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My Father In-Law Part 2

Tiho   February 13, 2020   | 22590 Views
Continuing story of my Father In-law affair Lesbian

Almost a week had past since that snowy day Mike had stoped in. I was full of mixed feelings about it. After he had left the last time,I had worked myself up  and almost passed out with the climax.
  When the boys had came in I was in a daze the rest of day. My mind kept wondering back to his visit. Had I convinced myself he was perving me? The next morning It was almost lunchtime and i had a knock at door. I almost jumped out of my shoes.
  It was ups delivery, i was on edge that much.
Every morning when the boys would leave I would get a shower and put on sexy underwear and stay in my robe and panties all morning hoping he would stop by.
  Well a few days later,it was Monday morning.
I had just gotten out of shower and came out to kitchen for that coffee, and there was a knock. It was Mike, I could see him through the window. I almost started hyperventilating
on the spot. Taking a deep breath I open the door and let him in. Good morning Mike, I said.
Mike steps in and asked, Coffee ready, with a big smile. I said ,sure is.
I shut the door hesitating and then clicked the lock as Mike walked to the coffee pot. I go back and set on stool at counter. Mike got his coffee  and set at table across from me.
 I had planned this before hand trying to figure out how I could give him a view without being to obvious. Really my real goal was to give him a show and have another one of those wonderful workouts after he left.
  I has put on my white laced panties this morning. They were somewhat see through 
in the triangle to seem between legs.
I had been shaving every morning keeping  as smooth as possible. Looking in mirror before I put my robe on you could make out my lips through the fabric.
  I think to myself setting there. Omg have I became a voyuer freak? Mike was just talking away like he always does about what doesn't matter.
I turn his way with my coffee in hand and feet on top rung of stool. Legs trimbling some in anticipation. I couldn't believe how horny I was getting.
 Slowly  my legs spread as he talked and I took way too big of gulp of hot coffee. I turn and set my cup down and when i look back Mikes way he had a birds eye view about 6 feet in front of him.
He had trailed off some and then I said Mike.
He startled and dropped his cup. On to floor and broke. I jump up and get a dish towel.
I'm sorry "Mike said" as he leaned down and started picking up broken peaces of cup. As you would expect he pricks his finger with a piece of glass and started bleeding some.
  Come with me I said forgetting about my 
show I had planned and took him to bathroom medicine cabinet and got the first  aid kit.
The bleeding was no more than a pin prick would cause but I put a bandaid on it to stop it.
As good as new I said.
  He was In close to me I could smell his aftershave feel his body heat. He leaned down and kissed me on forehead. Thankyou he said.
 To this day I don't know where this came from, but I said is that all I get looking up at him with the sexiest smile I could.
What do you mean? He said stepping back half laugh in the comment .
 I step forward looking up at him and pointed at my lips. He got real quite and nervous but I was on program remote control it seemed I tug at his shirt  pulling him forward and get my hand behind his neck guiding him to my lips.
    We kissed, well I kissed first then he joined in. It was slow and easy kiss then tongue started touching and then he was sucking it down his throat.
After a minute we broke the kiss and he started to speak. He always talks I put my finger to my lips, sushing him.
  Looking up at him with trembling hands,
I opened my robe and let it fall to floor.
He starts to shake his head no and I put my finger to his lips now before he could back out.
I take his hand and pull it to my breast and with my other pull him to my lips again.
  I reach down and put my fingers inside his sweats and losen the tie. Sliding my hand in I take hold of his cock.  He was hard and it felt huge.
I break kiss and look down, about 3 inches beliw my chin  his cock was inside his sweats.
I could feel it trobbing  in my hand. I pull his sweats down some freeing him.
  I lean forward and take the tip in my mouth.
 I remember thinking how much bigger he was than his son.I  start stroking it with both hands
as I open my mouth wide stuffing a few inches into my mouth.
He started bucking his hips I reach back and hold his ass with my hands realizing it was a mistake and had to stop quickly before he had it  down my throat.Mike took hold of my hair and pulled me up to his  lips. We kissed as he pulled me up on the bathroom counter.
  I felt my panties tear as he yanked them down never taking his lips away from me.
 His cock was between my bare pussy now.
 He pulls my legs up and How he did it without taking his hands off my hips he shoves forward 
and penetrating half into me in on thrust.
  I let out a moan into his mouth and he trust deeper. I reach back and take hold of his ass.
pulling him too me. Leaning back against the mirror he sinks all the way in . I can feel his pubs grinding up against my lips.
I started to trimble as pistoned in and out of me my legs now around him pulling him into me. It seemed like hours but in reality only a few minutes I felt my self stiffening and then every muscle  in my body released and I climaxed. It eased up and then hit me again as I felt Mike jerk and unload into me.
I let my legs go from his sides and he stepped back.His cock was still throbbing as he stood  back pulling his sweats up from his knees.
  His phone rings, Hi honey "he says" in a surprising calm voice." Yes I'm over here having coffee".
"I will be home in alittle bit". "okay I love you too".
He hangs up and looks at me sitting on counter butt naked and says "sorry" and shrugs.
 I laughed and then stopped feeling his load running out of me. I hop off counter and reach out and take hold of his cock through his pants
which was still half hard. I have to go. "he said"
 I look at him and pouting lean forward and pull his cock back out. Looking up I smile and said what's another minute or two.
  I take his hand and he reluctantly  follows me down the hall to my bedroom. I push him onto bed he gets ip on pillows and i pull off his sweats. I climb up and setting on him raising myself up and lower on to him for the second time.
 It  stretching my again, I look down on him and started grinding my hips. He takes holds of me rolls over and pulls my legs up to my sides.
Looking down at me he pulls out till the tip just in and then rams it down into me.
  I let out a loud sex starving  scream as he does it over and over.
Pounding me into my bed, thrust after thrust.
Building in me a pain and pleasure like I have never felt. Building as I feel my entire body tightening up again to the point this time where I couldn't breath. Then on last thrust and my body released sending my over the edge and I blacked out for a second.
Coming down off the Orgasm my body pulses with it till I felt like I couldn't move a muscle  in my body.
  Mike left and I struggled to my feet. Feeling him running out and down my inner thighs.
I go to bathroom and get in the shower.
 After I get out and drying off in front of full
length mirror. My pussy was all puffy and ted compared to my pale skin. I touch myself and feel a numb tingling feeling.
I have never been fucked like that before.
Now I know what mind blowing sex is like I think.
Possibly to be continued.
feed back would be appreciated!!  

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