Pouring sperm- pt. 4 Patricia

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Patricia is much more creative, there is no denying that. She blows, she likes to take cock in her mouth. Not necessarily in her throat, because she chokes, but she doesn’t mind when the cum lands in her mouth. In fact, I think she even likes it a lot. She puts her legs on my shoulders, I drive into her cunt, but at the end she tells me to take it out and finish on the outside. rings

Shortly after this supposed relationship I met Patricia. I was with her for about a year, but it was a very intense year and the memories stayed pretty good. It was worth writing down something more of the excesses with her… We lived far away from each other. It was almost normal that if we weren’t near each other but each in our own town, I often pulled my dick out of my pants and had to relieve myself. Of course, Pati knew about it. I told her myself that when we were far away from each other, we had to relieve ourselves somehow and get rid of some of the pressure. However, it was a little embarrassing when I forgot that she had the key to the place where I lived and she wanted to surprise me. And by the way, I unknowingly surprised her too. She came in just when I was lying completely naked on the bed. My legs were wide apart, porn was playing on the laptop and I was jerking my hard cock. When Pati came in, I was pretty close to ejaculating but she distracted me. The situation was a little awkward for me, although I knew she was aware. I didn’t expect that she could see me in such a pose. But she reacted quite… Obscenely naturally. She looked at the screen, which was scrolling through scenes of women kneeling in front of guys. Ejaculations of cum from hard dicks were landing on their faces and tits. Pati just took off her blouse, sat comfortably in an armchair and said:

"Finish yourself off, I want to see my guy doing it."

"I’m a little embarrassed"

"When you finish outside, you have to shake a little, so now you have the same thing, only without the pussy. The only thing is that when you finish…" She hesitated. "When you cum, where do you finish?"

"Mostly on my hand and I go to the bathroom to wash it out" I answered abashed

"Today you will come here to me, to the armchair. I want you to finish like on the video."

And in this way, completely “legally” I jerked off in the presence of a girl. When I came, I stood in front of her with my legs apart and let my ejaculate run on her shapely tits. She didn’t want it on her face but unfortunately the first wave was too uncontrollable and she got a stream near her nose, through her lips to her chin. The rest of the cum went on her tits.

Patricia is much more creative, there is no denying that. She blows, she likes to take cock in her mouth. Not necessarily in her throat, because she chokes. She doesn’t mind when the cum lands in her mouth. In fact, I think she even likes it a lot. She puts her legs on my shoulders, I drive into her cunt but at the end she tells me to take it out and finish on the outside. Neither she nor I have a problem with me on my knees straddling her, quickly pounding and cumming, whether it’s on her slightly tweaked tits. Even when she flies out of the country, we drive down a side street. She leans over the zipper and gives me a blow job. When I’m hard as wood, she just stands up and walks over to the back of the seat. I come up and pound into her mucus dripping cunt, moving fast like a rabbit because she finally wanted it fast. I'mcumming in a few minutes, and she, after pulling my dick out of her hole, sticks her ass out over the edge of the car. She pushes a trailing glut of cum out of her cunt and she is ready to flight. In fact, I suggested to her that instead of doing so, she could have had an blowjob and swallow. Although the sight was perversely exciting and cars passing on the street were honking mercilessly. It would have been better not to have had an encounter with the police for indecent behavior shortly before departure.

She became intensely surprised almost shouting.

“Am I supposed to drink this?!”

Shortly thereafter she learned to swallow as well… She liked it so much that she liked to just take my equipment out of my zipper and suck it until I cum. Sometimes, during normal sex, she preferred me to get off on her tits, or to lean over and spill it on her tongue, which slid out of her mouth. She also liked to brush the underside of my dick a little so that the cum coated her tongue from above and below…

One day, when I came to visit her, I was suddenly asked if I had any experience with anal sex. She had her period and really wanted to have sex with my dick. "Well, I have", although it was actually the first time. At home she went to the bathroom. Patty back after a few minutes and started to suck my cock without any hesitation. She gets on top of me for a 69. There’s a cord dangling from her cunt, so I knew that hole is out of commission today. I lick a little on the outside, but I still concentrate on her anus. It’s hard to lick being under the rod, so I switch places with her. She’s still on all fours erect, but I’m on top of her from above, dick dangling near her neck while I lick her cocoa hole. I was massaging with a finger, sliding it in every now and then. I switched from index finger to thumb, then I start licking and stretching her asshole. I started sliding two index fingers in and stretching her sphincter slightly. I let out a lot of saliva, let the hole get wet. Patricia says she already wants to because she can’t wait, but to be careful. I kneel behind her, she opens her buttocks with her hands. I pushed slowly on her anus.

"You have to do it slowly" I hear from her. It's not surprising, because you know that so that the anal virgin doesn’t get scared. After a while he adds:

"OK, go deeper." And I am almost touching her cunt with my balls… I start sliding in her asshole, I slide my dick in and out. I accidentally slide it out a couple of times so hard that the head pops out When I slide it back in she purrs. Is it from satisfaction? I don’t know… She herself starts to wiggle a little, which makes us start to fuck faster. There’s a clock hanging on the wall and I can see that I’m riding her asshole for 15 minutes. She’s getting louder and louder. Eventually I start inhaling rapidly and gasping. She knows well and knows I’m about to cum. Then she pulls out, my dick pops out of her ass. She turns around instantly and loads my dick in her mouth. Patty started sucking like crazy and I cum according to the “ass to mouth” rule…

Years later I sometimes wonder if she really was an anal virgin at that moment… From that moment on, the fucking almost always starts on three holes: good cock sucking. She knows how to suck without teeth and praises herself for that. Her pussy is almost eternally wet with mucus for lubrication. At the same time, when I fuck her, she prepares her asshole with her thumb. In a short time She asks me to slide penis into her anus. I usually flood her asshole. Because I cannot finish in 3 minutes, her asshole is always reddened from the intense grinding.

Although she likes it when everything pours out of her asshole and prefers, just like me, to cum on a shallow insertion. It is because she cannot tighten the sphincter of her already severely fucked asshole after intense fuck. It is safer when I cum all the way to the balls deep and cum. We tried a couple of times to go to the bathroom after ejaculation with my dick in my ass. It was uncomfortable going through with it.

That’s why it’s better for me to go all the way down the length of my dick, cum deep and come out. She herself puts something in her anus and so “plugged up” goes to the bathroom to clean herself up. Sometimes she still likes it when I pull out my cock and flood her tits. And somehow she still doesn’t get disgusted with taking my cock in her mouth and sucking it after she’s been hard bolted in the ass moments before….

Truly a virgin…

The whole thing blows up when one day during playtime I attach a dildo that I bought for other playtime. The dildo is in her cunt and I continue to fuck her asshole. At the end of the trigger, but this time not at depth, I take my dick out of her ass, put the dildo from her pussy into her anus so she’s plugged up and she can go quietly embrace herself. A week later she breaks up because she knows these toys. The tease on the fictitious email account does its job. She hands over the dildo and says I can stick it up my ass myself.

Well, if she was experienced, she would know that the prostate needs to be stimulated sometimes. Not only women feel pleasure from anal play. And how she approached me because of my own stupidity… I will write something about her in other descriptions….

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