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Spontaneous Surprise Part 6: Stop to Shop

Swiftcreek   November 18, 2020   | 12649 Views
It must be the naughtiness of the situation and that we could get caught with my pants down to my ankles and my cock in her mouth that set her hormones racing. “I want you to fuck me right here, right now” she said. She took my hard cock out of her mouth and turned around to place her hands on the bench and bend over for me. banner2

Well, it was Saturday night and a bit early in the evening when that familiar text came through. The wink emoji seems to be the “Batman call” or “booty call” for that matter. I had not heard a peep from her all week, but this is nothing I have not discussed before. This time she texted that she wants to see if I could leave work a little early and get us a reservation at my favorite steakhouse. I told her I would see what I could do and let her know in a few. I knew I could, but I did not want her to feel my giddiness about getting to see her with a quick response.

I told her that everything was good and that I would pick her up in about thirty minutes. As I pulled up to her place, which now has so many naughty memories that I recall every time I touch myself, there she was waiting for me. The season was starting to change so the sundresses are put away and the sexy off shoulder fuzzy sweater was the blouse for the night. Her shoulder was still slightly tanned from the summer sun and she had her white denim jeans on again. I could tell that she had no bra on tonight, as her beautiful breasts swayed with every step she took towards my car. 

She hopped in and gave me my weekly kiss on the cheek and asked if I would make a pit stop at the local department store for her to get some new pajamas for a pajama party next week. I am pretty easy going so this really did not bother me as I wondered what she would pick. She asked me to come inside with her to get my opinion on a couple choices that she had already looked at online. She grabbed my hand as she likes to do, and rubs my arm with the other hand as we walk together towards the entrance. I do get the warm and fuzzies when she does this.

As we walk into the store, I noticed there was not very many people in the place, but then again it was a Saturday night and most people are eating or heading to a party or gathering. She knew where she was headed in the store, so I let her do her thing and after about five to ten minutes or so she found me again. She asked me to come back to the dressing room to help her choose one. I was so naive that I did not even think twice about it. Little did I know what my little cum slut had in store for me! 

She had two outfits picked out and both of them made my cock twitch. The first outfit was classic pink velour shorts with white edges and a too short white t-shirt with a care bear rainbow on the front with pink sleeves. She was so cute trying it on and playing innocent with her doe eyes. She knew I was eye raping her about a hundred times. Once she was done showing off in that outfit, she went into the dressing room to try on the second outfit. This was a chemise that was silky and in the coolest color. It was mint green and came with matching panties. 

She was in the dressing room for a good bit and then asked me to help her with this one. I was like, “it’s not that hard to put on. What could she need help with?” She had chosen the handicapped dressing room for a reason. As I knocked on the door to be a gentleman, she said to come on inside and take a peek. I took a look around for any workers before entering as to not get caught, but most everyone was up front at the cashier’s area. I cracked open the door to see that she was sitting at the farthest part of the room on a bench that was padded. She had the mint colored chemise on, but there was no sign of the panties anywhere! She had both legs spread wide open with her feet on the bench and her knees fully bent. What a view of this slut’s wet little flower! “Does this turn you on?” she said as she already had two fingers knuckle deep in her pussy. “Come over here and let me taste that cock” she said. “I like you fresh out of work because you are a little salty after a long day”. My cock was protruding through my dress pantsat this point. I needed to really adjust him a bit. I closed the door behind me and locked it for safe measure before making my way to her. 

 Once I was within an arm length of her, she was already grabbing a hold of my belt buckle and had my cock out in no time. She likes to moan a bit when she sucks my cock. I think she does this to let me know how much fun she is having and that she is enjoying him, but I had to tell her to keep it quiet in the dressing room. She was playing and sucking like she had not had a good cock in forever. I know she just had me last weekend, but she was really into it. 

It must be the naughtiness of the situation and that we could get caught with my pants down to my ankles and my cock in her mouth that set her hormones racing. “I want you to fuck me right here, right now” she said. She took my hard cock out of her mouth and turned around to place her hands on the bench and bend over for me. I wanted to just slam him into her but that wet glistening pussy was itching to be eaten. I got on my knees and spread her cheeks as far as I could. I licked her ass and fucked her a little with the tip of my tongue. She took one hand off the bench and supported herself with the other as she covered her mouth to keep from making too much noise. I slid my tongue down her folds and sucked hard on that swollen clit of hers. She tasted so good and she was ready for a little pounding right there in the dressing room. 

I raised up to slide my cock in and she whimpered a bit as I pushed in all the way to my mound really hard. She still had her mouth covered to try and keep the sound to a minimum but a few “fuck” whimpers were released as I stroked her good and hard and long with the tip barely coming out and then hammering my cock back in. After another couple minutes, I removed my cock and moved her out of the way to sit on the padded bench and spread my legs so she could get in between them with her back to me so that she could sit on my lap to feel me all the way inside her. 

This really got her horny and turned on as she began to use her legs to raise up and the slam herself down on my cock. Her pussy was really gripping me as she got closer to cumming. I put my hands on her hips and helped thrust her down as I slightly lifted my hips to fuck her deeper. She still had the chemise on and when I began putting my hands on her hips her love juices were all over my fingers. Well now we knew which outfit we had to buy. Her pussy gripping my cock gave me the twinge I was looking for that signaled my climax was on its way. She had both hands over her mouth as she came all over my crotch. It was not three more strokes later and I released a week’s worth of cum all up inside of her. She reveled in feeling that pulsation from my cock as I let it all go. 

She always seems to be prepared for things afterward as she grabbed some wipes from her purse to collect the ooze coming out of her lady land. I was trying to get my wits about me and to put my pants back on so that no one would be the wiser as to what just happened in there.

We finally got dressed, but we looked flushed and disheveled as we made it up to the counter to pay. The counter clerk looked at the mint chemise and then looked at us with a disgusted look. There was dried and wet sex juices all over the garment she was holding up and trying to fold. She just threw it into the bag and gave us the amount we owed. As we made it to the car I asked, “you had no intention of going out to eat, did you?” She grinned, winked and said, “You were the appetizer baby, let’s go get the main course!” Until next time…

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