Trained my Subordinate's wife- Part 2

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This part deals about how Igot my way to sceduce My subordinate's wife. Luxury

Hi guys, I'm your Rajan. I'm here to say my experience with my Higher official's wife. I have already submitted the first part of story. Now I'm here to say the remaining part of my story.

Let me start the story, Whole night I think about Renu and masturbate many times. Next day morning, I went to the office.

Mani sir came to the office afternoon and ask about any problems caused yesterday then come to me, He drag me separately. I'm jerked and afraid that his wife complaints him or did he noticed me hugging and making romance with his wife or heard what we were talked before I leave his house. But he say that,

Mani: RAJ you have done a good job, no one noticed me that I'm drunken and even my wife didn't ask me a question about yesterday. How did you take me to home without my wife's knowledge. I realized that, If he drunken he can't remember what happened that day.

Me: Don't you remember sir, You only drive your bike sir, I tell you some correction you also followed it and gone home.

Mani: Really RAJ. Me: Yes Sir, I followed you up to your house, but you didn't get any shake, you drive correctly.

Mani: Thank you, RAJ. Sorry I have disturbed you. Me: It's ok sir, I have done my duty.

Mani: Raj Your eyes are red, Did you sleep yesterday.

Me: No sir when you reach your house time was 2:00 after that my friends call me said there is an engine fault in generation station, so I returned to office.

Mani: Where are they?

Me: They are night sifters, so, they have gone home. I'm in Mid shift, so I stayed here.

Mani: Now you can go home and take rest and come tomorrow.

Me : It's ok sir, no problem I can handle it. Mani: No you have to go, common take my bike.

Me: Ok sir, but you want bike to go for lunch. Mani: It's ok, I send others to take lunch for me. Me: I will take it from your home.

Mani: Why are you troubling yourself for me?

Me: No It's my duty. I'm leaving sir.

I take his bike and left the office and went to his home to inform his wife that Today, I'm going to carry food for Mani Sir.

I knock the door, but it was already open, I went inside and check for Renu, Check everywhere, There are full of decorative particles all over their house and kitchen is full of veggies and there is Mutton, Chicken, and Fish. It remains me her voice to note yesterday and finally I realized that it was their 15th anniversary day.

I keep on searching her, there is a sweet humming sound coming from next room. I followed that sound and went inside the bedroom. There is a bed full of New dress, cosmetics and hot lingery this shows that she was getting ready for a good Anniversary fuck.

I can hear Shower running sound and a voice humming a song(Vaseegara- "Adaimalai peiyum athil nanaivomae"). It must be Renu, Her voice with hot song, make my cock Stiff.

I went near bathroom and peep through the lower gap in door. The water is jumping, and I can see her wet legs with a gold anklet(Ornament) moving here and there.

I can't control myself. There is only one door was between me and my Sexy goddess to reach her. I think of break the lock and fuck her hard in the bathroom until I get satisfied, but I came to normal after feeling my condition.

I'm just a normal Apprentice even though I'm starving to serve Renu throughout my lifetime, I can't get those Chance. But the same Renu was begging for her useless husband to fuck her even for their 15th Anniversary. But I have a chance to see her nude, so, I came out of the house and go to the back of bathroom, there is window I put a rock and climb up and peep into the bathroom.

I can't believe my eyes, My Sexy Goddess Renu was standing nude and water flowing all over her body.

Her body is shining without any cosmetics, Her milky boobs were lightly bend, and her nipple stretches towards front it was so big, It was not swinging it be round so it is good to fuck her breasts it should be tight while fucking there and it will not be free gap between two boobs. Straight it is in complete O Shaped.

Her nipples are poked out, and it is rose milk in colour. I want to chew it. I take my mobile and start record her nude bath. It gives me a pride of having a nude bath video of That Arrogant Mani's Beautiful Wife.

Whenever he scold me or insult me in front of others, His wife Renu will pay for her husband by standing nude through my phone.

By seeing her hip I got shocked a mother (38) with two Daughters can't be so fit, and her fatty areas were plus point to make her more hot.

Her Pussy was pink and those petals were visible clearly through her bush to the distance from where I'm standing, It is such an attractive rose colour.

Her ass was round like oval, and her thighs have no stretching marks even in her age. I lowered my pant, no one can see me because there are bushes in my backside which covers me.

I keep on stroking my cock on seeing Renu. She took a soap and apply it all over her body it causes shining more. She apply soap in her breasts she press her hand on it and take the soap thus it bulges and come to normal position. It was stiff even in this age.

She was covered by her manjal chutra and 4 chains around her neck. She was wearing a Gold String around her hip it makes me more horny.

Mani bribed more money, everyone in our office were thinking about where would he spend it, but Today, I understand the truth that he bribe money to decorate his wife.

The Gold sting around her hip was so thick and well decorated with stones and it should be lengthy because she surrounded her big lower hip 4 times.

My friend Santosh said correctly that she was Mani's ATM. If income tax officers raid his house they won't found anything until make his wife nude before everyone.

After that they seize Everything even his wife and send every seized properties to the office but Mani's Beautiful wife to star hotels as off record for secret check. Secret check consists of many layers like separate check, threesome, foursome, gang bang, BDSM, torture, Anal etc, . Everyone knows how did officer returns the things taken from IT raids.

They will take high and return it as a tip to the owner. But in Mani's matter it is over complicated after changing to several hands his wife will be retuned as a slut. Then She can't live normal life with single man.

On thinking of it I feel like cumming, I cum all over the bathroom wall. She move her hand with soap near her paradise(pussy), she apply soap on it and keep on rubbing it and placed one leg in a bath tub, and it shows me clearly.

She started moaning and rubbing her pussy. I'm in heaven, I need to thank her husband for permitting me to enjoy his wife's showtime. If he relieved me late, I could have missed his wife Renu's Sexy show. I want to thank him for this surprise treat in his 15th Anniversary.

I place the recording phone in the window to record correctly and take my another phone which is for office use and called him.

Mani: Hello.

Me: Hello sir, Thank you for everything sir, it makes me to feel stress free, and I can't forget your gift in my lifetime.(in my mind: Thanks for permitting me to watch your wife bathing nude and masturbating)

Mani : You are welcome. By seeing your eyes red I came to know that your eyes want it(sleep). Enjoy your day.(Sleep well).

I'm playing with his words and teasing him by words of hidden meaning. I enjoyed it well. She can't hear me talking outside in her heavy shower sound.

Me: I need it(your wife) hardly sir, can I take it.

Mani: why are you asking me man. It's yours man take it(rest and happiness) until you get satisfied.(Until you think that you are free to work after a good rest).

I keep on teasing him, and recording his call, and also recording video of A waste husband allows his student to enjoy his beautiful wife's nude bathing and masturbating show.

This video covers myself teasing Mani in phone by enjoying his wives nude bath which is also covered clearly through the bathroom window.

Me: Everyone in our office needs this(your hot wife) hardly sir.

Mani: You helped me yesterday Raj. I'm glad to let you this freedom(Hereafter I won't scold you, You will be let free to do your work). You deserve this.

I keeps on playing with him in call Then, abruptly cut his call by a surprise moment.

Renu was moaning hard. Renu: Yes yes fuck me, fuck me Raj. Take me hard. She was keep on moaning my name. On seeing this a cold blood runs all over my body.

My cock got stiff Again, I Keep on shaking hardy cock on seeing Renu moaning my name. I concentrate on her words and shaking my cock thinking like fucking her.

I'm recording Everything. If I upload it in websites, It would be the best video of the year. She met a huge orgasm, and her legs were shaking heavily. She sits on the tub and breath heavily.

It was raining outside due to some trees I'm not fully drenched the recording is going on. I think it must be a trump card to fuck her. After some time, she off the shower and dry off her and went out of bathroom.

I Switch off the video and getting ready to shape a good plan for Fucking Renu.

Purposefully I ran into the rain and got drenched and rushed towards the door this time I pressed the calling bell and wait for ten seconds, and push the door open.

Now as per my plan She was standing in her towel. I'm staring at her. Raining heavily, She has no way, so, she took me inside.

I Keep on staring at her breasts visible. This time I take advantage of moving close to her purposefully after hearing her moaning my name in bathroom.

Renu: Is there any emergency RAJ.

Me : I feel like someone call, my name romantically.

Renu got blushed by hearing this and said.

Renu: Who called you RAJ?

Me: I don't know. Someone wants me hardly I think. That sound brings me here.

Renu was blabbering. She changed the topic by pointing me.

Renu: Hey RAJ you are so wet. Wait I will take some towel.

By saying this she went inside, her room and search for a towel. Then she quickly removed her towel and change into nighty. Then come back, and give me her towel. I

got dried through it and smell it hard in front if her and said.

Me: This aroma smells wonderful.

Then I licked the towel like a hungry animal. She got blushed and pull her towel from my hand and smiled gave me a naughty smile.

She breaks her silence.

Renu: Why are you so unusual?

Me: Sorry mam don't mistake me. I'm struggling to explain myself to someone close to my heart.

Renu: Say it to me don't hesitate. Think me as your friend. Did my activities yesterday make you aroused means say it frankly.

Me: No mam leave it. Why there are more sweets and decorating materials all over the house. Is there any birthday celebration today.

Renu:It's for our 15th Anniversary. So, I sent lot to surprise my husband. I'm late, I have to decorate, want to prepare delicious food, and I'm getting ready to receive him. Will you help me please.

Me: What help mam, say it I will do for you.

Renu: Please make something to delay the lunchtime of my husband so that I can arrange everything before his arrival. So, it could be a great surprise for him.

I laughed at her painfully.

Renu: Any problem RAJ, Why are you laughing.

Me: Only little amount of peoples will get a wife like you. It's their boon. You are sacrificing your whole life for your husband.

Me: Please don't Mistake me, Your husband is not worth to have an angel like you.

Renu: Why are you saying like this RAJ.

Me: You are trying hard to surprise him but your husband doesn't remember his 15th anniversary.

Renu: Yes it pains, due to work pressure he could forget it. But after my surprise he will realize it.

Me: He send me to take his lunch. He not even had a single minute to spend with his wife in your special anniversary.

Renu: Is it true. After saying this, she blushed into tears. I went near to console her. I wipe out her tears.

Me: You are a perfect wife, your tears are valuable don't shed it for worthless peoples. Here you are feeling for your husband, but he was drinking there without any guilty. He is enjoying his life as a bad husband. Then as a good wife you have all rights to enjoy your life don't think about the society.

After that, she hugged me tightly, and I feel her boobs in my chest.

Renu: After talking with you, I feel free of sorrows. You are correct He haven't satisfied me in bed in these 15 years, He cheated me. I'm going to pay for it.

Me: That's the spirit. You don't know your worth mam, every men in this town were waiting to serve you. Select the best one.

Renu suddenly hugged me tightly.

Me: What mam?

Renu: I haven't seen lovely person like you. I feel a like loving you.

Then she kissed me all over my face, and then in my lips. I also respond to her kiss. We were eating each other for some time and I started to lick her neck and bite her ears.

Then I caught her hip and pressed it then pull her towards me hugged her and run my hands all over her body. I kiss her lips and sucking it, my phone rings It was her husband.

I show her the call, she got shocked on seeing it. and tell her to keep quiet. Then I made her lay on the wall and by licking her neck I attended the phone.

Mani: Hello RAJ, Its getting late where are you?

I started kissing first she refused then she also cooperated with me, we were kissing each other romantically.

Her husband shouts Hello Hello RAJ can you hear me.

Me: Yes sir, I'm in your home with your  sir.

Mani: Is the food is ready.

Me: No sir she was busy, I think it may get late. Don't worry sir after everything is over. I will bring your food.(I smiled at her).

She got blushed by words and said shhh.

Mani: It's ok RAJ you carry on.

Me: (Went near Renu ears and said) Your husband said to carry on, common give me a nice kiss baby. She smiled at me and bend towards me to give a deep lip kiss. We were sucking our lips.

Mani : Hello can you hear me, hello hello are you there?

Me: Yes Sir, I'm busy in eating sweet cherries. Its taste makes me to forget everything.

Renu raised her eyebrows and stared at me to keep quiet.

Mani: Sorry for disturbing you. I'm free now and have bike too, I will be there within minutes.

After hearing this, I feel like collapsed.

But an unexpected incident happened.

Renu pick phone from my hand and said.

Renu: No don't trouble yourself, I will send bread and jam with him. Is it ok for you for some time within that I will finish my dish and Inform you.

I got shocked by her words. It made me more horny I again Kissed her romantically.

Mani: Ok, Renu It is a good Idea.

Renu: (After our kiss) Mmmm ok.

She cut the phone and moved to the fridge and take some bread and jam.

I take some jam and apply it on her cheeks and lick it fully with my tongue and give a small peck on her cheeks.

Renu: ahhh let me pack it, you naughty animal.

Then she pack it in a box and handle it to me.

Renu: Come Quick darling. I'm waiting for you.

Me: Sure Mam.

I reached the door and opened the door Renu followed me to the door. I turn towards her and kiss her in her lip.

Renu: First go and give it to my husband. I'm waiting to be your prey. I'm all yours baby.

It gives me more honor. I went out and took my bike and drive fast to my office.

Thanks for reading my story friends. I think you would like my story. I will continue my remaining story in my next part. Please share your comments. Mailme:[email protected].

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