Naughty at Saba U. 3

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Oh my God Paul is such a good lover…….. rings Oh my God Paul is such a good lover, as he was thrusting into me his flash I found that he had a beautiful rhythm that I was riding also even though I was underneath him at the time my legs spread open and practically in a splint as he was thrusting into me. When he was in love he was in love and he was passionate about it I've never been this way since the first time I met Trey about two years ago. When I ended up making love to him I held him close to me his nipples were teasing mine and I was also teasing him with mine as well it was very intimate.
I asked from if he was just looking for a one night stand or if he was looking for something else something more intimate he said more intermittent than anything else he wanted me and to be with me nothing else nothing more. We just met and we just had sex for the first time and then he takes off one of his rings slips it on my finger and says would you marry me. As if he had some kind a crush on me or some kind of boyish crush but I enjoyed his charm I enjoyed his British accent and the fact that he was wow wonderful in bed.
what is our lips caressing each other in a kiss as we also talked. I grabbed him by the butt cheek he got harder and even more and then it up making fast love with me. He grabbed onto one of my breasts to stabilize and a pleasure me as well but does stabilize him self as well. 
"yes kim"
"watcha into."
"sexy FBI-ish women, I have a police fantasy."
"real Paul baby."I said as I was riding him his face was grooming with pleasure. As I saw that he had many facial tattoos I found him very sexy and very hard. I found him just wonderful to be with. And I then fell asleep as he was still going at it with me.

then I had a dream where my sister approached me and kissed me told me to make love to it tray again as well as her. I found that dream very twisted as I was falling asleep the fact of the two of them were kissing each other while making love to me. I didn't enjoy the dream very much and I found a little too prophetic from my own taste. If I had my choice I will brown dog sitting on Paul's lap and having wonderful sex with him and making love to them at the same time as talking to him about life. That was my fantasy.
"babe your phone is buzzing" paul said.
"oh shit thank you" I gasped.
I did not just wake up a minute ago after Paul said my phone was buzzing when I got a text from my sister saying why don't you join me and Trey. I found that very disturbing and I found her grammar even more disturbing it for someone who had an MD and a PhD. I found her to be really ridiculous I told her I'll think about it. When Paul saw that he was shocked that  my sister would be suggestive to me again suggestive eating seductive and wanting to have sex with me. I had to tell him that we had a thing going on me and my sister at one point she was very sadistic with other people when we were at Saba university.
 As I want to kiss him he didn't recoil at all but instead warsked me if I was a doctor and I told him yes I was in the corner at one point until she came back into my life.
yeah and it up kissing me deeply and gently. His probing tongue in my mouth with a tongue ring. I wish I knew where he was gonna put that tongue ring tonight.    As I was desiring of him.
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