My wife and I first approach before marriage.

Msi   April 08, 2018   | 23144 Views
My wife and I in the car Lesbian To began with my wife was not Virgin when we got married and I knew it since our 1st  meeting as she listed it to me but as long we forget our past  relations it does not matter at all. Straight after our 1st  meeting we started seeing each other when ever she comes to the city or visiting her in her country side town.
After almost 2 weeks of outing it was now time to give a try to come closer to her and I felt she wanted it too. A day she pays to her sister living in the city a visit when after talking all day long over the phone we decided to pass by them picking her up for a drive along the sea side road having somewhere a drink. Late afternoon as decided I passed by and after having coffee in their place we left starting our small but long drive.
It was early February and the weather reither bit cold, she weared a long skirt and on the top a shirt and a woollen jacket which I could easily remark her Big Boobs and it's Cut when our approach happened in the elevator when going down I stood close to her sticking my lips my o hers while my hand caressing her neck lowering it till her Cut I felt like she had a breathe cut, fascinated from my job she slides her tongue between my lips made me understand she wanted something more.
It was already dark arriving onthe sea road and still did not take any initiative when suddenly putting my hand on her thighs over her long skirt caressing them softly I felt her unsticking slightly her legs from each others allowing me a better catch when here without any hesitation going higher I started gently Thrusting her Vagina she pushes strongly my hand on it saying "Make Me Have Orgasm" meanwhile she caressing my Dick over my Pants unzipped it taking my Shaft in full hand made me  without fear lead my hand underthe skirt to the Vagina got surprised not wearing a Pantie caressed firmly her Clit sliding in and out my finger into her Pussy made her few minutes later Moan highly dripping on my hand a big quantity of Greasy Juices which we both tasted then leaning between me and the wheel swallowed all my Dick's Length down to her throat massaging it together with her lips and tongue tasting passionately my Precum, when feeling me ready to launch my Heavy Gummy Load requested me to hand her some tissue papers but due to the luck of them was obliged to Devour all up to the last drop when after listed smiling       "I Did It Because U Don't Have Tissues But I Don't Like It's Taste" seeing her Absorbing Passionately all my Sperm made me feel happy and relax knowing good she will do it again another time when needed.
After cleaning and swallowing my residual from her lips we holded strong each other exchanging some soft and passionate kisses we took our way back to her sister's place where she had stay but since we entertained each other we did not loose time playing with each other Organs until reaching home.
As we arrived I saw sadness and some tears on her face, holding and kissing her strong she whispered in my ear "I Want To Spend This Night With U But I Can't" when here before saying good night I also felt her need to be with me I said "Tomorrow We'll Spend The Day Together Far From Everyone". After listening to me and before leaving the car she embraces me smilling giving me a strong French Kiss, I knew she understood the meaning of my words, said " Than Prepare Urself For Tomorrow It's Gonna Be Hard For U".

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