Encounter On The Express

Sroyon   October 30, 2020   | 15712 Views
We met on a fateful day and my life has been full of sexperiences since then cheating

I am Sroyon a 20 years old, Btech student. I am 6ft tall with an athletic body. This thrilling incident occurred when I was traveling from Kolkata to Bangalore by train. I had just completed my third semester. It was the start of December. We had a 3 weeks long vacation. Trains from Kolkata to Bangalore were having heavy waitlists but I managed to get a confirmed ticket by tatkal in 2AC in train no. 12628 Karnataka express.

The train departs from Howrah station at 9:15 pm. I reached PF#3 of thhe railway station at 8:45 pm and the train was already there. My coach was A-2. My berth was a side-upper berth. I kept my luggage below the side-lower berth and comfortably sat on my seat and started to read a magazine. It was already 9:10 and just 5 mins left for the train to start (and generally this train starts on time) when I saw a girl in an orange kurta who had just boarded the train was searching for her berth and eventually it was the side-lower berth below my berth. She was around 5’7″ ft tall, fair, had a pretty face, medium sized boobs and a perfect body shape (neither too thin nor too fat). Oh god! How sexy she looked! But I didn’t have any bad intentions. I adjusted my bags to give some space for her bag. I just said ‘Hi’ and she smiled and said ‘Hi’. By that time, the train departed.

I continued reading the magazine while she was busy chatting with her friends on WhatsApp. But due to low network in the moving train, the data speed was very slow (almost negligible). So she started talking with me about college, hobbies, etc. She told that her name is Priya Rao (name changed), she is 23 years old and has completed post graduation in economics. She lives in Bangalore and had a job interview in Kolkata. I also introduced myself. Just then, the TTE came, checked our tickets and went. I asked her that how many weeks before she had booked her ticket. I was surprised to know she had booked only one day before in general quota. She said it’s because confirmation for a lady travelling alone is quicker. I was really jealous of the ladies but still it is necessary for their safety. It was 10 at night. She wanted to have some food. She had brought aloo paratha which she wanted to share with me but I declined as I already had my dinner. She was so talkative that even while eating, she did not stop talking with me although we just met. She was speaking so fast that I couldn’t understand what she was saying and I was just replying ‘hmmm’ while staring at her.

Then after some time, she said she wanted to sleep. I agreed but I was not at all sleepy since I had the habit of studying and completing projects at night. Still, I went up and tried to sleep. I could sleep for maximum 45 mins as I had also slept in the afternoon. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Priya. It was 1:30 am when I felt someone touching my feet. It was Priya! She wanted to go to the toilet and asked me to accompany till the corridor which I agreed. My cock got erected the moment she touched my feet. While I was standing outside the toilet, I was thinking how I could touch those boobs. But then I said to myself to control as I am not a guy of that type. As my hand was near the door when she came out, I accidentally touched her boobs. I immediately said ‘sorry’ and she said ‘Its OK.’ Just then, the train suddenly applied brakes and she fell on me and we both fell down in the corridor. OMG!!! What a feeling it was! She got up and helped me to get up and apologized. I said that it happens and no need to apologize. We both laughed remembering it.

After some time, the train reached Jhansi junction where it stops for atleast 10 mins. We got down and bought two sandwiches and a Pepsi from a shop at the platform. We boarded the train just before it was about to leave the station. We ate the sandwich, drank a few sips of Pepsi and then we said ‘Good night’ to each other and slept. But I was not at all feeling sleepy. I was remembering the touch of her soft boobs on my hand and the moment when she fell on me. I was not able to control and went to the toilet, masturbated and came back. I started listening to songs on my mobile to pass time. It was already 4 am. I was feeling bored. I checked whether everyone (including Priya) was sleeping. Confirming that, I started watching porn on my mobile. ‘Ohh Fuck!!’ These words came out of my mouth while seeing the slut strip in the video. For a moment, I had forgotten that I was in the train. I quickly closed the video and checked whether someone heard what I said. But everyone was sleeping. I heaved a sigh of relief. I continued watching porn.

At that moment, someone held my hand. I was shocked. It was Priya! She had woken up. I was embarrassed. She said in a naughty tone, “Can we watch it together?” I was amazed by such a bold statement from a girl. I was thinking that girls are shy about such things but what I saw was totally contrasting. She said, “Don’t be shy; it’s JUST PORN “She was laughing at my reaction. Then I came down, we both sat on her berth. I shared my earphones with her. We were both getting horny while watching the sex scene. She was holding my erect dick in my pants and I was pressing her boobs while watching the erotic scenes. Her moaning when I was pressing her boobs added to the sound effect. After watching the video, she gave me a French kiss which lasted for several minutes with my tongue playing with her tongue. We kissed lip to lip several times before we started realizing that people were waking up but thanks to the curtains, no one could see anything.

It was 7:15 am and the train reached Bhopal junction. Some people got down there. I got some tea for her. I was now making the plan about where to fuck her. We decided to wait till afternoon when the people would be sleeping again. Till then we started talking. I asked her whether she kissed someone else like this before. She said ‘Yes’. She asked me, “Do you have a gf?” I said ‘No’. When I asked her whether she had a bf, she became sad and was about to cry then I said ‘sorry’ and consoled her. She said (with tears in her eyes),”I had a boyfriend in Delhi during my post graduation. He proposed me giving lots of assurances that he truly loves me. But he just wanted to use me for romance and sex. Once he told his friend to record our kiss and leak the MMS for fun. How embarrassing it was for me! Most of my friends had seen it. Fortunately, no one reported it to the dean or else I would have to leave the college before completing the degree.” I consoled her saying ‘Let it be, he is gone. Now you should forget it and move on’. She thanked me and kissed on my cheeks. I gave her my handkerchief to wipe her tears. She said, “I love you Rahul!!” I was surprised. I said, “I just helped you because this is my nature. I didn’t do it to gain your love.” She said that she loves me because of my good nature not because I am handsome. Actually even I had started liking her due to her bold and straight-forward attitude. I accepted her proposal. Just then, her phone rang. It was from the MNC in Delhi where she had given interview for the job. She had got a good job in the finance department. Her office was in New Delhi. I was feeling so lucky that we can meet regularly in Delhi. She hugged me with joy.

After 2 pm, the people in our coach fell asleep. We put on the curtains and lip locked for 5 minutes. I told her to raise her hand and I removed her kurta. WOW, what a sexy body!! I started licking her body like a hungry person. I removed her bra and OMG!! Such beautiful boobs! I started pressing the boobs and she started enjoying it and moaning softly ‘Ahhhhh…….. Ahhhhh……. Once Morrrrre’. I began pressing harder but she said stop otherwise others would wake up due to her moaning. Then she pulled down the zip of my jeans but in a hurry, it broke. She didn’t care and put my 7 inch long dick in her mouth. She first kissed , started licking it and then started sucking it vigorously. She was sucking it like it was a kulfi. After that, I started licking her boobs and the nipples which became harder by the touch of my tongue. This continued for half an hour when I realised that the next station was nearing. So we quickly adjusted our clothes. I asked her casually that was it your ex-boyfriend in Delhi who took away your virginity. She said, “No he didn’t. I realised that he used to record our kisses and show it to his friends so I broke up with him. To take revenge, he leaked it. So I am still a Virgin. I want my charming prince (me) to take my virginity this night.” What she said made me even more horny and hungry for sex. Now we decided to wait for that moment at night when we would have uninterrupted fun.

We had lunch together and talked about studies, family, interests, favourite TV serials, etc. At night, when the train stopped at Solapur station at 12:30, some people got down. We just took a look around. 3/4 th of the coach was empty. I knew many people had come to visit Shirdi so must have got down at Ahmednagar. We gave a naughty look to each other when the train left Solapur station. We switched off all the lights and I jumped on the berth. She jumped on me. Then she lied upside down on me with her face towards my legs. She unbuttoned and pulled down my jeans and my underwear and stated licking my cock while I pulled down her salwar and panty. What a beautiful moment it was……double pleasure. She was giving me a blowjob while I was licking her shaved pussy. After that she removed her kurta and bra and we both became naked and I once again started sucking her boobs.

We continued this with alternate sessions of oral sex upto 2 hrs when I heard some sound. It was the sound of someone’s alarm. Wadi junction was about to arrive in 15 mins. We quickly wore our clothes and pretended to sleep. It was 3:15 am. We both wanted to have a fuck. But we were virgins. A girl would cry loudly in pain on breaking virginity. I was thinking when she said, “I am going to the toilet to change my clothes as I am wearing them since evening on the day when we boarded the train.” Since people were awake and Wadi junction was just arriving, I didn’t go along with her to the toilet. She changed into a blue nightie. After that I went to the toilet and wore a T-shirt and pyjama.

When the train left Wadi junction, I checked the coach. There was only a family of 4 and they were all sleeping. But still the noise of her loosing virginity would wake them up. She said, “Let’s go to the toilet, its very clean.” I agreed and we both quickly went to the toilet. We were getting mad for sex. I quickly removed my clothes and asked her to strip but she told me in a naughty voice that I should remove her clothes. She lifted her hands and I lifted and removed her nightie that very second. Ohh Fuck!! She was wearing a pink bra and pink panty. Sunny Leone was nothing compared to her. I unhooked and pulled down her bra to once again taste those big boobs. She was enjoying every second and moaning Ahhhhh……Ahhhhhh……..Do it more…….yes……Ahhhhhh…… How sexy she looked in that pink panty. But since we had to fuck, I had to remove her panty. We both were fully naked now. We were kissing each other for fifteen minutes. Then she said,” Now that moment has come. This bitch is all yours. Don’t waste more time. ” I was slowly guiding my dick into her vagina but her words encouraged me and I pushed with full force. A loud cry came from her. Blood was oozing from her vagina. We both had lost our virginity but since there is a door separating the AC area from the corridor, no one could hear the sound. She was still crying and I comforted her by kissing her on her lips and patting her back.

Now she was comfortable and I inserted my dick inside her and was shaking it up-down vigorously. She was enjoying it very much and moaning Ahhhhh……………Ahhhhh……….yes……………Do it……….Yes…….. We continued our fuck for a long time with kisses and alternate rounds of oral sex. Her vaginal juices were oozing out and I drank all of it. I was also sucking her boobs. We continued this till 6:30 am. We had a French kiss for the last time. After that, we quickly wore our clothes and went back to our berth. It was the best day in our life. After that we had breakfast together with we feeding each other. We had a few kisses before Bangalore finally arrived. It was 2 pm. We shared our phone nos. and addresses before we left the station.

Hope you enjoyyed the story. Contact me at [email protected] for more or feedback. I am single too if anyone wanted to know ;)

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