My Encounter With An African Size Queen.

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She was so wet, exactly the way I like my women to be and I had little stress penetrating her despite my rather large size. She had her legs wrapped firmly around me as I pounded deeper and deeper into her. She was quite vocal, screaming obscenities and telling me how big and sweet my cock was. On the contrary, I’m not the vocal type in bed and while she howled and ranted, I was intent on pounding her and I did just that till she orgasm again and I came deep into her almost immediately. Luxury

Three years ago when I was a college student in Lagos, West Africa, I sat in a cheap restaurant on campus one evening quietly enjoying my dinner when Tracy walked in. Instantly, all eyes were on her as she sauntered across the diner.

Tracy had broad hips and a fat ass that was very much emphasized that evening in the tight jeans pants she wore. But it wasn’t just for her endowment that she attracted such instant attention as she walked into the restaurant. She was the daughter of a Nigerian multi-millionaire and easily one of the richest babes on campus. Talk of movers and shakers on campus, she’s one of them and not a few students would want to be in her shoes.

She ignored everybody and walked in my direction with a smile on her face. When she got to my table, she called my name and asked how I was doing.

“I’m fine,” I responded wondering if this was a case of mistaken identity. I was a poor guy on campus and by no means in the circle of friends that Tracy kept. We were not in the same department either and our paths had not crossed before. So how come she walked straight to me to say hi and even mentioned my name. 

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” She asked politely still smiling.

“Please do,” I responded flashing a smile. “The pleasure is mine.”

She pulled a chair and sat opposite me, still beaming with smiles. “How is the campaign in your department going?” she asked. “I’ve seen your campaign posters.”

“Oh great,” I responded. “Everything is going on fine. I’m contesting for Fin. Sec. (Financial Secretary) and so far, I’m unopposed. Next tomorrow is deadline for nomination and if by then nobody comes up to contest with me, I’ll have automatic ticket. Notwithstanding, I’m putting all efforts in my campaign.”

“Don’t worry whether you’re opposed or not, you’re going to win. I have lots of friends in your department and everybody I’ve spoken with told me they would vote for you. It looks like you’re very popular in your department especially with the girls.”

“Me popular?” I asked laughing. “I’m not popular; I’m just an average guy trying to exercise his civic rights.”

Unmindful of the inquisitive stares at us from other dinners, Tracy continued to chat with me and I was surprised that she seemed to know so much about me. I tried to find out from her why she was interested in me and she explained that she saw my photographs on my campaign posters and just liked me and wanted to know more about me.

Well, I didn’t totally buy her explanation but decided not to push her further. I was convinced that with time I would know her real intention.

By the time we left the restaurant that evening, we had exchanged phone numbers, became friends on Facebook and followed each other on Twitter. And in the next few days, she was hanging out with me on campus and tongues were wagging that I was her new boyfriend.

I was rather uncomfortable with the development. Like I said, I was not convinced that she was hanging out with me just because she saw my photographs on my campaign posters and simply liked me. I felt there was more to the sudden friendship. Why me when she had a lot of rich, handsome dudes at her beck and call she could pick on for a date?

However, my friends felt I was being ridiculous. The girl was in love, they concluded and I should consider myself lucky that I was her object of desire. All I needed to do was hit on her and possibly have a chance to access her father’s wealth. Well, I told them I wasn’t a gold digger and hitting on rich girls for cash wasn’t part of my resume.

Anyway, Tracy didn’t leave me guessing for long about what she wanted from me. She offered to take me out one evening and we drove in her Aston Martin sports car to a five star hotel in downtown Lagos and checked into a luxurious suite. We drank expensive wine, ate chocolate and ice cream as slow music played in the background. The ambience was good and the wine relaxed my nerves and I was mentally and physically ready for whatever surprises she had up her sleeve to throw at me.

Before long, Tracy asked me, in a rather commanding tone, to stand up and stand in front of her. I was taken aback but I stood up from the couch were I sat with her and stood in front of her like a slave before her master.

“Drop your drink,” she ordered and I put away the glass of wine I was holding and stood hands akimbo before her.

Tracy looked at me, scanning me from head to toe, and then a mischievous grin with a tinge of passion to it spread across her face. “Take off your clothes,” she ordered.


“You heard me, take off your clothes… Undress for me.”


“Yeah, take off everything… No more questions just do what I said.”

I didn’t hesitate; I took off my tee shirt and threw it to the floor then placed my hands behind me to enable her have a full view of my bare torso.

“Cute abs,” she commented then sipped some wine and urged me to take off my jeans.

Again, without much ado, I took off my jeans and I was down to my boxers. Her eyes glared at my bulged crotch and the lust in those eyes was unmistakable. “Go on, take off your boxers,” she ordered.

With my hands on my waist, I stooped, peeled the boxers downwards to my knees and while it dropped to my feet, I stood straight, with my hands placed behind me to enable her have a full view of my nudity.

Her reaction was dramatic. Her eyes popped out as if they were going to fall from their socket. At the same time, her mouth opened wide and she seemed suspended in time for a couple of seconds before she came to.

“Jeez! Are you kidding me? So it’s true?”

“What’s true?”

“That your cock is the biggest on campus.”

“My cock? Don’t flatter me. I know it’s big but not the biggest on campus.”

“It’s the biggest I’ve seen around,” she said rising to her feet. She placed her wine glass on a table and knelt in front of me. The passion, the desire and the sexual hunger in her eyes were unmistakable. The table seemed to have turned. Before now, I was like a slave standing before her but seeing her now in her passion-struck eyes kneeling in front of me, she cut the picture of a slave girl about to worship in the temple of my cock.

She looked passionately into my eyes, then broke into a rather mischievous smile before she took my partially erect cock in her hands, holding it with so much reverence and lust. She felt my balls tenderly with her fingers and caressed them briefly before she raised my now rapidly growing shaft, and placed it across her face in a manner that seemed to suggest she was taking a mental measurement of it against her face. “This is about 11 inches and it’s not fully erect,” she declared.

“Come on, it’s not so big. I know my statistics. I’m 8 inches soft and 10 fully erect.”

“Don’t give me that crap, Tayo. Your cock is huge. I actually heard it’s 14” fully erect and from what I’ve seen that’s likely to be true.”

“You heard about my dick? How? From who?”

“From the grapevine Tayo… And stop acting as if that is strange to you. Girls talk; the way you guys talk. Kiss and tell. We do that too. I heard it on good authority that you have a 14 incher in your pants and I decided to find out and lo and behold the rumor mill was right.”

She opened her mouth wide and pushed the head of my cock into it. She flipped his tongue over it, sending sweet sensations across my being.

“So you wanted find out how big I was; is that why you’ve been hanging with me?”

“Yeah,” she said bringing out my cock from her mouth. It had grown even larger.

“Now that I found out it’s true, I’m not going to let you go baby. This cock is mine from today. I’m going to do whatever I like with it and you’re not going to stop me or would you?”

She didn’t wait for my reply as she opened her mouth wide and pushed the much she could of my shaft into it.

I moaned instantly as she sucked and licked it. She tried to take more of it but it proved too large for her. She stretched the muscles of her jaws to their limits but could not take more inches and had to bring it out when she almost gagged.

She raised my shaft, placing it against my tommy and began to softly lick my hair balls. My hands in the meantime, were busy caressing her especially on the neck and shoulders. Tracy had small tits but with rather long nipples. I placed my hands inside her braless blouse and had a field day tweaking those long nipples. There wasn’t much in her bosom to cup, so the nipples were an obvious attraction.

I lifted her to her feet after a while and began to kiss her. As we kissed passionately, her fingers caressed my long shaft, working it from tip to base.

I got more adventurous and pushed my fingers into her pants and was amazed at the wetness down there. I fondled around briefly before I withdrew my fingers. They were coated in her juice and the strong scent of her arousal was all over them.

Without warning, I picked up Tracy in my arms heading for the bed. She didn’t offer any resistance and as soon as I deposited her on the bed, I began to strip her.

As the last item of clothing on her came out, I lowered my head right away into her thigh and began to feast on her flooded slit. She moaned wildly, scratching my head and shoulders with her long fingernails.

I flattened my tongue on her vulva, licked her slowly and firmly from the tip of her vulva to her anal entrance. She moaned hard and practically screamed and jerked any time my tongue grazed her engorged clit.

Along the line, I inserted a finger inside her wet slit and twisted it around, eliciting louder moans of pleasure from her. I added two more fingers and worked them around and she howled, telling me she was going to cum. I could feel her cunt muscle gripping hard on my fingers as the rhythm of her breathing changed.

I intensified my efforts and in a moment, she came, yelling obscenities.

She was silent and motionless as soon as she came and I let her be. But as I withdrew my fingers from her cunt, I discovered they were heavily coated in her creamy cum and I licked my fingers passionately to the approval of Tracy who immediately beckoned me for a kiss so she could have a taste of herself.  

I was still kissing her when she grabbed my cock and began to push it into her wet cunt. I seized the initiative and had her legs thoroughly spread apart and got on top of her fully. I held my fully erect shaft and began to slowly impale myself into her.

She was so wet, exactly the way I like my women to be and I had little stress penetrating her despite my rather large size.

She had her legs wrapped firmly around me as I pounded deeper and deeper into her. She was quite vocal, screaming obscenities and telling me how big and sweet my cock was. On the contrary, I’m not the vocal type in bed and while she howled and ranted, I was intent on pounding her and I did just that till she orgasm again and I came deep into her almost immediately.

We rested in each other’s arms for a while then began fondling and kissing before she straddled me reversed cowgirl style and started bouncing up and down on my fat pole. It was thrilling observing her big ass rising and falling on my thighs.

But she soon opted out of that position and went on all fours for a doggy. It had always been a pleasure for me fucking girls with huge asses in a doggy position and Tracy was no exception. I had a firm grip on her ass as I plunged in deep and deeper into her while she yelled and screamed like a porn star. We came together after about fifteen minutes of hard humping and the scent of the mixture of our cum was out of the world.

We passed the night in the hotel and were there till the evening of the next day. I screwed Tracy till my cock went sore and I just couldn’t continue. We left and went back to school but barely three days later, Tracy dragged me back to the hotel and this time we were there for three straight days just fucking, eating and drinking…

That was how I got into the services of Her Majesty, Queen Tracy. She made no pretense of the fact that she was in love with my cock and not with me. It wasn’t about love, relationship or any other thing that she sought me out but for the plain lust for my cock. She had boyfriends around campus and was open about them. Very often, she used them, in her own words, as “appetizers” then called me in for the “main course.”

She bragged about my cock to her friends and fellow big cock chasers and organized threesomes and orgies now and then perhaps to prove to them how really large I was.

I had fun and loved it all even as I felt sometimes that I was being used as a sex object by her. But on a broader perspective, Tracy made me more confident in my manhood and made me realized that my bloated cock was more of an asset than a liability. I had grown up with eyes gaping at my large member and this rather made me shy and less confident with it. Much later in high school, I had had difficulty trying to make penetrations into girlfriends and at least one refused to continue after we were naked because she felt I was too large.

Given that background, I entered college a bit of a shy youth lacking sexual confidence. But my first girlfriend and a number of casual flings I had on campus turned things around for me. And meeting big-cock-worshipper, Tracy, sealed it for me. I discovered my true worth as a big-dick-man.

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