With a married friend rinu

Chetwill   April 13, 2021   | 10422 Views
Rinu stepmom Hi I'm 25 year old boy and here is my story with a married colleague. 
This girl Rinu(name changed) I met at my office, in a new team. She looks like parneeti chpora and was of my same age. I had a small crush on her the very day I saw her but came to know that she was married an year ago and had a girl child born two months back. We became friends overtime and I would take her out for tea most of the days. We used to have some funny fights and I never miss a chance to touch her body especiaaly thighs and cheeks whenever I get a chance.
One fine day she looked very sad and came to know her daughter was sick and husband out of town regarding work. So afterwork I accompanied her to hospital for her daughter and came back to my home which was nearby. Her daughter was asleep due to medications we laid her to sleep in a bed and went to get refreshed. She was looking tired and sat besides me and leaned on to my shoulder 
I suddenly got exited and put my hands on her shoulder patting her and slowly moed my hands towards her back. My excitement grew longer and I grabbed face and forced a kiss on her lips. She was shocked and withdrew immediately but I grabbed her again and kissed all over lip face and neck but she said "no please stop. I'm married"
I stopped and after a few seconds I asjed"so what who's going to know"
She looked into my eyes, our eyes looked into each for few seconds sudeenly she grabved me and kissed we kissed for a minute then I put my hands inside her pink salwar took hold of her boobs
I pulled out one of her boobs and kissed and caressed it I began suckling and realized she was lactating and drank her milk whole was moaning "ah ahhhhmm mm"
I undressed her salwar and now she was in bra and panties both black with one boon already out.
I removed them both and started kissing her navel poking around it while my other hand was still milking her boobs
From navel I moved down slowly to pussy. She was unshaved for more than a month and had little hair. I slowly ae her hairy pussy  and played my tongue around her vagina and gspot. Then I got up kissed her again flipped her and kissed all over her back and bit her neck and back.
Slowly I moved to her buttocks and spread her open. I inserted my finger inside her asshole and she moaned " woahh wuhhuu what's this" I kiised hrrashole and liced allover her thunder  ass and thighs.
We moved to pose 69 and we enjoying ourselves for the next 20 minutes.  I kissed her gaian and slowly rubbed my penis against her vagina  then I inserted my fingers inside her pussy one by one and made  her wet for a few minutes. KY erect pe is was waiting I  thrust inside her  after a five minute fuck I pulled out and she started giving a blowjob was expecting to cum in her mouth
But I lifted her and flipped towards the wall and inserted in her ass she gave a loudd moan and shouted nopee. Buti pleaded and she agreed I ducked her from back and pressing her boobs, biting her neck.
By this time she was tired and I moved out of her. She laid on bed I again ate her pussy and she came this time. After a few seconds I again inserted in here pussy and ducked her with full force. For yen minutes and then I came inside her without her knowledge and she shouted ouchhh
She wiped her pussy and washed again. Then we kissed and went out for a coffee.
On our return after two hours I again fucked her, this time a simpme fuck holding each other standing.
This happened an year ago I'm still in touch with her but didn't get a chance again waiting eagerly for some more sex with her
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