my head slightly down. She took her finger and raised my chin up and said, “Cheer up, buttercup! I’m gonna take good care of you tonight.” 

I told her I did not know how much of good company I would be, but she slid her hand up my thigh and began to rub my cock through my dress pants. We were towards the corner of the bar so it was pretty unsuspecting. We just looked like a couple have a few drinks and getting to know one another. Little did everyone in that bar know, that we both knew exactly how to get each other off. I looked at her face and into her doe eyes as she used her long nails to massage my balls and I said, “your place or mine?” Her eyes brightened up and she whispered, “I have a fantasy that I want you to fulfill. Follow me!”

Eve grabbed me by my hand and led me to the exit door at the back of the bar. “There is nothing out there, Eve. Just a nasty alley way!” I said with a pessimistic tone. “Exactly” she said as she pushed open the door and led us out into the alley. “I’m gonna suck your cock and then I want you to fuck me really good with that perfect cock of yours against this brick wall” she demanded. After she had rubbed my cock and balls in the bar and got me all worked up, how in the fuck do I say no to that. 

Before I could get a word out, she pressed her lips to mine and gave me a passionate deep kiss as she guided me backwards until I hit the brick wall. Her hands were busy getting my belt unbuckled and my zipper down while her soft lips were buttering me up. She kneeled down and took me into her mouth as my pants were at my ankles. 

I was not hard at this moment, but it took about a good minute of her stroking me and working that spit up to get me raging hard and swollen in her mouth. She enjoyed playing with my cock with her mouth. Taking him out and massaging the shaft with her lips. Then she would take him back in as far as she could go until she gagged. 

The spit was dripping down her chin at this point and I grabbed her head with both hands and slammed my cock as far into her mouth as I could. I held her face still as I moved my hips back and forth with a steady face fucking motion. She knew exactly how to hold her lips with no teeth involved and massage my veiny cock.

I could tell she was ready for some good fuckin after a good ten minutes of her sucking him. She raised up and kissed me again leaving a good amount of her slobber on my lips. I did not mind as she was a hot mess at this point. She turned around as I unzipped her miniskirt and it hit the ground with ease. She did not have a lick of panties on. She was so wet and turned on at this point, that the upper half of her thighs were soaked along with her tight pussy. I grabbed her upper arms and shoulders to move her so that she was facing the wall. She put her hands out and braced herself as I entered her from behind and bent her over. She was as warm and tight as I remembered. Grabbing another handful of her ginger mane was a given as I entered her. She whimpered like the little whore she was as I began to pump her harder. “Is this what you wanted you little whore? You wanted to get fucked in a dark alley?” I groaned as I pumped harder into her little cunt. “Yes, sir! Fuck me harder, sir!” 

She whimpered as my strokes were massive. I pumped her long and hard as I could go. I could see the pool of juice on the ground that we were making from how wet she was getting with every stroke. I had to slow it down as I could not keep this frantic pace up! I noticed an older car behind us in the alley, so I turned her around and walked her over to the hood of this car and lifted her up onto the edge of the hood. I lifted her legs up and she laid flat on her back as I placed my now going soft cock back into her. 

 Of course, it took about three strokes into that warm pussy and I was back hard as ever. This position allowed me to wet my fingers and rub her clit while I fucked her. Her hands naturally went to massaging her breasts while my cock was being thrusted out and in and out again. Her pussy got a little tighter and she told me, “I’m getting ready to cum baby. Please don’t stop, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!!!!!!” She yelled enthusiastically as her whole body shook and trembled to her orgasm. The cutest smile was now on her face as she lay there. 

 I don’t know if it was the alley or just not being able to really get comfortable enough to cum, but I was just not able to hit my spot to climax. I helped her find her skirt that was a little dusty from laying on the ground and so were my pants. We straightened ourselves up before heading back into the bar but I was just not feeling the bar scene at that moment. “Let’s go to your car and let me finish you off baby” she said so sweet. She batted her eyes at me and I smiled as we went to my SUV. Once inside, she leaned over the console of the front seat and began to rub my cock just like she did in the bar earlier. Just a few moments later, the raging hard on was upon me. 

My cock was still coated with her pussy remnants, but she did not care. She took him into her mouth and bobbed up and down to get him revved back up. “I want you to make sure you swallow every drop” I commanded as she moaned while she sucked. My twitch was upon me now and she could feel me swelling in her mouth. I grabbed her head with my right hand and grabbed the door handle with the other as I groaned out loudly while I pulsated my load down her throat. “Mmmmmmmmm” she moaned as I finished and she showed me what was left of my orgasm in her mouth. 

She quickly swallowed it and wiped the edges of her mouth as she licked them clean. “Wow, she was right. You do have the sweetest cum” Eve said as she gathered her things. “She talks to you about me as well?” I asked. “Oh, yes. She loves to discuss the guys we have both been able to experience. She is coming back into town in a few days. She told me to find you and give you what you needed this week. I told her that it would be my pleasure!” Eve said with a fulfilled tone from tonight’s encounter. Boy, do I have a lot to discuss with my little cum slut when she gets back......

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