Had Great time with my tailor

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My step mom is sexually very active. My dad was normally out of town. Seeing my mom's sexual activities i learnt and experimented with a tailor just before my marrage. rings

Hello readers of Juicy Stories

Let me tell about how I became a mother in eight months of my marriage. Surprised or not? You all may be thinking as to what is special, these days do girls and boys meet before marriage and it happens. Yes it is true but there is something different in my case.

I am Susheela, now 26 , mother of a son, 4 years old. Now let me take you to flash back. It was 2 years ago I finished my BSc exam from MS University, Vadodara.  I was beautiful and had very good figure. I wanted to study further but my father, being a business man had different ideas. I was then 18 years and my mother was 32. Don’t be surprised as to how mother is only 14 years elder to me. Yes, I am daughter of my dad’s first wife. I was only three when my mom died of Dengue. Then dad married again to take care of me. My new mother was also very beautiful  endowed with good envious figure . .

My dad was very rich and was having huge profit in his business. That way he used to be away on tours within India and many times abroad visiting many countries. He was mostly and visiting us  once or two times in a month for couple of days. Shower me and mom with lot of gifts, dresses, sarees, ornaments. I was very happy with my dad,

Since my childhood, I could always hear to their quarrel inside closed doors and mom crying. Next day dad used to leave out of Vadodara on some business trip.  When my dad was away many “uncles” were visiting our home and mom was introducing me to them. They were giving me chocolates, dolls and sometimes dresses and hair clips etc. I was very happy and mom was asking me to go up stair and play.  I cant recollect how many “uncles’ were visiting our home but there were many. Mom had threatened me not to speak about “uncles” in front of dad. Many times when few of such “uncles” came for dinner, mom was asking me to sleep in first floor. Morning when I wake up and come down I could see mom still inside the room and on hearing my voice was coming out to give milk. I could see “Unclies” still on the bed in mom’s room. I could not understood anything.

Whenever I returned from School and college my mom also used to be out but never told me where she was going. Once she complained of body pain and told me that on face book she saw some ad for body massage and had called the threrapist. She was reluctant to take pain killers  as it will result in side effects..  Two or three days later in evening a person rang bell and I opened the door. He was around 30 and was very healthy, handsome. He introduced as Ratan who was called my mom for massage. I was surprised to see a man instead of lady. I told mom and she also expressed her surprise. Mom told that by name she got confused him to be a female. But he told that he can provide the best massage service and there is no need to worry. He asked mom to take bath and he also told that he wanted to take bath saying that It was good to avoid any sort of infection and smell.

I showed him the washroom in first floor attached to guest room. Mom went to take bath in the washroom of master bedroom which was also in first floor. I sat on the ground floor watching TV.  After few ten minutes mom came out. I heard that person asking for olive oil which was in kitchen. So mom came down to take the oil. She was wearing a halter neck nightie and from back I saw that she had no bra. She took oil and climbed up. I continued to watch TV down stair. I went up to keep the dried clothes in my room and heard some small sound. With curiosity, I peeped through the key hole which was a bit big. I saw mom laying on her back with no clothes and that person was massaging her legs, back, thighs. My body warmed up and tempted me to continue to watch. He then massaged mom’s round big bums in circular motion. Suddenly mom raised her hips up providing access to his hands to go below. His oily hand went below my mom’s open thighs and was rubbing slowly and increased speed. Mom was shaking her head and raised hips further up which gave complete access to his hand, fingers. I could clearly see his two fingers enter mom’s pussy and rub. Leaving suddenly he left and mom turned up. Her big round and tight boobs were erect with excitement. She herself was rubbing her nipples. Ratan then stood near her head and massaged her boobs in round and round motion pushing up and squeezing the big nipples. Mom was moaning and raising her hands while he continued to massage her right from her vagina up and the boobs. My hand touched the door knob and they heard the sound. Mom got up and dressed. I ran down and sat on the sofa viewing the TV.

Mom came down in the same gown and prepared tea for all three. I could clearly see the huge braless breasts which were piercing through the material and due to wetness were clearly visible. I could even see bi wet patch on her gown between her legs and she was not wearing panties even.

 We all had tea and then Ratanji left. Mom went to her room and changed dress. I asked if she felt some relief from pain and she nodded and told that the person is well trained and she felt lot more comfortable. I smiled to myself and advised that she should get regular massage so that the body pain will not increase. She agreed and told that in future Ratan will be coming home every week.

In between Dad bought her a very expensive saree from Delhi and some dresses for me. Diwali was fast approaching and I was telling her to get my dresses stitched. She asked one of her kitty party friend who suggested a good tailor. Evening I took mom to the tailoring shop in my scooter. She was wearing a black net saree. Always she wore very deep neck blouses. I was wearing a Punjabi suit. I located the shop which was by name Princes Tailors. We had to wait for few minutes for the master to come. There was another shock. This tailor was much more handsome and was looking like any Bollywood star. His ripping muscles were almost tearing his tee shirt. His complexion was so good, almost pink. His name was Prince and he was an Anglo Indian from Goa. First I game my measurements and also gave him one of my old dress for proper measurement. He looked at mom and called her in to take measurements.

By now I had some knowledge of mom’s weakness for handsome male. They closed the door and I took chance to peep through key hole. Mom had dropped her pallu and Prince was taking measurements. Shoulder and then came down. Mom was wearing a backless, sleeveless blouse and told him to stitch new blouses same type. He measured the front neck depth which was already very deep but mom asked him to increase by half an inch. He took the breast measurement and noted down. By this time I could sense that mom was herself getting excited and had closed her eyes. Seeing her Prince put his arm around her and pulled mom for a kiss. Mom gave in and they engaged in passionate kisses for long time. Mom opened few hooks of her blouse and Prince was squeezing and fondling the breast. I could know that this will not end soon. So I loudly told that I had to go to a friend’s house and would return after half an hour to pick her. She agreed in a mild voice and I went out waiting near another nearby shop. There were no other customers at that hour. Mom came out after forty minutes. I brought my scooter as if I had reached just then. Mom’s face, saree and blouse told me the story that might have happened inside. So she googled to find out the best in town and finally zeroed on a tailor in Raopura area, She dialed him and told him the need. He appears is a busy tailor and asked us to visit his place. But mom never wanted to go the small gullies in Raopura and asked him to come over to our house. Finally he agreed to come next afternoon. His name was Prince. I was laughing to imagine if he will be like a prince of a pauper. Next afternoon we had finished our lunch and seeing TV when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and stool still. Prince was standing at the door. I was dumb folded to see such a handsome person, in his mid-twenties, smiling face, big shoulder, and his ripping muscles on biceps. I could not speak but when mom sounded me I asked him. He told he is a tailor, Prince and then I asked him to be in. Even mom could not speak for a while and was just staring at the handsome personality. I always knew mom’s weakness towards men.

I brought water to him and then he was seated. Mom looked at me and then told him about the total work he was to do. Her condition was that first he should stitch a trial piece, bring home. Check and then make the final. This was for every blouse, dresses, lehanga choli etc. That meant he was to visit us at least 25 times. He told it would be difficult but mom made him to agree by offering double his charge. What was the idea? I could not guess.  First day mom gave her blouse to check his quality. She asked him to wait in the guest room. Mom was wearing pant and tops and so went to her room and changed to a gown (would be easy to give measurement)

I was busy in watching a good program on TV. Mom had asked me to prepare coffee and suddenly remembered. Then I looked at the time and realized that mom was indie the guest room for over half an hour. So I just peeped through the key hole and was shocked to see hot both were hugging and kissing, Their nude bodies had become one with mom on his top. My body warmed up and  lost strength. I stood there with curiosity. Ten minutes or so then they changed positions and  Prince came on her top. He was slowly then speedily was humping on my mom. Often they would rest to kiss and mom was pushing her nipple in his open mouth. This continued for long time and then Prince pulled out. Mom gave him a tissue paper to clean. Both were tired and rested for few minutes. He has kept his head on my mom’s boobs and mom was holding his semi hard long penis in her left hand. Then they got up and dressed. I moved to kitchen and prepared coffee.

We three took coffee and mom asked him to first stitch a trial blouse and bring as soon as possible for trial and then she would finalize all orders.  That day onwards I became a peeping tom. I could see all activities which take place between a hot hungry woman and a He man. Ratan was expert in foreplay. Along with massage he was doing continuous yoni massage, uplift boobs, and shaping of her hips. He could lick mom’s clitoris like a hungry cat till mom cried in desperation. Their kisses lasted if not hours at least quarter of an hour each time and repeatedly. Finally their mating was wild and in all positions. I used to get turned on and spent time masturbating.

Prince used to come to house in the pretext of handing over blouses, clothes, sarees and spend an hour with mom in the guest room. Again I could easily peep their hectic sexual activities. Prince was again an expert in giving oral sex to mom and many occasion mom was giving heavy blow job and fondling her boobs. His ejaculations inside mom’s mouth used to overflow to her chin. which I could realize as she used to wipe them and lick her fingers. They always were ending with a thanksgiving kiss. Always seeing mom’s great escapades with wild sex with both Ratan and Prince I was relieving myself with masturbation. This helped me to achieve orgasms quickly. But I always how it  may be to have sex with a real man?

I sometimes used to think whether I am really the biological daughter of my dad or not. Because I was neither resembling my mother nor my dad. My dad was dark in complexion and lean. Of course I inherited the physical features of mom in that I already had 36+ boobs.

So now my marriage was fixed. My groom was also son of a big business man from Delhi. They were dealing with Clothes. He was handsome and had completed BBA. He was the only son of his parents. All were happy. I started to think about my after marriage life. Day dreaming about romantic life, great honey moon.  Fantasizing by thinking of myself with Ratan and Prince. How my husband would hug me, how he may kiss me and how it may feel to have him inside me. Will it pain or give pleasure? Will be as exciting as I saw mom? WilI my hubby perform as long as Ratan or Prince. Will he do oral on me . How it will be if I took him in my mouth? I had no idea but the thought itself was exciting and I used to feel hugely wet in my panties.

My marriage was approaching and only two months were left. My mom did lot of purchases, lehangas, Silk Net Sarees, dresses, Vanity bags, clutches. And similar purchases for herself and gifts to relatives and friends.

Now the dresses, lasagnas and saree blouse were to be stitched perfectly. So mom had asked Prince to come one afternoon. But on that day mom had some other work pertaining to marriage preparation and she forgot having asked Prince to come. She had gone out and was expected only at night. I finished my lunch and as usual was watching some clips on YouTube. Then the bell rang and Prince was at door. My heart was bearing but I managed to tell that mom had gone out.

He smilingly asked me if he can come inside and take my measurements. Just by hearing that my body temperature shot up to beyond 100! I thought for a minute. I could not say no and he came and sat on the sofa. I offered him cold juice and then asked him to take measurements. I asked  him to wait in the room as hall was visible to neighbors through window. In fact o did not have any saree blouse at all as I never wore saree till that time. So I wore my tops and went to the room. He laughed and told that measurement on top will not be accurate and I have to wear saree blouse. I told him that I didn’t have one. He looked at me for a moment and asked me not to mind if he suggests something. I nodded and he told me to give measurements wearing only bra which will give perfect measurement. I got bit angry initially but something told me to go ahead. One was to get perfect fitting blouse and choli and second was remembering mom.

I went to other room and selected a very skimpy net bra which mom had specially purchased for my first night. Then I came to the room where Prince was waiting and removed my tops. He exclaimed OMG on seeing me in revealing bra and joined his forefinger and thumb in appreciation. I really felt shy at that moment. He took measurement of dress and then for lehanga He measured sleeve, shoulder and length from shoulder to the bottom. Both blouse and Choli measurements were almost same. So his tape circled my chest. Due to excitement of first male touch on me my breasts were heaving. He smiled and I lowered my eyes with shyness to meet his eyes. He noted the measurements. By that time I had lost control to stand properly. I felt like falling and Prince held me from back. Resting on his arm he lifted me but I had no strength. So he hugged me and took me to the bed to lay me flat. In an impromptu impulse I circled his neck and pulled him on tome. This was unexpected for him also. We joined our lips and then automatically I opened my mouth inviting his tongue. All these I had seen him and mom doing. He put his hand behind by back and unhooked bra leaving my big boos free. They were perfectly rounded, untouched, erect and really big for my age. He put his hand on them and caressed lovingly. I pulled his head on to them and urged him to suck the erect pink nipples.

With closed eyes I was recollecting what all mom was doing. I hug him very tight. We kissed long and deep which secreted lot of saliva which we exchanged. That further excited both of us. He pulled my skirt down and then my pantie. I removed his Tee shirt and then helped him to remove his pant and drawer. OMG, he had such a big, long penis that for a moment I got scared. Will this demon enter me, fully? Will it not tear my virgin flesh? Remembering mother’s actions, I took it in my hand and started caressing. His penis grew further longer and fatter. Prince hug me for comfort and slowly started to rub my clitoris. I gained courage and he inserted his fore finger and masturbated me. I started secreting and after some time hit my first orgasm in life. What an awesome feeling it was! Coming on me Prince kept his legs on either side of my thighs. I slightly widened to allow easy entry. In a jerk he entered me completely. I shouted with a chilling pain of breaking of hymen. He joined his lips with mine to stop my shouting. I fully opened my mouth accommodating his long exploring tongue inside me. My tongue reciprocated his every move.

By then all pain had subsided and replaced with excitement and happiness. Prince was not moving in and out of me slowly increasing speed with each stroke and slowing down, resting his head on my boobs, sucking them. I could feel his fat phallus inside me pulsating. Again he would rise up and repeat his movements. There was no end and I didn’t want it to end too. I lost count of time and was just enjoying repeated orgasms. I was too wet and now the movements became easier. After showing me the heaven and stars he stood still deep inside me and gushed in spasm filling me with his very hot ejaculation. We lay copulated for a long time. When we eventually separated we were tiered. He thanked me and I thanked him with a kiss. Now I could realize why mom was crazy for sex. So I had lost my virginity and became a woman two months before marriage.

We got up and freshened. I just wore a top and skirt without any undergarments. I prepared hot coffee. I called mom and she told that it may take another two hours to return. Prince stood up and leave. Near the door we hugged. I placed his hand through my top on to my bare boobs which he fondled with love. We kissed long and I placed my hand on his groin. Yes, he was getting erection again. I opened his zip and took out his weapon. By then it was rock hard. I didn’t want to leave him in that position. I dragged Prince to the bed and we undid our clothes in a minute. I again remembered my mom’s sex with Ratan and Prince. I took his shaft on my hand and licked the big pink straw berry and slowly inserted in my mouth. Though initially it was difficult and I was gagging a bit slowly I could take him completely inside my throat. With simultaneous licking and stroing I was highly excited. He was holding my hand and with one hand he was fondling my boobs. Ten to twelve minutes I could feel his phallus pulsating inside my mouth and finally ejaculated his entire load. The secretion was very hot and thick. I really relished the taste and the feel and swallowed it with pleasure. He left after a hundred kisses.

Next morning I felt very fresh and during hot bath I felt lot of burning on my boobs, shoulder and little bit inside my pussy. There were many teeth marks on my boobs and shoulders. Due to the braking of hymen my pussy was also burning. But it was all a pleasant burning and I touched on the red teeth marks on my breasts and felt excited. I was waiting for lunch and after mother left home for some shopping I called Prince. We made love for an hour and again he filled me completely with his hot semen. Then he left promising to come next day if mom goes out. We slept for some time caressing, fondling and kissing. Prince left soon. Mom returned after an hour and we had our dinner. Mom even asked my how come I was looking fresh and happy. I just smiled and told that the marriage date is nearing and it is natural to be in such mood. 

Next day I was waiting for finishing lunch and asked mom about her program. But that day she had no other program to leave the house. Evening I told mom that I will be going to a friend house and reached prince’s shop by six. He was alone in the shop and looked smart. Immediately he pulled me into the trial room and we melted in million hot wet kisses. He undid my tops. Lifted my skirt and took me on his waist opening his phallus out. Again remembering mom I pushed Prince down and standing with my legs on either sides of Prince, I went down on him slowly lowering myself fon his hug e erection. Within seconds we had mated in standing position and I was jumping on his like a monkey on a tree.  Prince was holding my boobs on my descending movements. I put my arms around his neck and rested my big breast and rubbed on his chest whenever I wanted to rest for a while.  I liked to press my boobs on his bare chest. Changing position,  he laid me on the floor carpet and came on me. It took an hour for us to finish a marathon sexpades. I dried the huge secretions with some piece of cloth which was lying there and returned home and mother asked me why I was late.

After dinner I slept again with dreaming and imagining my would be husband and comparing with Prince.  I came to the conclusion that no one can beat Prince in making love. It was strange that both he could satisfy me and my mom. I got sound sleep and felt fresh in the morning. After breakfast I was thinking what to do? Going to Prince again? No I thought to leave a gap. After lunch, mom asked me to go to the invitation card pinting press and check the  proof. I went in my  scooty and returned after half an hour. I could see bike of Prince parked near our house. I could understand why he must have come. I did not want to disturb them and waited outside in garden bench. After about an hour Prince came out and I hid behind tree and he left. Leaving another five minutes I rang the bell. Mom opened the door and enquired about the cards. I could observe that she was braless in her satin gown. She never told about visit of Prince.

Next day dad wanted to go to his home town to invite his relatives and also take blessings of my grandparents. He told mom to be ready in the morning and the program was for five days. I felt extremely glad that I would be alone for five days. Next five days, some times in the afternoon, and some time in evening or night and once full night I had hectic, marathon sex. I was now on heavenly cloud and was just thinking how would my would be perform.  But right now I was having fantastic time.

My parents returned after five days. I was thinking mom may call Prince but she was tiered and had body ache. So I knew she would invite Ratan for massage and sex. What a sexy mom she was! Marriage was now only a week away. Mom called me and enquired as to when is my monthly cycle due. I was shocked and could not answer her. She wanted to confirm that the day will not be a hindrance on the day of marriage. But only then I realized that we had forgotten completely about taking any sort of protection. I knew how mom was always keeping condom or I-pill with her but in excitement I had completely forgotten. I noted that my cycle date had passed twelve days ago. I called Prince to inform and he called me to meet him in the afternoon.

I was no nervous and was very scared. I hurriedly went to meet prince. He was alone and inside he hugged me and told me not to worry. He asked me to do a pregnancy test with  a kit available in medical stores. He himself went and brought it. I went to the washroom and tested as given in the manual. It turned to be positive and I told Prince.  I was scared but Prince was smiling and looked to be happy. He  hugged me tightly and congratulated me for my expected motherhood for his child. I started to cry. But he asked me to control and would find some way out. Abortion was out of question as somewhere in my mind I wanted his baby.  He suddenly told he has a great idea and pulled me to the adjoining room. Without telling anything he kissed me and undid my clothes. In minutes he was also completely nude and took me on the bed. I was still in tears but his tongue licked my tears and then went inside my mouth. We kissed and he entered me. Even in that moment I felt his weapon to be excitingly positioned deep inside me. Silently we made love and after fifteen minutes or so he came inside me gushing his hot lava.

After separation he pulled me on to his lap. He explained his plan. He told that on my first night he would get a capsule open it  and fill it with blood and close. I should insert it in the washroom before having sex with husband so that he will think that I was still a virgin. I should reveal good news after a month or so and praise him for his manhood who made my pregnant immediately after marriage. When I deliver the baby he would arrange the Dr to say that it was an early delivery as baby was healthy. I heard him carefully and liked it. All through this narration I was fondling his semi hard phallus and as I was glad I bent my head and took the wet tool in mouth. Within seconds he was hard again and before leaving we had a very satisfying sex as we were now tension free.

Our plan succeeded. Though my husband was not even ten percent of Prince , after a month I could convince him, his parents and my parents easily about pregnancy. I delivered a healthy boy in full term but all thought it was in my eighth month. Great feeling. My son was replica of Prince. As soon as my son was five months, I joined a job and  I started to meet Prince regularly during my office hours. So far so good I am enjoying my life to the fullest.

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