Memories in the cabin

maturevter   December 06, 2021   | 5754 Views
We lived in old fashion thinking until one night the brothers acted out being a top and a bottom. Luxury As older teens a  full blown encounter was enacted 45 years. We had whispered back and fourth of performing our dominate/submissive sex acts, but this time not limited to just a jerk off. Weekend was coming so every thing was connecting , Friday afternoon we were headed out for our m/m adventure. Picking my brother up we had a 6 hour trip ahead, we turned down the dirt road as the sun was setting. He got out of the car, went to the side of the cabin and turned on the power. Walking up the cabin stairs, unlocking the front door and entered, placing our bags then placing the beer in the fridge, we turned on the television and sat on the couch ,drinking a couple beers then headed for the shower. Seeing the door was locked and turning off the lights, we joined in the bathroom after turning on the bedroom lights. As I enter the bathroom my brother was just climbing in the shower, so I strip my clothes off and join him.  Would you lather my back, so I did as asked anb scrubed his ass making extra sure his asshole was super clean for my eating. Then he turned around under the showerhead, so I soaped my hands again and soaped his chest taking a few moments to rub his nipples then down to his crotch. Getting more soap on my hands I caress his balls and stroke his semi hard cock, he warms that's enough the first load is for your mouth, as he smiles. Now my turn to soap you, starting with my back, quickly getting to my ass and ass crack, allowing a finger to enter my asshole, Damn that ass is tight, thank you I respond, my virginity is all for you and I have never had a cock in my mouth and throat either. I turn under the shower, he says that's all your to clean, as he exists the shower, I finish the shower exist after turning off the water. As I get out he's headed for the bedroom, drying off I join him on the bed, roll over I tell, back and ass first, he quickly rolls over as I straddle his ass and start rubbing his shoulders and down to his ass as I kneel by his inner knees.

Rubbing and squeezing his ass cheeks then bending forward I kiss and lightly bite his ass cheeks before spreading his ass cheeks and licking him and then spreading his cheeks wider I consentrate   on his asshole as I eat him, he's moaning. Rollback over and he quickly does beening over his chest I lick and suck his nipples untill they are both hard and pointing out, lowering I lick the precum from his cockhead then lick down to his balls. Pressing his legs wider I settle in and suck one ball at a time in my mouth and hearing the pleasure he is receiving, then the other, then I hear I'm going to fuck your mouth real good and shoot my cum down your throat and into your mouth. Licking back up his shaft and nibbling it like a corn cob before finally getting to the soft mushroom shaped head. Holding his cock shaft at the base by his balls I stroke his cock slowly and Bob my head up and down, then increasing the motion until I can no longer get any more of his cockshaft down my throat, I keep hearing eat me bro, eat me. Then the sudden signs times up he's going to cum, stroking longer and faster, FEED ME I tell him, as he's humping pumping and thrusting. Holding my head he takes over pumping and explodes in my mouth. The first load was sent directly down my throat, catching m off guard swallowing quicker and trying to get all the salty sweet fluid in my mouth and running down my chin I swallow faster, his cumming finally stops so I clean him all up telling him how great he tasted.

As I finish I see he's still hard, I ask you ready again for my ass, yes definitely. I kneel between his legs and start quickly jerking myself off for the lube we will need.  It takes no time and I'm shooting in my hand the have a couple shoots hit his cock. Reaching back then smearing it into my ass crack and then stroking his cock to smear it over the cockhead. Lay face do on the bed, so I do and he positions himself between my legs and above my ass, holding his cock he finds my asshole and presses in gently as his cockhead slips past the ring of my asshole and he charges and retreats in and out. Moaning in pain and pleasure the more he pumps into me the more the pain relaxes, his ass muscles flex tight then soft as he praises my tight ass and steping up speed and depth. Looking at the window the sun is rising and I work in unison with his thurist, then the sudden shiver from him as he's about to wash my bowels in his cum, and he in one last deep thrust bottoms out and sprays my bowels with several loads of cum. He collaps on me and says, damn bro I'm still hard, rest as I slowly pump another load for your ass.

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