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Mr ojay   May 26, 2020   | 11893 Views
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On one cool evening I just came back from work, my wife is an around so I decided to take a stroll.
When I saw this beautiful with big back side, though I know her before we use to talk.
I said good evening she replied me were are you going and how are you doing. Can we have a little talk she said no problem, we started talking with each other and we take little stroll, and exchange numbers I went my way and she left.
I call her before I sleep we discuss and I told her can we go out tomorrow for refreshments and more she accepts.
The second day I can't think of anything else except this curves shape woman with big back side.
After work on the second day I call her to meet me somewhere which I described for her. 
I left for the place and order for driving, I keep on wondering if this woman will come. But after some time I saw this beautiful lady coming I was so exited, I call the bar man to serve her what is want, she order for Malta Guinness. I keep on drinking milk big stout, after our drink I told her I have something bordering me that I want to tell her.
And I prefer saying it in the silent place that can I collect keys for their room. And she agreed with me I call the bar man to prepare one room for us.
After some minutes we went to the room, after we get to the room I started with a  smile and she asked me what cause the smile I told her she is the cause of my happiness. 
That I have been looking for ways to get to her long time ago but i thanks God we finally meet.i look straight into her eyes I saw her already met and wet may be she is looking for me too. I moved closer to her and give her some sort kisses.
And hold her waist and move my hands to her back side and give a soft touch. and we started deep kissing I moved her to a sofa inside the room and I put my hands inside her pants and Rob her clitorises and she gave a loud mourning i keep on working on and I removed her pants. 
And I quickly undressed her until she completely naked, I removed my dress and completely naked.
I pushed her to the sofa and spread her legs and put my head between the legs and she raised her legs I keep on working. And she continues mourning which gives me more existing.
I will continue my story in the next edition.

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