what a night

subguy55   November 22, 2019   | 28830 Views
with the 2 guys watching I felt more and more submissive cheating This story happened many years ago,the wife was on a sleep in at work and i was alone and horny.I was on the weccam site back then i used three site,and on this night i had found a guy from Blackpool who said the right thing,he was'nt a good looking guy if anything he looked a bit perve,but tonight that was just what i wanted.We chatted for about fifteen minuets,in that time i learn't he had a partner who would join us online at 11.30pm.He had asked me what turns me on i told him i loved hearing fantasies about an ex girlfriend of mine(Bridgit) he asked if i had any pictures of her,i said yes but i don't normally send them,he replied if you send me and hubby will tell you what we think.This did turn me on i sent.     I had time to kill two hour and my mind was racing will they both like the picture of me and Bridgit,will his partner come on the chat site,i felt more horny now.I had a bath trimmed my bits and pieces and covered my body and cock and balls in baby oil.Iwent downstairs for a cup of tea,the exitment was too much for me as my cock reached a semi hard state i could feel my smooth oily balls resting on my leg,i could wait no longer.On line i saw the guy from Blackpool"your partner there to","no" came the reply "we work in a bed and breakfast here and he works the bar tonight till 11.30 pm".At 11.40pm i was starting to give up hope,i started to chat to other guys then at 11.50pm a message came "we're both here now and he loves those big juggs on your ex".
    My heart was pounding i opened their camera,they were two funny looking guys one short and stocky and the other that i had spoke to earlier was tall with long hair,both looked older than me.And they sat on the edge of a four poster bed.They were both looking at somthing and when they lifted it up i could see it was Bridgit's picture they had printed it off,my cock was now fully hard under my dressing gown,i glanced at my camera i was only showing the side of my face and my arm.They told me that if we both were there they would make me sit by the bed Brigit would be on the bed with her mini skirt lifted up.The stocky guy below her eating her pussy as she was sat on his face,the skiny guy was also on the bed but he had removed her belt and tied her hands tight behind her back to one of the posts on the four poster.He was then going to wait till she started to moan then he would slowly pull down the gold boob tube,and lick those big titties till the nipples were hard.     I was so turned on i started to rub myself but had i no longer started when they messages me again "are we turning you on" "mmmmm yes i replied".The two guys from Blackpool loosened their pants,i was thinking of Bridgit sucking those big cocks her between them i know she would have loved it.Next message"we want to see you"."ok"i put the camera on the floor,they could see my legs and chest not my face."take off dressing gown".I opened it everything was oiled my big balls so full of cum and my rock hard cock standing to attention."we want you to wank for us".Istarted slowly i wanted this to last.After three or four minuets they messaged again."can you do us a favour and we'll do one for you".Now i was feeling so submissive i think they could have got me to do anything."show your face".My heart pounding i lifted the camera,they moved their camera too they must have guest  my favour,their cam was now above Bridgits picture with both cocks pointing onto a tit each.I watched as they both started wanking over her,then another message.

"do you know why we wanted to see your face" now i was lost in the moment "no"i replied "cos we both want to see you eat".I knew i could'nt last much longer,i watched one of them shoot a big load on her tits then i could see my balls tighten on my cam then i shot hot spunk on my chest and belly.they both egged me on and i gobbled up the hot cum and loved every moment.I kept intouch with the guys for about two months,we even had some fun one day when i was at work.I gave them my works mobile and i told them to phone me.The phone went off about 10.30am but i was outside at the time but that did'nt stop these horny buggers they told me to go into a door way and start to wank ,i did but after three to four minuet i lost my nerve.Ireturned into the main building to the boiler house.They rang me back and we chatted about the night we had online about Bridgit's tit's and them watching me eat.And yes they both did egg me on again and yes i ate again on the phone that day.Saddly we lost touch a few weeks latter.But what a night.



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