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This is just a short story on the first affair I had. banner1

When you get married its forever. You have a wedding settle down have kids life moves on
but then after 10 years with the same person
srx gets boring. I know don't tell me you have to do stuff to keep the flame alive. Sorry therr is nothing like the sex you have with a guy the first time. The toe curling lust you feel.
 Well my husband  and sex these days is about  as exciting as watching reruns on tv.
 Don't geet me wrong I climax, but no different than if he was at work and I did it myself. Sometimes myself is even better.
   The first time was last year, it was after wirk and a few if us went to a sports bar on Friday.
My husband drives truck and wasn't going to be home until late. We had a few drinks , Sandy and Jody was with me and a couple others and a few guys we worked with.
Mike was buying every one drinks. He is a few years younger than me, Tall guy well over 6 foot.
   The music was playing and everyot was dancing, then a slow dance came on and Mike grabbed my hand and didn't let me go sit down.
  That's when  I first had the electricity of another man touching me go through  me.
I couls feel the heat off his chest as we dances and small talked. Later on I realized Jody my ride had left so Mike offered to give me a lift. 

 We got in his truck  and headed home. We pull up in my drive and i thank hom and go to get out. Knowing he was wanting more but i had two teenagers in house and didn't really fhave time to think about or even ponder the idea.
he was out if truck waljed around like a gentleman to let me out and opened the door.
 I turned to get out and someho he leaned in to kiss me.
  What was I to do I kissed him back. In about 30 seconds we was  in a pationate kiss that would off turned the neighbors red if it was still daylight.
  We broke and catch my breath I said we can't
the boys are home. He leaned in and kissed me again and said hold on and shut the door.
we pulled back out and went a block down the road and he parked.
  We were kissing again and he pulled my shirt  off . Next thing I knew we were both naked lying on his seat and he was entering me.
The heat his firm body and his first aggressive thrust had me melting under him. Soon I was raising my hips meeting his thrust.
His cock felt 3 times that of my husband's.
I was cumming in minutes . My entire body tensed up and I had to muffle a screem against his chest. I was trembling under him as I came down off it. We set up for a minute and I hurried and got dressed. I walked back to house from there so boys wouldn't see him.
It's different if you get a ride home, but hard to answer questions if that rides cum is dripping out of you. I dont lie well so avoid
explaining who dropped me off.


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