Heavenly Experience with neighborhood aunty - part 2

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Hi guys ,I'm Rajan , I think you would love my last part , please read the story step by step, so that you can also feel the pleasure which I have came through while fucking kowshalya,… stepmom

Hi guys ,I'm Rajan , I think you would love my last part , please read the story step by step, so that you can also feel the pleasure which I have came through while fucking kowshalya, Please share your comments , if you like and support, Because praise is the thing makes one special. My kowshalya has a habit of praising me that I'm her Rajan while fucking, Even she was a good housewife of someone, so it is hard to get the praise that we are best than their husbands, but in my point it goes to next stage. Now I come to the story, While a happly married wife of other ,call us to screw her , it is an extreme stage we don't think and go there to execute our plan. But when getting down of my house.  And tried to go to her house through steps, but she stopped, she called me to come to back of the house. I fell proud of me, that a high profile and happy Married wife, tried her level to bitch to satisfy with my cock. There she put a ladder , so I climb through it, she support one hand on the ladder and other hand on her mellons. While climbing ,what a scenario wow , Her mellons are struggling to jump out. I'm starving to eat those mellons. While climbing  , I said that  hold your mellons carefully aunty don't worry , after I'm up , it will be mine and I will take care of it. It makes her aroused, she shyly turned back. 

 Aunty, Why are you not facing me? Then why  did you called me?(After some time with silent shy smile, She tries to play as a good wife) 

 Yeah! I called you to ask why are you always watching me, It makes me feels bad. (My mindvoice: try your best as a good wife, but after some time you have to pay for it with your body, now I also planned a game) 

Me: Aunty, I came here to ask you for some sugar. 

Kowshalya: smiled , Yeah take , it's in kitchen. 

Me: Give it to your husband,  l want the real sugar. (Now I keep my hand in her hip and move my hand to ass and hardly squeezed her ass, I haven't touched such a spongy ass, it makes me more hungry for her ass)

 By my action she laughed shyly and move fast to the door. I followed her,  My thought was about her swinging jelly ass  that her loser husband not even used her creamy ass, it's so fresh I'm going to destroy it with my cock. 

Now I go near her and smell her neck and give a love bite in her neck and cheek, and kissed and smelling her aroma in her chest. 

Kowshalya: No, leave me, (and she moved to other side of the door)

 Me: I came here to satisfy you, you also need me hard  but you are acting as a good wife, You forget about your bitchy mistakes, If you are a good wife, you allow me to come by stairs , why did you put a ladder? You are starving for my cock , why don't you beg for it. Then I tured towards the ladder in angry face. 

Kowshalya: I feel shy to approach you,Wait! Don't you need your sugar. She smilled cunningly. 

I go close to her kiss her on her neck , and cheeks, then, I stated that

Me: I feel like kissing your lips, babe.

(I believe this will make her feel comfortable than calling her aunty. My surprise is she also responded to it., bitch.) 

(I want to feel her free , throughout our fucking session , because before this no one touched her body other than her husband. I'm the only one who is going to change her. So safe play is important that ,I want to drive her with out letting her feel guilty thought of some younger one like me rule her body. This will make her to change her thought of cheating her husband. Or it will put borders to fuck. I don't need borders ,I have to achieve all the spot which I like to perform with her without any borders. I have to explore her more her side which was not even seen by her husband) 

Kowshalya: I'm yours , take me Darling.

(This is what I want , Now she is ready to cheat her waste husband) 

I kissed her lips squeed stronger, a moan run from her mouth(aaaaah) , the sucked her tounge and bite her lower lip, bite and suck it hard , now sucked her upper and travelled to inner mouth then bite back her lower lip)

 Kowshalya:You like biting, you are an animal laughs(ahahan ahan) While kissing run my hands to her head to her back and crushed her middle thigh and crushed her ass

Kowshalya: I haven't experienced a kiss like this before, 

Me: I know your husband won't, but I won't waste you like him, 

(She can't say any thing opposing to me about her husband, but she loves the moment bites and kisses.) 

Now I came to  her chest an sucked the upper bend and bite it  then take down the petticoat and say "My Mellons"I'm waiting for this day  I started to lick all the whole part of her breasts and now suck and pull the nipple she moans (ahhh ahhh ummm ahhh) now bite it and pull it she screams  

Me: pay for teasing me :) haha

And bite more spots of breasts and tried to put her breasts in my mouth as much as I can, I played with her boobs, they are stiff, and round I sure her husband doesn't play with it  don't worry I will make it large by sucking it hard, she moans  hard 

Now I go for her stomach I lick every where, and my mouth again won't let go her melllons  Licking her stomach hole she struggling to be stable and bite hard the whole in her stomach, she moans( eeehhh ahhhhh ahhhh) 

Now "the phone rings-her husband" 

Kowshalya: I have to go, she moved to the phone

Me: Its not so important, I'm going to explore the best part.Come here Kiss me.

 I pull her towards me and kissed her but hugging her tightly now miss some feel, so I removed my shirt and inner then hugged her tightly an kissed her everywhere ,first she try to explain about the phone but after get sucked hard she started moaning. 

Hugged  her tightly so that I can cover her mellons, surely your husband not fit to this I laughed at her

her phone repeats 5 times: " First three time she struggles last two time she refuses it and started kissing me and feel my tounge in her breasts"

Now I reached my favorite spot her ass , slowly lift the petticot hanging only on her buttocks, I took it and leave her nude ,now share my thoughts to her petticoat, that because of you I'm here, thanks for take care of my jellys don't worry here after I will take care of it. 

Now seen her pussy with pink rosy lips and say her that

Me: I think your husband haven't fucked you , because you pussy is tight and fresh I'm going to rod it hard, hereafter your husbands tiny dick won't even fill your  pussy( it makes her angry) 

Now I make her to walk away nude to door to me trice and enjoy her buttocks swinging beauty , run towards her and stop her buttocks and slapped her hard she moans (ahhhhhan) , repetadly slapped multiple times enjoy the scene of shaking , I kissed her ass and licked it all areas. 

Some smaking sounds in her door

I also smack hard in same rythem to match it, it is more sound than the smack in the door. 

She was struggling to keep queit, but she can't , she moans eeehhh ahhhh ahhh uhhhh ahhhh Mmmmm mmmhhh aaaahmmm and her ass is shaking heavily. I'm enjoying the moment. 

Kowshalya:Somebosy smaking the door, please let me check 

Me: Leave it,  let them smack for some time and go, And I started licking her ass and bite she keep on moaning while biting and while licking her ass hole

But the smack on the door not yet stopped

I got angry and said to kowshalya who the hell is this say them you are busy fucking with me inform them o come after sometime

Kowshalya: What to do if it was my husband the door smaking sound increases, leave me , I want to check

Me : Dont worry  if he is that say him the same ,"I am fucking Someone who satisfies me in our bed, which you can't do ever, so go to shop and stay there  I will call you after a good fuck".

Kowshalya: Wont you stop comparing and complaining my husband. He is a good man. He has not done any mistake. Please stop it. 

(It's not time to argue , I kept quiet, because I want her and she has to pay for it , after a real man's fuck, She will feel the real pleasure, then I will hear the true words of hers degrading her husband through her own mouth.That day is not so far) 

"sounds comes from outside -"Kowshalya are you there, an important matter please open the door"

Me: Who's that bitch!   shouted In angry.

 Kowshalya: its our neighbour from downstairs  please leave me

I leave her  she runs towards the door with shaking legs and swinging ass, she shearch for her dress and took the petticoat  which I thrown to water, she tied it to her chest and covers her with towel (she was wet with heavy sweating) 
Signals me to hide, and she opens the door, there stands the neighborhood bitch who distrub our fucking session . I clearly notice what they were talking. 

Neighbour bitch: How long I'm smaking at your door where have you gone. (My thought:  But I'm smaking her ass inside )

Neighbour bitch: You haven't pick up your husbands call , he called me and says you to inform there us an emergency, he is rushing to home , so pack your things , why are you so wet and clumsy and oily

(She is crossquestioning more than her limit, I'm going to drag her in and fuck her until my hunger goes) 

Kowshalya: ah ah I'm wet,  because I'm taking bath so only I can't hear you, ok why he is coming and what is the emergency. 

Neighbour bitch: Sry, kowshalya on seeing you wet , shaking and different, I forget the point, your father-in-law passed away. Your husband trying to deliver this to you but you haven't take your phone, so he ask me to inform you.

 Kowshalya: (shivers more after hearing her husband rusing to home) he ah yes, sry I have to pack things no time ,anyway thanks bye. 

Neighbour bitch left, and after Kowshalya turns to say something before that  I hugged and locked my lips with hers and kissed her hard for sometime after that I leave her.

 Kowshalya:My husband will arrive any time , so let's continue some other day. We are in risk

Me: I'm not finished yet, I love your ass and a I want to eat it. 

Kowshalya: My father-in-law passed away, I can't do this  when my husband saw this he will die. 

Me:Everyone has their time out and all has to die, but this is my time I have to eat your ass untill I won't let you go, if your husband finds us , He has to thank me for this, if not let that fellow dies,  don't worry be happy ,I'm here to satisfy you  , loser like him wasting resources like you , peoples like me can enjoy it.( She was speechless) 

 I pull her and remove towel and tear her petticoat and thrown it out and bite and sucked her buttocks, hard and lick her legs up and down . And bite the inner thigh hard  She shouts ahhhh ahhhh it pains

Me: Feel the pain,How can I stop it, I haven't enjoy the real sugar. Shall we take it. Mmmm say it,  mmm hmmmI keep on sucking her pussy, and first she struggled and ahe started to enjoy and moan hard

Me: Shall we take the real sugar, ahan han say it bitch, 

Kowshalya:ahhh ahhhh yes ahhh, ahhhh eh oophooo ahhhh, yes yes

Repeatedly door smacks heavily. 

 Now I'm not going to give up this time. I put my one finger and take out then lick it and insert 2 fingers and continuously licking it and digging itAs the door smacks for more than, 10 min

Me:Here come the sugar , hannn haan yeah say it loud

Kowshalya:ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh yes do it don't stop I like it, I love it ahhh ahhh ehhhh ao haaa ha haaa she didn't mind her husband standing out side

After a more ten minutes she cums hard " I have taken my sugar and give it some in her mouth" Wow tastes wonderful. I'm addicted to the taste I want take some as stack  , but her tiny dick husband is rushing at the door. 

She fell down can't stand properly and shaking and squirts hard and holds her breath and tried to stand up with her full balance and walk slowly to the door , tied a towel because I teared her petticoat, I hide there, after door opens. 

Bloody looser(husband) : what the fuck are you doing ,anger on his wife she said she she fell down after a bath and struggle to stand it takes time and she shown the squirted and cummed places as evidence and that idiot believes it and went to bath room . 

Then I dragged her and kissed her in lips and remove her towel and sucked her melons and give a great kiss in her ass and pussy and said her that

Me:See it's not the end and I haven't fucked you , arrange for that otherwise I won't see your husband , I will fuck you in front of him becareful   

Hey wait take that ladder out after I get down, and by standing in ladder "anyways thanks for your sugar"And pull her hair and give a deep kiss on her lips and bite her lips and leave that place, it is wonderful and then I returned to my home. That was unforgotten days of fucking her -Part-2 ,,,. To be continued in part -3 ,

. Guys thanks for reading my story  please comment me if you like my story in my mail  And I will share more of my experience to you mail:[email protected]

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