Jessica gives it up for fame

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I shuffled slightly forward and, fisting my cock, presented it to the pretty wannabe starlet. I brushed her long hair away from her face and with a twist of my wrist, I wiped the swollen mushroom head slowly under Jessica’s nose, forcing her to take in the pungent male scent of my knob-musk. banner2

Jessica gives it up for fame.

I've seen them all come through my office in my time. All the wannabe's desperate for their 15 minutes of fame. And with my position in the talent company deciding who we signed up and who we didn't I have the ultimate power over them. All their hopes and fears, their dreams and aspirations in my hands. Which is cool for me, but not so cool for them.

"This is Jessica, Mr. Howard."

The announcement was from my sexy PA, Grace, who I hired for her exquisite Asian bone structure and long glossy-black hair (and her willingness to take my dick in any of her superbly tight Asian holes at my convenience). I raised my eyebrow at her as she ushered in a prime piece of blonde jailbait material. Grace gave me a knowing look.

"And this is Jessica's mother."

Grace was gone before I could arch my other eyebrow. This I had not expected. Still I didn't let on as I watched the tiny blonde be followed into my office by her thirty something mother and I could see where Jessica got her looks.

"Er, sit down Jessica, and er… Jessica's mother" I indicated the two leather chairs across from my desk.

"Barbara, please call me Barbara."

I glanced at her, she was a strikingly beautiful woman in her own right, with long, blonde hair worn in a high style, she had a lean, athletic body, largish tits and looked around 30 but she must have been older to have a daughter of Jessica’s age but, to be frank I was not interested in a woman twenty years younger than me, at the moment, not when there was a version thirty years younger sitting next to her.

And what a magnificent specimen young Jessica was. She had long blonde (natural) hair and dark soulful eyes. She had the tight muscular frame of a Russian gymnast but larger tits than any of them and a perfect, tight-looking ass all enclosed in a tight-fitting, dark dress. She had dressed sexily, no doubt aware of the need to impress me. 

We listened to her demo's and I asked a few Industry-related questions. She was a nice girl, well-spoken, well-educated and like I said very sexy looking, her singing was good but was nothing extraordinary and I think all three of us in the office knew it. Well if Jessica and her mother didn't know it, I soon let them know.

"You're good but I'm afraid good doesn't cut it in this office. I get a hundred girls like you in here every month that want the break I can give them, and I can't justify giving it to you based purely on your singing ability, I’m sorry. That's just the way it is."

As you can see, I can be pretty blunt when I need to but the great thing is I can be, there's no come back on me. Wannabe's know that if you cross me then you can forget ever breaking into the film industry in this country bar striking lucky in one of those damned (no) talent shows. So what Jessica's mom said next was like manna from heaven for me.

"Oh come on Mr. Howard, you can see she's got talent and drive and determination, Jessica will do anything to succeed. Anything."

I smiled at the slight emphasis, and I like to think it wasn't a nice smile, as I laid it on the line to mother and daughter.

"OK Barbara. You're right, I can sign your daughter to a recording contract with the company right here and now. The thing is, right now the only thing young Jessica here has going for her over the hundreds of other girls I see is that she can hoist up that short skirt of hers, drop whatever panties she's got on, bend over my desk and let me fuck her tight little ass here and now."

I said it matter of factly, my gaze shifting from mother to daughter then back again.

I really didn't give a shit what they thought. Everyone knows how things work, if they complained then they could forget about it, if they didn't want to acquiesce then fine there would be another pretty little young bimbo along soon enough who was willing to offer her ass for a contract.

Making the proposition in front of a mother was a new one on me though, but what the heck. I stared at Barbara and waited on the answer, expecting the usual expletive-laden refusal.

"And that's what it takes?" asked Barbara, not letting on any semblance of reaction. 

"And that's it is it? A fat, sleazy bastard like you gets two minutes, if you can even manage that, of satisfaction and Jessica gets the contract?"

I ignored her jibes; earlier that day I’d had my customary morning session fucking the shit out of a certain hot little secretary’s ultra-tight backside as she knelt in my chair taking dictation, so I knew that, even with a beauty such as the lovely Jessica, I was going to be able to take my time.

So, I gave Barbara a smug smile and nodded. She looked coolly at her daughter and instructed her calmly.

"Do it dear. Give this needle-dicked old pervert what he wants. Believe me you'll have to do it sometime down the line, might as well be now where we get something for it."

As Jessica looked stunned Barbara reached onto my desk tidy and picked up a pair of scissors and brandished them at me.

"However, if you screw us on this I'll cut your balls off, believe me!"

I believed her but didn't lose my cool or my focus.

"You can put those down Barbara, the only screwing I'll be doing is in your pretty little daughter’s ass.

Now Jessica, let's get on with it, I'm a busy man, bend yourself over my desk and hike up that short skirt of yours."

The pretty young blonde looked to her mother and at an almost imperceptible nod she stood and leaned herself across my expensive mahogany desk until her face was just inches from my chest. I had an excellent view of her tight little buns from this angle, and the sight of those raised cheeks, and the thought of what I was about to plunge between them was very exciting to me.

 I got up and unbuckled my belt as Barbara headed to the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked,” You’re going to stay and watch this, I insist."

She gave me a look that nicely displayed her utmost disgust at me but I ignored her and ushered her into my leather chair so that she was face to face with her prone and helpless daughter.

In the Meantime, I had lowered my trousers and pants so that they were around my ankles and my hefty dick was hanging out; semi-hard but rapidly swelling to its full meaty, nine-inches.

Barbara’s eyes went wide as she spied the size of the dick that was shortly going to be taking her precious little princess’ anal virginity.

Jessica, who was facing her mother, could see her shocked expression and began to turn around but I gave her a firm slap on those tight little buns and with my hand in the small of her back, I pressed her firmly back down onto the leather-clad desk.

I shuffled slightly forward and, fisting my cock, presented it to the pretty wannabe starlet. I brushed her long hair away from her face and with a twist of my wrist, I wiped the swollen mushroom head slowly under Jessica’s nose, forcing her to take in the pungent male scent of my knob-musk.

When I judged that she’d had a good sniff of my organ, I amused myself further by rubbing my dick all over her remarkably pretty teen face, I have to say, I couldn’t decide which sight was better; the beautiful teen blonde accepting this depraved treatment or the look of anguish on the haughty Mother’s face as I systematically abused her daughter.

The sensation of Jessica’s soft skin against my rampant tool was well; sensational and, under other circumstances I’d be content with this but my clever little secretary had cleared my morning’s appointments so I had plenty of time to extract the maximum enjoyment from this unlucky Mother/Daughter pair.

Having covered every inch of the hapless young woman’s face with my now fully-engorged dick I decided it was time to up the ante.

“OK Jessica, let’s start of with some mouth exercises after all, if you want to make it in the industry you’ll be needing all the practise you can get”!

I smooshed my oozing cock head up against Jessica’s pillowy, red lips and she took the none-too-subtle hint and opened them slightly. I took this as an invitation and jabbed by hips forward and I inhaled sharply as Jessica’s warm and wet lips slid slowly around my plum head and, as I slipped into her mouth I exhaled with a groan as my cock was surrounded by a world of hot, slippery-wet pleasure.

Looking down I saw the sight of a young blonde teen, her eyes fixed pleadingly on mine- with a large male dick protruding from her soft lips. I reached across my desk for my phone and snapped off a few pictures -for my own rather large collection of conquests.

“You’re going to have to work harder than that my dear if you want to move up in the world; let’s see you showing a little more some enthusiasm”

The young woman’s eyes narrowed, and she fixed me with a venomous look but she obediently began sucking on my throbbing pole, her lips now sliding up and down the length and her pointy little tongue working it’s magic by wrapping around and around the throbbing head and tracing the contours of my thick veiny shaft.

For the next few minutes, I allowed her to go to town on my dick; frantically sucking and slobbering wetly up and down the shaft in an effort to get me off so she’d not have to suffer the ultimate indignity of anal penetration.

I turned to her mother and smiled sweetly at her. “My my Barbara, what a talented little girl you have, you must be very proud of her”

Barbara’s eyes flash pure hatred at me but she seemed frozen in her seat, her eyes now fixed upon the crude oral penetration of her daughter’s mouth.

We carried on in this fashion for some time, the silence punctuated by the wet sounds of Jessica’s increasingly-desperate gobbling and the occasional anguished sobs from the statuesque mother/

But as they say, time is money and there was still an enormous amount of pleasure that I intended to  extract from this unwilling Mother/Daughter pair.

I pulled my near-erupting knob from the warm confines of Jessica’s mouth with an audible ‘pop’ and rounded my desk so that I was in position behind the shapely young woman.

As I disappeared from her sight, Jessica reared up from the desk and began to turn around but I placed a hand firmly on the small of her back and pushed her back down and forward so that she was face to face with her Mother.

“Now now, now Jessica”, I sneered,  “no peeking, that would just spoil the surprise” I got into position behind the apprehensive teen and flipped up her dress, and was delighted to see that she was wearing a cute little pair of fluorescent-pink thong panties.

I knelt down behind Jessica, and ran my hands up her trembling legs, feeling the quivering tension in her muscles and revelling in the feeling of my palms encompassing her ass cheeks.

With no warning, I slapped her ass -hard and was gratified by a cry of surprise from both women; mother and daughter both, and I have to say, my interest in the bitchy but undeniably glamorous mother was renewed somewhat.

Catching Barbara’s eyes in mine I watched them crinkle in horror as I reached up with my hands and slowly eased her daughter’s panties down over her tight teen buns; just enough to expose the valley of her ass and revealing her shaved slit and tight teen  ass, Looking over to Barbara, I gave her a wink and pushed my face firmly between her daughter’s cheeks, inhaling her enticing, youthful musk .

With my mouth and nose encased in pliant teenage flesh, I breathed in the young woman’s heady aroma and spent a pleasant 5 minutes or so, burrowing my tongue noisily between the teen’s tight buttocks as she squirmed and gasped under me. Looking over the curve of Jessica’s rump, I watched her mother looking on with horror as I licked and sucked away.

Standing back up, I hooked my fingers into her panties and slowly eased them further down her hips, pulling them down until they were down just enough so that her pert cheeks were exposed, revealing tan lines that delightfully outlined her ass.

Now I had a prime view of soft, curvy teenage ass. I crudely spat on Jessica's lower back and spread my saliva down from the top of her ass crack and rubbed it against her tight virgin teen  ass. Oh boy, her smooth skin felt so good and before I got started, I placed both hands on her buns and had a good long grope of her rear end, watching her squirm and sob under my touch, it was double gratifying that her moans and sobs were now matched by her mother’s.

Reaching forward for a moment, I slid my hands around and under her, filling my palms with a full, double handful of firm teenage tits, and felt her rubbery nipples swelling and hardening against her will, under my roughly-pinching fingers.

Then with no warning I slid my hands along her back to her exposed ass and roughly pulled her young ass cheeks apart, I placed my hard dick between them, the head pressing right up against her tight anal opening.

I played with her long, blonde hair and spoke gently to Jessica.

"You'd be surprised how many big names have taken this same position Jessica. Some really big names, A-listers now, so just think of that my dear…while I give you this"!

On my last word I jabbed my hips forward, forcing the head of my dick roughly between her delightfully-presented asscheeks and into her ass. She squealed at the sudden invasion and her head shot up and met her mother’s gaze and I smiled at the look of total anguish on the faces of the two women.

Jessica let out a shrill ear-piercing scream as I pressed home my advantage, sliding the first six meaty inches into the tight young teen’s ass and as she continued her high, keening squeals, I couldn’t help but be impressed with Jessica’s vocal range.

 Breaking down the athletic young woman’s defences took a minute or two, with each extra inch of cock eliciting further painful shrieks.

Jessica reached forward and grabbed hold of her mother’s hand, seeking some comfort from the unspeakably painful ordeal of a man’s oversized member being suddenly forced up into her virgin back passage, whether she realised or not, this provided an extra dimension of perverted pleasure to me and simply egged me on to pound my dick further into her spasming ass.

Jessica squealed and writhed as I continued my savage anal assault but, she had nowhere to go to escape my veiny shaft sliding deeper and deeper into her precious little bottom and eventually, my hard work paid off and I could feel my hairy balls slapping against the back of her smooth, tanned thighs.

I don't know if Jessica took any solace in my admission and frankly, I didn't give a fuck, and set about reaming the stupid little cunt's virgin ass hard and deep as I could for the next fifteen minutes.

Feeling her lithe, slim teenage body buck under me and shudder with every stroke was such a turn on and it drove me on to go faster and harder.

I looked over at Jessica’s Mom; she was still holding her daughter’s hand and the horrified look on her face as I vigorously buggered her pretty blonde daughter was priceless.

Despite the feeling of Jessica’s pliant young body bucking and writhing under me, bent over for my pleasure, my orgasm still felt somewhat far-off, perhaps, I thought,  next time I agreed to help a wanabe music star with her career I should hold off gifting my secretary with my morning load before committing to another project but the solution to this impasse was to hand (or would be very soon)

“Ok Barbara... if you want your little girl to make it in the business, I’m going to need you to help us out here.” I panted at her between thrusting my dick again and again into her daughter’s ass.

Jessica’s Mom’s eyes were fixed on her daughter’s grimacing face like a deer trapped in the lights of an oncoming truck and she didn’t look away as she sobbed “You evil fucking bastard! What do you mean?”

“You’ll see Babs!” I gasped between thrusts, enjoying the narrowing of her eyes at the use of a nickname, “ now, just give me  a moment to get more comfortable” and with that, I reluctantly eased my cock out of Jessica’s protesting ass. The young girls gave a huge sigh of relief as the swollen head of my dick exited her tight teen  ass with an audible “Pop”

“Don’t go getting too comfortable Jessica, I’m not half finished with you yet! I said as I quickly pulled of my pants and clambered up onto my desk, now half-crouching over the diminutive singer’s upturned buttocks, my solid, dick with its swollen purple flange was half-hanging down in front of me, pointing between Jessica’s spit-shined buttocks

“Oh God, No, Please” whimpered Jessica as she realised that her audition wasn’t over yet.

Barbara was on her feet and wailed, “Leave her alone you filthy pervert, haven’t you had enough?”

It was a fair question. But the answer was simple.

I’d only just begun.

I reached forward and I grabbed a handful of the statuesque mother’s hair in my right hand, pulling her into a perverted mockery of a loving soulkiss slipping my tongue into the protesting older woman’s mouth, muting her cries as I manoeuvred myself into position.

Taking hold of my bobbing dick, I slapped it heavily in between Jessicas buttocks and jabbed my hips down and forward, sliding deep into Jessica’s rectum as her mother’s protesting screams were absorbed by my kissing mouth.

I began a sawing action, slamming the full-length of my cock into Jessica with every lunge into her young backside.

Now I was kissing the beautiful blonde mother as I buggered the living shit out of her precious daughter.

I amused myself further, now reaching under the older woman skirt and crudely grabbed her between her legs in a savagely tight grip, causing her to yelp in pain as I ripped away her panties (taking some of her pubes with them) and groped and fingered her surprisingly slippery cunt in time to her daughter’s depraved anal violation.

Despite this extreme sexual stimulation, my orgasm was still distant, (I guess years of almost daily wanabe-starlet fucking can do that to you) but happily, the solution was on hand so, with my free hand I buzzed the intercom and after a few seconds, my secretary’s head made an appearance around the door “yes sir, what can I…Ohh!” Grace stopped mid-sentence at the depraved tableaux presented before her.

There I was squatting up on my desk with my fat dick rammed to the hilt in the ass of the pretty young blonde woman who was currently bent over before me, I had my right hand pushed up the skirt of the mother and was roughly fingering her as I assfucked her daughter, both women were howling and moaning like a pair of alley cats as I gleefully  abused their bodies.

I beckoned the tight-bodied Asian girl over,  and said, “Ahhh, Grace,  would you…Ahhh, be a sweetie and…Ahhh, help me out for a moment?” my request was punctuated by my moans and the whimpering squeals of the teen starlet bent over my desk, clenching her not-so-virgin ass around my mighty shaft and the muffled protests of her mother.

Grace and I had been in similar situations many times, and it is true that I had selected her more for her sexual compliance than for her secretarial skills and she knew what was required of her to maintain her comfortably large salary.

The pretty young Asian woman gave a slight sigh and rolled her eyes at me, but she dutifully entered the room, closing the door behind her and sashayed over to join us.

As she drew level with me , she let me roughly take her mouth in mine, and I pushed up her top and, while I continued to buggering the daughter whilst  crudely fingering her Mom’s now squishy pussy.

 I began pawing at the tight young Asian’s firm, perky tits with my free hand, rolling her large nubby nipples between my fingers, causing them to harden under my touch.

Grace and I continued to kiss, and I tongue-sucked my sensationally pretty Asian secretary, feeling her pointy tongue duelling with mine.

I continued stuffing my bloated cock again and again into the helplessly-squealing teenager’s overstretched ass, occasionally lifting her clear off her feet with the force of my thrusts while her statuesque mother endured my right hand which was busy fingering and groping her slippery cunt.

The sound of my hips slapping against Jessica’s butt were now matched by the sound of my free hand slapping Grace’s tight ass as I roughly invaded the Asian woman’s mouth with my wet, probing tongue.

With a final, mighty slap on Grace’s stinging ass, I placed my free hand on top of her head and firmly pushed her behind me.

Grace had been here before and she was familiar with my sexual proclivities so, she dutifully got behind me so that her face was level with my thrusting ass.

I looked back over my shoulder for a moment to see her shake her long, glossy-black hair free from its elegant bun, she made eye-contact with me and we both smiled then, she slowly leaned forward and taking hold of my hips,  pushed her face under my thrusting asscheeks and began to suck on my heavy, swinging balls, causing me groan in ecstasy.

The enthusiastic thrusting of my hips made it quite difficult for Grace’s mouth to stay attached to my wildly-swinging balls so she squatted a little lower and zeroed in on my meaty pole as it appeared and disappeared from between Jessica’s ass I could feel her soft lips and clever little tongue all over my throbbing shaft as I slammed in and out.

As if this wasn’t dirty enough for her, Grace rose back up and placed her well-manicured hands on my bucking asscheeks and pushed down so that my cock was now firmly embedded fully in the gorgeous young teen’s ass; held fast by her clenched anal ring.

I took the time to continue making out with Barbara, kissing her deeply and licking all over her face when I felt Grace’ hot breath on my ass.

Grace had positioned her face right between my sweaty asscheeks and leaned in until her pointy little tongue made contact with my ass.

Grace now alternated between tounging my ass and slobbering over wildly-swinging balls as I resumed spearing the taut young singer under me with reknewed vigour, occasionally, Grace would slip back down and concentrate on the shaft that was outside of Jessica; licking and sucking on it until I howled in pleasure.

My tongue made its way back into Jessica’s mother’s gasping mouth and I felt as though he had died and gone to sexual heaven as my body was assaulted with the diverse sensations of ass-fucking a sensationally-pretty virgin teenager, groping and kissing her mother while my pretty Asian secretary noisily slobbered away between my asscheeks.

Well, it didn’t take more than oh, fifteen minutes or so of this extreme activity before I felt the familiar tingle of my imminent orgasm.

 I pulled the Barbara’s face from mine by her hair and pushed her so that she was now face to face to her daughter. Both females were covered in sweat and gasping for air as they held onto each other for support, enduring the extreme sexual beating I was giving them.

Taking hold of the blonde teen’s hair in my left fist and her mother’s in my right, I brutally mashed their faces together, forcing them to kiss and suck on each other.

Now it was no lie, I have fucked more wannabe starlets than I could count but there was something about fucking this slutty Mother/Daughter pair that was extra sweet.

 Jessica was a super-hot little looker with a body to die for and, just raising my head and watching them unwillingly making out was a thrill I had barely reached previously. So much so that my orgasm was almost upon me before I knew it.

As my balls tightened up and my cockhead swelled, I yanked my dick out of the teenager’s abused ass and, coming forward and began slapping my  bloated shaft right between the two women’s kissing mouths, I levered my swollen throbbing cockhead right between their lips and began shooting off volley after viscous volley of scalding-hot spunk straight into their kissing mouths and covering their faces with my prodigious ejaculate.

Grace was quick to follow me; her long tongue sliding deep between my asscheeks as I doubled over and waves of almost unbearable pleasure radiated from my erupting dick and ass as I spurted again and again, I jammed my dick alternately into the two helpless women’s gasping mouths, forcing them both to eat up my filthy, pungent cum and all the time, Grace’s naughty tongue was sliding smoothly in and out of my ass, milking every last drop of cum until finally, I had finished and the mother and daughter’s faces were absolutely drenched with my copious spunk.

For my finale, I grabbed a handful pf Grace’s hair and dragged her away from her anal ministrations and brought the three gasping women’s faces together, forcing them to kiss, each other with a mouthful of my pungent cum while, for the next few minutes, I amused myself by roughly and relatedly slapping their faces with my still-hard, spunk-oozing dick.

Finally, I pushed myself up from their abused bodies and, looking at Barbara I smirked and pointed at my dick.

"And to finish things up who's going to lick this bad boy clean, then I can get down to the business of writing up this contract! Mother dearest, how about you?"

Barbara pulled away from Grace, my semen dripping down her face onto her smart business suit and, screwing her face up in disgust as she replied.

"I don't think so! She's the one getting the boost she can do the dirty work."

Jessica looked like she was going to gag as she rolled herself off the table and dropped to her knees before me and began to suck and lick all the remaining cum off my dick.

Even as she performed this final degrading act upon my cum-oozing, semi-hard cock, I lifted up a standard contract sheet and started filling it in as my faithful secretary joined Jessica on her knees, draping a comforting arm around the gasping and trembling young woman and showing her just how I liked my cock tended to.

As the girls began to slurp away at my dick, it occurred to me that Jessica might just make it in the Industry after all...

To be continued…?

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