Spontaneous Surprise Part 5: Her Place

Swiftcreek   November 17, 2020   | 12058 Views
The enthusiasm was still prevalent as her friend removed my tie and placed it around her neck. She then opened my shirt to give her access to kiss my chest and play with my nipples a bit. Her hands naturally ended up at my belt and zipper. It did not take her long to have my briefs exposed showing my growing hard on. banner2

I must be starting to sound like a broken record by now with my communication with my little cum slut.  I reached out again to see how she was doing and if she needed anything. I didn’t even get a thumbs up emoji. I am beginning to think that she only reaches out to expand my sexual horizons. I have become her boy toy for a better term, I guess. I figured I would wait until Saturday night to hear from her and wouldn’t you know it. She texts me right as I am leaving work. It is like clockwork now. This time I received a kiss emoji so I returned with the same one. She asked me to come over to her place as she had a surprise for me. I am a glutton for punishment, so of course, I drove over to her place without question.

As I was pulling into the parking garage of her apartment complex, my mind was racing trying to figure out what she might have in store for me. Could it be a new toy or outfit? I got up to her apartment and knocked on her door. I was immediately greeted by a beautiful young Latino lady. Her skin was so tan and smooth. She had curly long jet-black hair with the body measurements to die for. She had seductive doe eyes and pouty lips, too! She was dressed in what I would consider her pajamas. An extremely tight t-shirt top with absolutely no bra and white yoga pants that were so tight that nothing was left to the imagination. She introduced herself and said she was a friend from out of town staying for a few days. As she opened the door more, my cum slut was sitting on her bean bag watching some tv and looked over to tell me to come on in. She too was only in her pajamas. In her world, this consisted of a long white t-shirt with no panties. 

As her friend made it over to the small sofa or futon I would say, she began to talk to me. “So, I have heard so much about you! She tells me you have a beautiful cock and you know how to use it!” I was headed over to the other spot on the sofa. I stopped to give my slut a little kiss, and to tell her I missed her this week. I was taken back by the forward nature of her friend’s conversation. Is there anyone she knows that she does not tell them about our personal behind closed door stuff? “Don’t be shy, come sit over here beside me” her friend said enthusiastically. She patted the open spot on the sofa. I’m starting to feel out this situation and I believe her friend was the surprise all along. 

Finally, my slut speaks to me, “I’m not feeling the best today. I wanted to see you, and my friend was going to be staying over this weekend. I thought it would be fun to watch you and her have some fun”. Her friend looked at me with her beautiful smile and said, “I have known her for at least ten years and she will only share the special ones because she wants her truest friends to be able to discuss and compare the most intimate of details”. Again, I feel honored, but this is another scenario out of the norm for me. My little slut turned the tv off and turned some music on to set the mood a bit. She grabbed us all some wine and let her friend know that she wanted her to start by removing my tie. I had just come over from work so I was still in my business attire. Her friend smiled and straddled me on the sofa to comply. Wow, she smelled amazing! There is something about a little vanilla on a woman’s skin that is so sensual and makes my cock twitch.

The enthusiasm was still prevalent as her friend removed my tie and placed it around her neck. She then opened my shirt to give her access to kiss my chest and play with my nipples a bit. Her hands naturally ended up at my belt and zipper. It did not take her long to have my briefs exposed showing my growing hard on. “Can I take it out and worship it?” she asked her slutty friend. “Not yet. I want him to remove some of your clothing first”. I was thinking that this won’t take long as I grinned. She stayed straddled on me as I lifted her skin tight shirt up and over her head. She had the most perfect tan lines on her breasts that left her dark nipples on a pale canvas. I immediately put both hands on them and enjoyed a good suckling until she grabbed my face and said, “Slow down, Sir. I am going to help you get these yoga pants off”.  I told her there was no need for that as I pushed her face first into the couch. Her beautiful ass was helplessly sticking up and calling my name. She had already formed a nice moist spot.  That allowed me to grab the fabric with both hands at her crotch, and then I tore quite a generous opening. This allowed me to taste and play with her easily. As she heard the rip of her friend’s pants, my little cum slut gave a sigh and a “mmmmmmmm”. She was starting to enjoy what was happening and that she had a front row seat. 

Her friend was a little shocked and gasped a bit when her pants were ripped open. My hand was rubbing her bare cheeks and her wet freshly shaven pussy. I gave it a good spank on her right cheek and she whimpered a bit. I spanked the other cheek and another whimper with a low moan. I spanked her right cheek again but really hard this time. She whimpered and took it like a champ. I bent down and took a big lick between her pussy lips from clit to ass. Her legs twitched a bit as she sighed. I still had my briefs on, but slid them down to reveal my swollen cock. I rubbed her slit with my tip. It lathered my cock’s tip as she was soaked from her juices. I asked her if she felt like she had earned this cock? My cum slut piped up and said, “Hell no. She does not get that yet. Sit on the couch because she needs to suck that cock enough to earn it”. I couldn’t agree more as either one was going to feel fucking great. 

I slumped over into the couch and laid my head back against the cushion as her friend began to really work my cock. She could not take him all into her little mouth, so she was gagging and slobbering all over herself trying to. I grabbed her long black mane and tilted her head as I slid my cock into the side of her mouth and inner cheek. She slid her lips up and down near the tip of him since this is his most sensitive area. “She is ready now” my little cum slut said. She guided her friend up onto me again. She then placed the tip into her swollen pussy. It was so soft and wet. As soon as she slid down to my mound, she let out the word that best describes a good feeling “ffuuuccckkk”. My little cum slut snuggled in behind her so that she could put her hands on her friend’s hips to get some good leverage to manually slam her friend’s pussy down on my cock. “Do you like her pussy? I want you to fuck her pussy like you fuck mine” she said as she continued to slam her pussy down on my cock. My cock was so hard. I think she could literally feel the veins that were bulging in him. With her still sitting on my cock, I rose up from the sofa and laid her down missionary style on the floor. Her legs were spread and up in the air as I stroked her long and soft. She had her eyes closed and enjoying the moment. My little slut came over to straddle her friend’s face and force her to lick her pink little pussy. This allowed her to face me and kiss me as I plowed my cock into her best friend. 

It was a heavenly scene to experience. Her friend was moaning and whimpering as she licked my little cum slut’s pussy. Her breasts sloshing up and down her chest as I pounded away on her. It was not a few minutes later that I felt her friend’s pussy really contract. She stopped eating my little slut’s pussy as she was moaning out loud that she was cumming. I gave her another real hard stroke and all of a sudden, she squirted everywhere! My cock got squeezed out as the pressure had been built up so much. I thought she was not going to stop. What was left of her yoga pants, after I had ripped them open, were soaked. She was trembling from her climax. I wanted to ask if she was ok, but was a little taken back from it. “You have never fucked a squirter before have you?” my slut asked. “Nope, this is a first for me” I said. “Let’s give her a few minutes to collect herself. Besides, I am feeling like I want some of that cock myself” my little slut whispered to me.

I was really getting excited as I have been wanting to fuck this little cum slut all week. I had still not cum yet. I was still eager to go at it. She sucked my cock for a couple minutes and looked up at me to say, “I need you to fuck me baby and I want it hard”. She stood up and walked over to the notorious adult bean bag. This time she went head first into it, and curled herself up into a ball. Her ass was sitting straight up as if she was assuming the position. I knew exactly what she wanted and needed. For the next ten minutes, I fucked her at varying speeds and depths. I would go slow and pull my whole cock out, and then place his tip slowly back in to penetrate her fully. Then I would pound her hard all the way to my mound until I could not go in any farther. Her gasps were proof enough that he was reaching the far depths of her soft pussy. Then I would ask her if she wanted it harder as I gave it to her. She whimpered out a “yes!!”. “Harder?” I would ask. “Fuck yes,  please!!” she answered. “Harder?” I asked again. I was literally slamming my cock as hard as I could. This time there was no answer. She rolled her eyes back into her head from the enjoyment. She came a couple times before I was through with her. Her friend was rejuvenated and horny all over again after watching us for a few minutes.

I let my little cum slut lay in a ball on her bean bag while her friend and I began to get busy on the sofa. With her back against the sofa cushion, I pinned her legs to her chest and began some deep thrusts in her as well. “Oh, papi, you fuck me so good!” she said.  I could tell her clit was still sensitive from her squirting earlier. I firmly wrapped my right hand around her throat for some more leverage.  I was getting a bit fatigued from working all day and then having this workout. A couple strokes more and she squirted again. Her eyes went white from rolling back in her head. There was not quite as much as that last soaking, but still enough to know what she just did. This time I placed my cock back into her and just kept fucking her. It was almost too wet. If there is such a thing! I couldn’t feel a thing as there was no friction from all the waterworks. I just collapsed on the cushion next to her. I was trying to catch my breath a little. My little cum slut knew I had not cum yet, and crawled over to sit in between my legs. She began to massage my cock with her hands and then her lips. She played with my cock in and out of her mouth while coddling my sack. I felt the twinge I had been waiting for. “Cum for me baby” she said as my climax came over me. It was literally like lava from a volcano! Her mouth was caressing my tip as I exploded. She just let it run back out and down my shaft slowly until I was finished. I was so finished, too! 

These two girls gave me a workout that rivaled any stair master, but just so much more damn fun! I laid down for a bit on my little slut’s bed and woke up a few hours later as the girls were still sleeping. I kissed them both on the head and quietly headed out the door. I had to get home and start getting ready for work the next day. I just kept asking myself, what am I going to encounter next?........

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