The Mouths say "YES!"

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Then… it happened. Mike’s body convulsed as he let out a groan… his orgasm overwhelming his body. He could feel her sucking… swallowing as stream after stream of his hot cum exploded into her mouth. Not wasting a single drop… Molly continued sucking and stroking until Mike was completely spent. Luxury

As he was finishing getting ready to head off to the gym, Mike heard a buzzing coming from the bedroom.  Glancing into the dark room, he saw his phone laying on the table next his side of the bed lit up.  Slipping his workout shirt over his head, he walked over quietly into the bedroom grabbing his phone, reading the text message from Molly… “Hey… can I get a ride to the dealership this morning?”

Mike smiled… thinking of their drunken rendezvous on Friday night and an image of his cock exploding across her delicious full breasts filled his mind.  He saw his wife, Angie, slowly stirring awake as he walked around to her side of the bed.  Leaning over, he kissed her on the cheek.  “Heading to the gym, then off to the office.  Have a good day baby.” He said with a smile… still wishing their relationship had a spark left.  “Take the trash out too…” she said half awake, but with a demanding tone.  “Really?” he thought in his head as he walked out, grabbing the trash and throwing it into the can outside before climbing into his truck and starting it.

“I’m on my way to the gym first… you going this morning?” remembering that she worked out early in the mornings and always looked spectacular in her tight lycra leggings and sports top.  He pulled out of the driveway, down the alley, and pulled over to the side of the street as he stared at the phone waiting for a response.  The phone buzzed again… “I was going to run there, but if you’re driving… just pick me up at the end of the street?” she replied.

Mike smiled… putting the truck into drive and headed the few streets over… seeing her beautiful form with a small bag over her shoulder standing under the streetlight.  Pulling up next to her, he rolled the window down, seeing her smiling face.  “Need a ride little girl?” he said as he punched the button to unlock the doors and watched as she climbed into the truck, closing the door.

What does he do now?  Was it a mistake they had Friday night?  Did she even remember it since she was quite drunk, or at least he thought she was?  His questions were answered as she leaned over… kissing him on the cheek… her hand moving to his crotch grasping at his cock beneath the fabric.  “Mmmmm sure was a long weekend, wasn’t it?”  He turned… giving her a kiss on the lips for a moment… knowing there were far too many neighbors around to see them, but still had to have a kiss.

They continued to the gym, working out together as he watched her beautiful form… muscles tightening as she lifted weights.  The chatter was light and not about their tryst on Friday night, but other things since they were in public.  After 20 minutes on the cardio stepper and another 30 minutes of lifting weights, they both went to their respective showers… cleaning up and meeting at the truck.

“So, I don’t know exactly where we’re going?” Mike asked as Molly climbed into the truck in her little short skirt and tight tanktop… her 36DD’s pushing against the fabric… nipples already hard with anticipation.  Starting the truck, he headed towards the dealership down the dark road.  As they got closer, Molly saw a dark lot at the back of an abandoned building… pointing Mike over to it.  He pulled in… hoping he could feel those sweet lips against his again.

As he killed the engine and turned the lights off, the pale moonlight gave him just enough to be able to see her as she unbuckled her seatbelt and moved over to him across the bench seat.  She pressed her little body against him… kissing him passionately and reaching down to unbuckle his seatbelt, then unzip his pants.  His cock was already getting hard as she reached inside pulling his cock out… stroking it.

Molly kissed him deeply and passionately before looking into his eyes… “I’ve wanted this cock again all weekend!” she said… before leaning over and gliding her hot tongue up and down the length of his swelling shaft.  “Pete tells me I’m not that good sucking cock… let’s see what you think?” with a smile… her lips moving over it and sliding it into her mouth.  “Ohhhh fuck Molly!” Mike moaned out… feeling the suction of her mouth as it moved up and down his cock.  “What is Pete thinking?  Your mouth feels incredible!” moaning again as he felt his now throbbing cock pushing against the back of her throat.  Molly moved her hand and her mouth in unison as she moaned against his cock… pushing it in and out of her mouth… wanting his cum… wanting to please him.  As he looked down at her, she slid it out of her mouth… slapping it against her tongue and the side of her beautiful face.  “Give it to me Mike… give me all of your hot cum” she said before engulfing it again… her mouth and hand moving faster.

Pete must have been insane… no one had ever sucked his cock with such expertise.  With Molly up on her knees sucking him, her skirt covered ass was swaying slowly back and forth.  His hand moved down her back… sliding her skirt up and easing down her firm ass.  She planned this, he thought as he didn’t feel any panties… just a hot, wet, smooth little pussy.  Her moans grew louder as Mike eased a finger into her… sinking it deep and feeling her pushing back on his finger.

After just a few minutes of her amazing work… Mike’s breathing grew shallow… “Ohhhhh fuck Molly… I’m going to cum.” He screamed out.  Molly’s response was to just suck him faster… her hand stroking him up and down moaning from his finger working inside her.  Then… it happened.  Mike’s body convulsed as he let out a groan… his orgasm overwhelming his body.  He could feel her sucking… swallowing as stream after stream of his hot cum exploded into her mouth.  Not wasting a single drop… Molly continued sucking and stroking until Mike was completely spent.

Looking down, he watched as Molly sat up… smiling at him… tucking his shrinking cock back into his pants and zipping them up.  Mike was panting as he grabbed her hair… pulling her close and kissing her long and deep.  He could taste a bit of his cum inside her mouth… the warm creaminess with just a hint of salt.  As their kiss separated, Molly leaned back against the door… pulling her skirt up to reveal her beautiful pussy… her finger sliding slowly up and down.  “Mmmmmm I really needed to that Mike.” Molly said with a wicked smile.

Mike quickly leaned over… spreading her legs apart and moving his mouth to her now dripping pussy.  Mike had a secret… he was insatiable for the sweet wet taste of a beautiful woman.  He had spent years and years perfecting his technique and loved the feeling of power he had as a woman orgasmed uncontrollably at the touch of his mouth and fingers.

His tongue slid up and down… all the way to her tender little asshole… licking her juices before his lips covered her swollen clit.  Sucking it in and out… flicking his tongue against it and using his upper teeth to flick it against.  A long finger eased inside her… curling a bit and began stroking the little rough patch inside her that was her g-spot. “Holy fuck Mike… ohhh that feels so good!” Molly screamed out.  Pete wasn’t very giving when it came to oral sex.  If she ever was licked or played with… Pete made it feel like a job, but Mike made it a conquest.  There was never any feeling or desire in Pete’s oral work… Mike was so different.  Molly never came with Pete’s tongue on her… he tried a few times, but didn’t put his heart in it.

Mike’s finger moved faster… vibrating and tapping against her g-spot as his expert tongue sucked, licked, and nibbled on her clit.  She was feeling it already… that warm feeling throughout her body… the beginning of her quivering.  “Mike… oh… Mike… I’m…. CUMMMMMINNNNGGG!!!!!” she screamed out loud.  Her back arched, her hand grabbing and pulled on Mike’s hair as one of the strongest orgasms coursed quickly through her body.  Her body shook, toes curled… feeling the pleasure roll like crashing waves through her body.

Mike wasn’t finished though as his mouth and finger kept working… making her orgasm continue.  Licking faster… fingers moving harder.  One after another, orgasms exploded through her body, her body convulsed.  She had never had anyone push her orgasms like this… he body was so out of control… so full of passion and pleasure.  She couldn’t take any more… between her screams, she could only whimper… nearly crying from such intense pleasure.  “Please Mike…. Oh fuck… you have to… oh shit… please stop?” she begged.

Mike was waiting for that… easing back and seeing her beautiful face… flush… the look of amazement in her eyes as he leaned over… kissing her ever so slightly.  She could taste her sweet wetness on his lips as she panted… trying to catch her breath and looking around at all of the windows fogged over in the truck and the sun beginning to rise.

Molly looked at Mike as he leaned back, starting the truck and cracking the windows a bit.  “Holy fuck Mike… no one has ever done that to me!!” taking a towel from Mike to try and clean her wetness a bit.  Mike just smiled… “Well I owed you after your wonderful mouth took care of me, right?”  Molly cleaned herself and tried to adjust her clothes a bit before leaning over… kissing him softly.  “I guess we should go, shouldn’t we?”  Mike looked at his watch… nearly 8am.  “Yeah, the service department should be open and I really need to get to the office.” Kissing her on the temple.

They drove over to the service department… trading a sweet small kiss before Molly stepped out.  Looking through the open door.  “I hope to see you again sooner than later Mike?” she said with a little grin… biting her lower lip.  “I’m sure we’ll work something in… and out?” he said with a chuckle… seeing her smile as she closed the door and waked away… peeking over her shoulder at her new amazing lover.
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