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Spontaneous Surprise Part 3: Glory Hole

Swiftcreek   October 27, 2020   | 10111 Views
“Where are we headed?” She smiled and said, “my favorite book store”. In my mind I am asking myself, bookstore? bookstore? Then she said, “this is no Barnes & Noble baby” as I looked over and her right leg was cocked up with her foot in the seat revealing she had no panties on. banner1

It had been almost a week since we had fooled around in my car and on the bean bag in her apartment. I reached out via text a couple times but no answer. It was not a big deal as we were not exclusive or anything, but I had hoped she was ok and that nothing seriously wrong had happened to her. The week was coming to a close when I was locking up that Saturday night. Then a text came through to my phone. It was a wink emoji from her and nothing else. I sent her a wink emoji as well just mirroring what she was doing. She then sent a text to me that she had a special place she wanted to take me tonight. I told her that it was just too short of notice, but she persisted and said she was all dolled up and waiting for me to pick her up.  I really did not have anything else planned so I figured why not.  She said she would give me the low down on where we were going on the way there.

As I arrived at the infamous parking garage from a week ago, she was out front waiting for me. What a doll she was. A simple red dress with her long hair pinned up and her sun kissed legs and arms in full view. I popped open the door to my SUV and she hopped right in and kissed me on my cheek before we got going. We made some small talk while she guided me through town and some back roads I had not experienced before. I never asked her why she never responded all week. I guess I was just happy she was here now. I asked her, “Where are we headed?” She smiled and said, “my favorite book store”. In my mind I am asking myself, bookstore? bookstore? Then she said, “this is no Barnes & Noble baby” as I looked over and her right leg was cocked up with her foot in the seat revealing she had no panties on. She was already moist from playing with her pink little pussy for just a few seconds. My cock was already twitching!

As we went farther out of the city, I really began to wonder about this place. We crossed over the state line and she told me to slow down as it was coming up on the right. I slowed down and saw an old building that used to be an old video poker establishment. Little did I know that it was also an adult bookstore as well. I really did not know what to expect as the place looked dark and deserted but several vehicles were in the back. After we parked, she grabbed my hand and led me to the back door as she knocked. She spoke to the door man like she had been here pretty often. As we walked in, what a difference the interior was compared to the outside. The first room you walk into was a bookstore. It had erotic magazines, books, sex toys, costumes, and novelties. Then there is a mirror tinted door in the back of this room that was well guarded. She still had a hold of my hand and pulled me in that direction. “Come with me, I want you to experience something” she said. She winked to the burly gentleman guarding the door and he immediately stepped aside to allow us in.

I could not have imagined what I was about to see next. It was like a night club inside with different areas for specific naughtiness. The first area was the porn theater area. There were comfy leather couches with bottle service. There were huge tv’s showing whatever porn you desired. There were no walls or partitions for these set ups. If you were going to get busy then everyone was going to be able to see and watch. There were three of these type setups with one of them already occupied. A guy and a lady were watching lesbian porn and the guy was sitting back with his head cocked back on the cushion enjoying the best blowjob from his girl. And wouldn’t you know it, right as we came up to the couch to get a better view, his girl stood right up and looked us dead in the eyes. She did not have a lick of clothing on and winked at us as she turned herself around to sit down on his cock. She let out the most sexiest gasp as she took his cock in. They sure looked like they were having some naughty fun.

The next part was a bar and mingling area with more leather couches and bottle service, but we did not stop there. There was a third part to this facility and that is where we were headed. We got to the wall that divided this off from the rest of the room and she stopped and turned to me and said, “have you ever experienced a glory hole?” I had seen them in porn videos but figured that was more a European location thing. She then said, “this is one my favorite kinks! I know it is so naughty, but it turns me on soooooo much”. Now for those of you wondering what I am seeing here, there is a little room in the center with four walls around it. Each wall has a nice size hole about crotch high for any unsuspecting soul to place his cock in. It is up to the person in the room to do with it what they want. They can suck it, stroke it, milk it, and in some scenarios, I have seen them slide a rubber on and back up to it and fuck the shit out of a guy’s cock. I asked her, “Have you been in the room before?” She smiled and her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. She did not have to say a word as I knew at that point that this little cum slut had certainly done this before. At this point, there was someone already in the box having fun with a gentleman. There was a lot of moaning coming from him and the person in the room. Not sure if it is was guy or a girl in that room as there are no windows. This makes it even more kinky. The guy sticking his cock in the hole in the wall has no idea of who is behind the wall, and the person in the room has no idea what the person on the other side looks like. She grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, “put your cock in there”. I was very shy about doing this and she knew I was so she kissed me as she unbuckled my pants. She let my dress pants fall to the floor as she pulled my briefs down my thighs to take my cock in her mouth. I was not even remotely hard at this point, but she knew how to wake my cock up and in no time, he was pointing straight ahead as hard as a rock. She led me over to the open hole available and guided my cock through the hole. I felt a hand grab my cock as the person was still taking care of the other guy, but they wanted to go ahead and get a feel of what I had. The next thing I know there was mouth on my hard on as they gently guided my balls through the generous hole so they could please every part of my nether region. The blow job felt so good that I really did not care who or what was behind the wall. There was lots of slobber, spitting, and stroking of my cock. At this time, my girl had said she would be right back. She headed to the bar while I got serviced. The blow job was amazing, but it was so different that I had a hard time concentrating to get to climax.

After a couple more minutes, the person behind the wall stopped as another gentleman came over to place his cock in one of the other holes adjacent to me. I could feel my hard on limping away until a hand grabbed it and began to stroke it again. I could feel the mouth taking him in and then they began licking the shaft and sucking my balls. This was a real treat, and then it stopped as I could hear them moving a bit behind the wall but the hand was still on my cock. It was as if they were guiding him. I believe I was right in my assumption. I felt an even warmer wetter feeling as my cock was being guided into a soft swollen wet pussy. Damn, it felt so good too. I just stood there as this person literally fucked my cock. I looked around looking for my date, but she was nowhere to be found. The stroking of that pussy against my cock got harder and faster. The moan from behind the wall was loud and familiar. It was at that point I knew whose pussy that was and it did feel familiar now. I began to feel that twitch in my cock that was signaling my explosion was upon us. I knew she did not care. She just kept fucking my cock as I came so hard.  I thought the tip of my cock was going explode! The tip was so sensitive from my climax, but she just kept slamming her pussy against my cock. She was almost there and then she whimpered like the little cum slut she was. The stroking stopped as her pussy contracted so hard that it squeezed my cock out of her. Her legs were trembling from her orgasm. I pulled my cock away from the hole and grabbed a sanitary wipe to clean my cock. This place was so clean they even offered the wipes like tissue boxes for everyone to use. I collapsed on a couch trying to gather myself, and here she came around the corner all bubbly and flushed. I said, “where have you been?” She said, “I got what I came here for” as she kissed me on the cheek and grabbed my hand to head out the door to our next adventure.....

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