The Office Tease # 3

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“I have something for you Sir.” You said with a minx look in your dark eyes. stepmom

The Office Tease

Part 3

Her heels clicked with a purpose this afternoon across the tiled office floor. Ms. Kutsenko walked up to her boss’s desk after gently closing the office door. It was Wednesday, past 5 and he had chosen to work late on Wednesdays for some reason.

There was no question they had labored closely together during the last month on the company’s recent development project and had acquired a healthy professional respect for one another. Yet, something had changed; that’s funny he thought, “she normally doesn’t do that.” Looking up from his computer, his blue eyes couldn’t help but take in a change in her demeanor as she stopped just short of the edge of his desk. Yes, he was right; something was different. Or...was it just later than normal and he didn’t read her right.

“I have something for you Sir.” You said with a minx look in your dark eyes.

He had no idea what she might be talking about since as far as he could remember the departmental reports had come in a timely fashion. Plus, he wasn’t aware he had requested additional documentation, however, the distinct change in her disposition intrigued him.

“Tickets to the concert this week...maybe?” he quipped, following her playful lead while his eyes dallied on the sensual curves of her V-neck blouse.

 She waited effortlessly, patient to gauge his response as she thought about her delivery. Standing poised, long blond hair fell across her shoulders and down her back in full waves. Her beige and black colored Kashmir blouse fit fact too well and the black skirt was deliciously snug. The sumptuous curves under her professional attire were no doubt the result of the times he had seen her dedicating her off-work routine to early morning workouts and jogs at the park. Plus, he had to admit, he loved her in those dark cinnamon red heels she chose to wear once in awhile. There was no question she was striking for a woman in her early thirties. He finished with a raised eyebrow-nothing more.

She continued, “I know we have been working hard getting out our organized documentation, but I thought I should share with you a document beforehand that may not pertain to the latest in an e-format”

“Ok...what is it you have?”

She had calculated over and over in her mind this very moment.

Walking around the corner of his desk, she offered a file that was uncharacteristic and larger than most he had seen

As he reached for it she, smoothly leaned over and whispered in his ear, “ I think you may have been looking for these for some time”.

Hmm....that’s definitely a first he thought, as he reached for the file and opened it. A pair of wrist and ankle, black silk restraints, thigh-high stockings, and lace thong fell out on the floor between his knees when he opened it! For a second he paused, then quickly regained his demeanor and responded, with a gleam in his eye, “Ms. Kutsenko, would you tell me;  how would you suggest I file this document ?”, while holding up her prizes to admire.

“I will leave that up to you, Sir”, she seductively murmured, standing back with both hands on her shapely hips. “But I trust……you might just know how to implement items of this kind?”

The words drove that thought like lightning through his imagination. Certainly ….most certainly he could arrange this!

However silently smirking, she couldn’t help but notice how effective her delivery had been by the enormous swelling taking shape in his khaki slacks while he picked up her suggestive apparel

It suddenly occurred to him. Not only did he have her intimate fantasy waiting to be realized in his hand, but more compelling was the idea she had nothing on underneath her skirt. That surely was what this was about; this notion in itself drove his manhood to pulse and twitch to the “firm” status as his thoughts surged.

Grinning at her he quipped, “I must admit, you have me at a complete disadvantage”

 “I know....!” She reveled with intense delight in the moment.

The thought that she could get him hard by using this suggestion like this, turned her on intensely and she immediately felt her desire soaking her thighs. Her seductive but indirect approach had clearly fueled his desire; without a moment’s hesitation, he quickly grasped her hand in one fluid motion, swung her full and tempting lips upon his. His lips were indulgent, his hand at first grasping and hard, now gently cradled her cheek. When his tongue came it was hungry but tender, and she matched his firm probing with soft, expectant murmurs and rolling tongue thrusts. But in no time, her murmurs gave way to deep heavy breathing, her response was uncalculated, his tongue and lips felt hot against hers, and she was suddenly intensely aware of his maleness enveloping her. She pressed herself closer and any prior thought of cunning restraint she had toyed with earlier was now gone....far gone.

She hadn’t planned it this way. But that didn’t matter….now.

Quickly bending down, you unclasped my belt, sliding everything in one shrug. A sly smile crossed your face as my randy hard-on leaped free, your eyes hungrily consumed that delicious manhood, and the idea that you were going to get a hard shafting here and now on the spot was ravishingly hot; you immediately felt your pussy pulse wet again!

Without a moment's hesitation, I lifted and swung you up on the desk. Cradling your head in my right hand I eased you to lay back with your legs raised and tugged your business skirt easily off.

“Ahhhh….” he thought to himself, she had prepared well for this, noticing her freshly shaven pussy.   

Having caught sight of the delicious drops of pussy nectar along the lips of your labia my hard-on now surged in anticipation. You simply watched with hot delight as I started to slide my strong hands under your smooth ass, so I could bring that drizzly, wet snatch up to my lips.

There was a knock on the door.

I paused,  your hot snatch just inches from my lips, I breathed deep and muttered.. “Damn...someone this late? Hmmm.....clearly, I will be filing your file personally for a later review”.

You countered, now desperately taking in a couple of deep breaths, hungry clit aching, eyes intensely focused only upon my lagging hard-on. With a puzzled face and a steely voice, still struggling to calm your staggered panting,  “And …and I,…I will be waiting for…….for that review…… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, you didn’t lock the door?”.

 Quickly you shrugged your shapely shoulders back into the delicate blouse, you made a desperate search for where I had discarded skirt in the frenzy of passion. “Ohhh….damn” you muttered, “Where is my skirt, Sir?? Did you have to throw it behind the office sofa?”

A second knock on the door.

In a frantic attempt, you found and yanked your skirt on, attempted to straighten your blouse’s collar, and managed to pull some strands of hair into place as to not look like you had just been ravaged. And, if you had not been so nervous about being discovered, the very idea that you nearly allowed herself to be taken by him here….. now….. only caused that single, hot desire left unsatisfied to tingle deeply between your legs.

She couldn’t deny it, it was a fantasy nearly come true; getting taken by like this by her boss on his office desk!

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