A chat with my wife's lover

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“Tom”, he said, “I didn’t know that you were that kind of guy, actually, we were very scared of you learning about us.... but if you want to know”, he continued as he grabbed Anne’s picture I had on my desk, “I’ll tell you all, just don’t tell her I told you, got a deal?” cheating

He was a skinny guy who worked for us while we lived in Mexico from 1988 to 1992.

By no means handsome, Ramon’s skin was dark for working so much under the sun as a construction worker. No matter what, Ramon always wore a frayed brown short and no T-shirt. Ramon was about 5-8. 

He was recommended to us by other Americans to do some much needed work in the house we bought while I worked there. He was surprisingly proficient in English.

My wife Ann had left for the States over the Labor Day weekend to visit her sister in Colorado, so it was about time Ramon and I had a chat. 

I asked Ramón to stay after 5 for a beer. We became very familiar with his family and were asked to be godparents of their youngest child, their 7th by the way.

It was a hot outside. Ramon sat across my desk and I threw him a beer.

“So what’s new?”, he asked, as he fished out a cigarette.

I hesitated a Little, not wanting to be so blunt. I asked him how the work was going, what his needs were and construction stuff.

“Do you have to go?” I asked.

“No”, Ramon replied.

We rarely chatted, and had never invited him a beer.

“So…” I said, as I leaned forward over the desk, “I know you and Anne have this thing going on”.

He almost coughed up the beer, and quickly lit up another cigarette. I asked him for one and he gave it to me.

“What do you mean?” he said…

“Fucking her, you know, I replied.

“But…but…how or ah…why do you say that Tom?”

“Ramon, I know when something is going on…I am not mad or anything, is just that….., well, it excites me to think about it.”

Ramón’s heartbeat must have been well over 500. Took another swallow of the beer, and asked me for another one.

“Ann’s gorgeous” he said, “but neither suspected you knew”…….”did you see us?”.

No, - I said-, it was just a matter of adding it up.

“About a year ago”, - I started- “I went to the backroom and found her panties and a bra, those very sexy ones I bought  her…they were in your drawer”.

“Then I noticed that it has been what, two years since you started doing minor works here and there, and then they became major. I also noticed the way you look at her, you know…staring at her ass and titties and touching her whenever you can, even in front of me…”

“Tom”, he said, “I didn’t know that you were that kind of guy, actually, we were very scared of you learning about us.... but if you want to know”, he continued as he grabbed Anne’s picture I had on my desk, “I’ll tell you all, just don’t tell her I told you, got a deal?”

“Deal” I said, as my cock began to stiff.

“It was actually your fault”, Ramon said. “Remember when the dryer broke and you put her panties in the wires?” he asked.

“I may have done that on purpose” I replied”

“That happened about a week before you left for New York, that long long trip remember?”

Of Course, I said

“Well Tom, you left Anne under my care”, Ramon said. “You left behind a beautiful young wife who was horny as hell”.

Then he continued, “she couldn’t resist a week, man, she was smoking hot, and she started dressing, you know,  provocative. I saw her naked, changing…she left the curtains open, she saw me pissing over the yard, he reyes had that shine of desire…..”

“So, how it happened the first time?” I asked.

“I faked a pain in my back after taking a shower in your bathroom”….”I had made sure there was no running wáter in other bathrooms and she gave me permission to use yours”.

“When I came back from the shower I put my shorts, Anne was sitting in front of her mirror, brushing her hair wrapped in a white towel”….”I told her I had a strong pain in my arm and she asked me to lay on the bed, and began massaging my fake pain in my shoulder”…”I felt her towel rubbing my back waiting for her titties to slip off and feel her nipples, but she asked me to turn over to massage my other side and put some ointment, but I didn’t want to…my cock was about to explode just by feeling her hands…she insisted and I turned over, a Little embarassed I must say, because of my bulge”.

Anne backed off, extremely surprised, scared…I don’t know…and I just smiled at her”.

“That smile Tom”, he continued, “was enough for her to let the towel loose and fall on her waist, showing me those awesome titties of her….man, they were so white and perfect!”

“She crawled over me and began kissing my mouth fully aware that the pain was a big fake”, Ramon went on.

“As she kissed me, she is a great kissr by the way, she began rubbing my cock over my shorts”.

Ramón paused and his face became peaceful and nostalgic.

“That kiss….her hands..…man, you have a hot wife!”

“She lowered my zipper and grabbed my cock as she went on kissing me and licking my face…in desperation…so eager, so hot”."Slowly, Anne got on all fours, the towel had fallen off her body and was completely naked, then she began working her way down my throat, my chest, and started kissing and licking my navel with my cock fully erected in her hand, never letting it tender and even elegant", Ramon went on. 

"She composed her hair, and dived down my head and began kissing it..she swallowed my head and began paying it with her tongue, just that..., just the head", Ramon recalled. "Anne turned around and that was the first time I got a full view of her hairless pussy and asshole as her mouth was very busy with my cock"....he continued. 

"Oh man!", he recalled, "she started swallowing inch by inch...she drooled a lot, and I just contemplated her fantastic butt". "I became obsessed with her holes...I had to have both". He paused, drank si beer, and litup another cigarette. 

I had a tremendous hard-on as he talked.

He laid back on the chair, and clasped his hands behind his head. I could see his bulge growing as he talked about my wife.

"She turned around again, this time to fall on me and kiss me like I've never been kissed before", Ramon said. "I mean, man, she was soooo horny, she rubbed my body with her thighs and caressed my cock as if there was no tomorrow". 

Ramon stretched, accomodated his cock, and went on...

"Sorry Tom, I got a hard-on just recalling that first time", he said. 

"Go on", I ordered. 

"She rose, mounted me, grabbed my shaft and guided it up her pussy...and that's how I started fucking your wife Tom", said Ramon as he laid back again.

"Her moans, her yells, her beautiful body arching in pleasure...she was like possessed by my cock"

"So she..." I began, and he interrupted.."let me finish!"

"No condom?" I managed to ask.

"No Tom, just her bare pussy wrapped around my shaft" he answered. 

"Damn!" I said. "Weren't you two affraid of knocking her up?" I said.

"It would have been an honor get your wife pregnant with my baby", le laughted. 

I was surprised by Anne's carelessness to be honest, as she had been very careful with that whenever we fucked. 

"She just dropped down, all the way Tom, I could feel my cock touching her limits", Ramon said. 

"I fucked her pussy for a long time. I have this ability to hold on my load and I must tell you Tom, I wanted to cum inside her but keep thinking about the risks. She came at least twice Tom, she's a yeller"..Ramon continued. "She stood up, and began sucking my cock again. I wanted to give her my load, then I realized I must have her sweet ass".

He went on. "I told Anne that I'd love to fuck her asshole, and she replied she'd love to, and said something that it was only fair because she'd had two or threee orgasms". 

"We both stood up, Anne knelt in your bed's edge, and began moving her butt sensually...I approached her, puth both my hands on her cheeks, and aimed at her ass..she pushed back a little, impatiently waiting to be penetrated. I rubbed my cock on her wet pussy to lubricate it, jiggled up and down her asshole, and pushed in. It went in without much difficulty. I thought she was gonna scream, but instead she collapsed and moaned", Ramon recalled. 

"I opened up her butt just to contemplate that magestic penetration and, with a lot of care began inserting it more and more, as she just moaned and begged to be fully impaled", he continued. 

"She's bottomless man, my whole cock went in, balls against her butt..."

"She was soooo warm inside" Ramon recalled. 

I pumped Anne's ass for a few minutes before I began feeling I could hold no more, and without asking her permission, I just let my load go, all of it, lots and lots of it, inside your wife's ass".

"I just stood there, stuck inside Anne's ass, like a dog..." he went on. 

"Can you believe that her ass won't let my cock go Tom?". "I asked her to push while I tried pulling, but no. I got scared for a minute and I'm sure she was too. As we both laughted, we decided to wait a few minutes until my cock began to relax, and it worked. I slowly and gently pulled out of her ass and some cum began to come off as well, but she turned around and said she wanted to keep it inside. What a whore". 

"We both laid on your bed for some time, she got up, sat on the toilet, and expelled all my cum with a tremendous blast...she laughted loudly, then we took shower together, got dressed and I left. She stayed naked as she waved me goodbye".

"The following morning she greeted me completely naked. Man, we must have fucked like six times that day everywhere in your house, but the first time she just wanted to suck my cock."

I was in a ladder and she just trapped my cock with her mouth and sucked and, I couldn't control her. The hell with it I tought, she wanted to drink my cum, and I let her have all of it...she swallowed it all, and painted her pretty face with the little she left over. She gave me little time to recover. Some thirty minutes later, I has fucking her ass again while standing up in the kitchen, then in the living room, then in your bedroom, then in the was wild. She left me exhausted...Anne's a fucking nympho. She left nothing for my wife", Ramon finished. "She said she didn't care about my wife and to fake something"


"How big is your cock Ramon?", I asked.

"Big enough for her I guess...about 10-11 inches when fully erect, and there is nothing you or your pretty wife can do about that, can you?", Ramon sounded challenging.

"10-11!", I said. "That's much much more than me".

"Almost double Tom, don't pretend", he corrected. 

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I've seen you two do everything, and let me tell you, that little belly only makes your cock look shorter" he stated. 

I looked down and wished I had a larger cock. I am about 6".

"Your wife simply adores it, so other gringas do too"

"Can I see it?" I asked. 

Ramon smiled, and asked, "you're not a faggot, are you Tom?". 

"Of course not!", I almost yelled. 

"Then, why do you want to see it?" Ramon asked again. 

"Well, just because...I'd like to see it" I areplied. 

Ramon stood up, with the cigarette in his mouth, undid his shorts, and there it was: almost a foot-long, dark, veiny cock that had taken my wife's lust as its hostage. It had to be the largest cock I've ever seen.

Ramon pumped it up and down, bragging his manhood. "This is how I say hi to your wife every morning Tom" he said. 

"Not much you can do, let me tell you Tom", he added in that challenging tone again. "She'll be mine for as long as you guys are here, or as long as I want to, she just can't say no to this, can she?". He sounded more challenging. 

"Now let me see yours" he ordered. 

I stood up and lowered my pants and underwear. My cock barely made it past my shirt. 

"Stand next to me and compare can you ever imagine that she'd prefer this over that?"

"Had enough?" he asked. 

"Yeah, that's good enough", I replied. 

Humiliated, I dressed and sat down. 

"With your permission Tom, I have to jack off", Ramon said. "Can I borrow this?" he said and he grabbed Anne's picture from my desk, without giving me a chance to reply. 

"Do you want her panties? I'll get them for you!". But Ramon just disappeared through the door. 

I laughted. "Sure you know where the bathroom is, don't you?" I yelled. 

Ramon returned a few minutes later, looking a lot more relaxed. I just kept thinking over his thoughts when he was jacking his huge cock off. 

"So...", I said, "you've been fucking her for what, two years?"

"Every day whenever we can fuck, we do...when you leave, when you go on a business trip" he replied. "Have you noticed her asshole kind of loose?" he added laughting.  

"You know Tom, we have never asked about our ages. How old is Anne?" he inquired. 

"Oh, she's 29", I answered. 

"Man, she's just a baby" Ramon laughted. 

"Yeah", I replied, YOUR babe. 

"How old are you Ramon?" I asked. 

"36" he replied. "you?" he asked. "33" I said.

"Man, she loves it in the ass. Actually, about 80% of the times I fuck your wife, I do it in her know, she has this beautiful asshole...looks so tight and pretty, tastes a little sour when you put your tongue in", Ramon said. "I love the pimples sometimes she gets in her butt, don't you Tom?"...."and those tan lines".

Ramon meant business. He described Anne's ass perfectly. 

"We fuck...", he continued "no matter what...whether or not she has her period, ass rash, name it. All she wants to do is fuck".

"I assume you've spend nights with her, haven't you Ramon?", I asked. 

"Quite a few", he confessed. "Nothing better that waking up with your beautiful wife on my side...naked and playful".

"The first time was not a long time after we did it the first time. It was just a matter of making sure your neighbors didn't notice anything abnormal".

"Tom, you put her under my care many times" he said. I just nodded.

"And I must have fucked your wife hundreds of times" he laughted. 

Ramon asked for another beer and lit up another smoke. I grabbed a second cigarette from him.

"So, how is she?" I asked. "Your wife?" Ramon asked..."I dont' know, you tell me" he replied laughting. We both did. 

"She is hot man, she is very very hot...she's always in control and she loves it rough". 

"Rough"...What do you mean by rough?" I inquired, not aware that Anne was kinky".

"Oh", Ramon said, "you didn't know she loves it rough?"

"Honestly no", I replied. 

"There was this time", he started, "that I was sitting outside having some fresh air and a smoke. Anne greeted me. She had been out all morning. As she approached, she began undoing her jeans. I just worshiped her beauty man. She turned around and flahed me her beautiful white butt I had fucked just the previous afternoon. I rose a little bit to kiss her, but instead, she rammed her butt over my face while opening her cheeks. She forced her asshole to my mouth and ordered me to lick it and fuck it with my tongue".

"She just gave time to grasp some air", he continued, "then she rubbed her ass in my mouth while I finger-fucked her pussy".

"We got up, she got rid of her clothes, and pulled me from my cock walking fully naked in the garden towards the house".

"Once inside", Ramon continued, "she went truly wild. I asked her if she loved it rough and she nodded. I slapped her face kind of gently, and she spit on my face, then licking off her saliva. She caught me off guard. I had never had rough sex before but I found out I loved it. I spanked her. She bit me, my cock, and after some hot wrestling, she sat on the floor. I sat next to her".

"I stood up" Ramon continued, "and looked down at her. She had that lusful look in her eyes, and wondered what I had in mind".

"I grabbed my cock and without a warning, I started peeing on her. She was very surprised and tried to cover my piss with her hands, but it was all over her. She offered her pretty face to the stream and opened her mouth briefly, but didn't drink it". 

Ramon stopped and took one last drag. 

Exhaled strongly and said "Tom, you have one hell of a hot wife". 

"How do you manage to fuck her when I'm around?" I curiously asked. 

"As soon as you leave we generally fuck. In the backroom when you're around. She's careless and scares me sometimes.  Once, you were in the dining room and we in the kitchen and I had my finger all the way up her ass as she talked to you", he recalled. 

"I look forward to your frequent trips to be alone with her and fuck the living shit our of Anne,  but if you're around, doesn't really matter. It just spices things up".

"Well, it's late and I gotta go", Ramon said. "I never thought this talk would ever happen. She'll be back Tuesday I believe?" he asked. "Tuesday morning", I said. 

"Well Tom, by the time you get home Tuesday, Anne will already be fucked and ready for you my man", Ramon said, "I'll let you have her, I mean, if she wants your wimpy cock". We both laughted. 

"Please don't fuck her late in the afternoon. Let her asshole tighten up...and please, use a condom if you fuck her pussy" I said. 

"No way Tom" he replied. "If I knock her up, that's too bad...or good. Besides, there are no condoms that fit this" he patted his bulge. He laughted. 

It was a Friday, I perfectly remember, and as he left he turned back and asked "Shall we continue tomorrow? You still don't know much other secrets of me and your wife".

"By all means", I replied. 

That had to be one of the hottest hours of my life. I jacked off twice that evening. 


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