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A Quirk of fate again-[E-170]-part-1-of-1

charles-smythe   November 07, 2016   | 31414 Views
I got there first and got us a room. The place was so sleazy that it made me feel like a slut and made me that much hornier. I called Butch on his cell phone and told him the room number. banner1

A Quirk of fate again

I’m Samantha Cunningham, Sam to my friends. I’m a hot looking 33 year old MILF who writes porn under the pseudonym, Dorothy Norwood. My son Frank. And my husband Charles both think I write Harlequin romance novels of which they have no interest. Neither has any idea that I write porn or how much money I make. Thinking my writing was a cute ‘hobby’ my husband Charles told me I could keep anything I earned and spend it on new dresses and shoes and such.  Neither has any idea what a large stock portfolio I have or the T-bills or municipal bonds or actual cash in the bank.

I have a small checking account at the bank where Charles has his business and personal accounts in case for some reason he checks. . But my main account is at a small out of town bank in Palmer. Though small they handle all my banking needs with discretion. As one of their largest, if not the largest depositors they bend over backwards to accommodate me. 

On the way back from Midlothian last weekend I’d ran up on Shane and Butch, two friends of my eighteen year old son Frank. Butch’s car had broken down so I gave them a ride back to Arlington. I was in the mood for some hot teenage dick so I’d let them coerce me into buy them some beer. Then we went to Shane’s house where the two little shits fucked my brains out all evening and half the night.

The next weekend my husband Charlie and Frank went on an all weekend camping trip so I called Butch.  It was too dangerous for him to come to the house because the neighbors would see him, so I had him meet me at those sleazy motels in Kennedale just down the street from the Adult bookstores. I told him not to tell or to bring Shane. This was just between the two of us.

To spice things up I was to bring cooler of Budweiser and he was to bring a bag of weed.

I got there first and got us a room. The place was so sleazy that it made me feel like a slut and made me that much hornier. I called Butch on his cell phone and told him the room number.

I brought in one can to drink while I was waiting, but when he showed up Butch brought in the cooler.

Once the door was locked, it pleased me to undress him like he was my Ken doll. Except unlike Ken, Butch had male genitalia. Boy did he have male genitalia.

Butch moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” as I kissed him. Then I grabbed the hem of his white t-shirt and pulled it up over his head and off. Pausing to admire what four years of high school football had done to his young body, I kissed his neck and on down to where I spent a few minutes kissing and caressing his hard PECs and sucking on his nipples, an erogenous zone most young guys don’t even know they have.

His hand on my head giving a gentle push, I kissed and nibbled my way down his washboard Abs. Pausing a couple of minutes to tongue his belly button, I moved on down. As I slowly ran my tongue along the waist of his Levis, I unbuckle his belt then I unsnapped his jeans and unzipped them about half way. Still kissing my way down his belly I nuzzled the pubic hair that was visible in the V of his half opened fly.

I finished unzipping his Levis, then sank slowly to my knees and helped him kick off his Nikes. As was the style of the time he wasn’t wearing socks.

Reaching up, I pulled his Levis off his hip and let them drop to the floor before pulling them off completely.

Rocking back on my heels, for a couple of minutes I let my eyes trail down his muscular body to the bulge in his tight white BVD briefs.  His bulge looked so inviting I couldn’t resist nipping it through the cotton of his tight briefs.

Slipping my fingers under the waistband of his tight BVDs I gently started to slip them off Butch’s hips and pulled them on down his legs and off his feet.

Kicking off my two thousand dollar, Manolo Blahnik retro black stiletto heels, I put on some music.  And while Butch languished naked on the bed smoking a joint I did a sexy striptease for him.

Swaying sensuously, I started to disrobe. First I unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall off my shoulders and slid down my arms to the floor exposing my powder blue Guia La Bruna bra. Smiling to myself at the look on Butch’s face, I unzipped my skirt and let slide off my hips and fall to the floor, leaving me standing there in my seven hundred dollar matching powder blue Guia La Bruna bra and panties,

Suddenly despite the fact that Butch had seen me in all my naked glory, I blushed red as I reached between my breasts to unclip and removed my bra.

Grabbing the sides of my panties, I swayed sensuously as I slid them off my hips, down my legs to my ankles. Stepping out of them I stood before Butch as naked as mother Eve.

An older man would have paused and allowed his eyes to feast on the beauty of my naked body. Butch wasn’t an older man. He had no interest in a feast for his eyes. He wanted to fuck. Motioning me onto the bed with him where he spent the rest of the night fucking me every way it was possible for a virile eighteen year old to fuck a cougar.

The place may have been sleazy but they had king size beds. Getting on at the foot, I crawled between Butch’s out stretched legs. On my hands and knees between his legs I looked down admiringly at his hard cock. "It's so…powerful,” I whispered, reaching out to touch the swollen head. He jerked and I pulled my hand away. Then smiling, I mashed it flat against his equally as hard belly. When I let go it sprang up almost hitting me in the face. We both laughed as I thought about how great it was to alive.

I licked my lips as I stared at his big hard cock. Reaching down, I cupped his balls with my left hand as I guided his throbbing cock into my mouth with the other.

“Your husband would shoot me if he knew what we were doing,” laughed Butch.

“He’d shoot me too,” I giggled just before the head slipped between my lips and into my mouth. Lowering myself over the head of his dick I rolled my tongue around it, toying with the slit.

As Butch grunted and groaned I smiled inside. I tightened my lips and sucked harder. I heard him hiss, "Ohh God, Mrs. C. Right there."  He whispered, Ohmigod, don’t stop,” as my tongue pushed against that little piece of skin underneath where the head connects to the shaft.

Butch just love watching me slide my hot wet mouth up and down on his shaft. Laughing, he grabbed a handful of hair, to add some force as he fucked my mouth.

I felt his fingers in my hair and I felt my excitement growing. I ignored the feeling of pressure in my pussy that was trying to distract me and concentrated on him. I wanted to hear him moan and whimper some more. I bobbed up and down. Holding the head between my lips, I wrapped my fingers around the base of his dick. Closing my eyes, I rubbed his dick with her fingers and rolled my tongue around the head before I slid him back into my mouth. Deeper down I went I went until I gagged and then I retreated.

Butch just shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

Charles my husband said that when I get down on my knees and then when he push his dick into my mouth that he felt so superior. He, Butch and most men in general like to press on my head and pull my hair as they push their dicks ever deeper into my mouth until it touches the opening of my throat. And then I of course I always gag and cough. Immediately after my coughing fit is over, they push their dicks right back into my mouth again. And this time even deeper because they know that I’m totally submissive.

Why then did Butch pull his cock out of my mouth and push me roughly on to my back? Before I could think or react Butch suddenly sat up and sat back on his heels. As I started moaning in discomfort he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up and bending them at the knees, forced my legs so far back that my knees were almost beside my head.  That curled my spine up so that my pussy was pointing at the ceiling.  Fascinated by the sight, Butch moved even closer to get a better look. I don’t think that he’d ever actually looked at a pussy before.

Unable to contain himself, Butch leaned forward and French kissed my delicate pink lips and then, in one thrusting movement, plunged his hard cock into my damp pussy as far as it will go, making me grunt and whine from the impact. "Oh, yessssss,” I hissed as he slowly pulled almost out and then rammed into me again.  His tight balls slapping against my sweet butt cheeks as he repeatedly bury his powerful young cock all the way to the hilt.

I was so damned horny by now that it just took only a few thrusting strokes before I was humping wildly back and moaning and sobbing, "Ohh, Ooohhhh, yessssss!  F-f-fuck me, fuck me.”

It was hot and steamy with the fragrant sex odors of all who’d been here before us permeating the room as our odors of the pursuit of pleasure joined theirs. Butch kept his cock moving slowly in and out of my pussy but slowly picking up speed as he went. Soon Butch was ramming into my pussy with a vengeance. Sobbing with lust, I clutch him to me, meeting each thrust with one of my own.  My orgasm were coming quickly now and sensing this Butch started to cum with me.

The recuperative power of a virile young man is phenomenal. Before I could even catch my breath Butch was almost hard again. His flaccid cock glistening with our combined fluids, unable to resist my own taste I went down on him and sucked him back hard.

Once fully hard Butch roughly flipped me over on to my hands and knees.  Applying a little spit to the head of his cock, he notched it between my lust slick pussy lips and inserted the whole thing in one long stroke. I groaned with pleasure as I felt the last inch push home. I pushed back and ground my hips against his belly in a slow, sensuous circle. Damn, my pussy felt great as I gripped his cock, using my interior vaginal muscles to work my more sensitive surfaces.

Butch settled down to a nice, easy stroke, prepared to go the distance but I had other ideas. "C'mon Butch, fuck me harder. My pussy's like a firecracker and it’s gonna blow any second.”    

Grabbing my hips, Butch increased his pace and started slamming his cock to the depths of my soaking wet pussy as hard as he could. I helped, pushing back as hard as I could as he stroked my depths. We were both breathing in grunts and squishing as slapping noises filled the room. I was loving every minute of it. I had one hand between my legs stroking my clit for all I was worth, occasionally reaching back to stroke his slick, wet, cock as he continued to plumb my depths. We were blind to everything around us, concentrated on our individual and combined pleasure, fucking for all we were worth. I was coming continuously, my contractions squeezing his cock like a vices.

He knelt behind me, gripping my hips as his stiff dick pulled out of my pussy brushed its way down to my tight sphincter. Still sore from our previous encounter, I groaned. "Oh, God," I murmured, planting my hands firmly on the mattress and pushing up, keeping my back arched. "You're gonna do it again aren’t you, you little scamp."

Leaning forward and reaching around me, Butch cupped my firm breasts as his dick pushed against my sore asshole. My hard nipples stabbed into his palms as he groped my breasts. "Take a deep breath, Mrs. C," he said as he pressed his cheek against mine. "And hold it."

I whimpered, then sucked in through my teeth, clamping my mouth shut as I held my breath. Butch slipped his hands up and gripped my shoulders. With a deep grunt, he shoved his cock into my ass. I shook under him, banging my hands on the mattress.

"Oh, fucking hell,” I screamed as Butch pushed in deeper. My face contorted in pain. "W-wait, wait, WAIT!" I screeched, my voice echoing in the room. My ass squeezed his cock so tightly he could barely move inside me.

He straightened, holding my shapely hips in his hands, looking at his thick cock buried halfway up my tight ass. My cheeks trembled and my legs quivered. "Just relax, Mrs. C," Butch said.

I huffed, panted, breathed deeply, my body quaking. "Easy for you to say," I seethed. "You don't have a huge fucking dick in your ass.” Mentally deciding to buy a strap on and see how he likes it.

Butch chuckled, smoothed his hands all over my firm butt cheeks. He realized he was fucking a woman in the ass who was old enough to be his mother and the thought turned him on. "Just don't try to push," he said as he started to ease deeper inside my tight ass, then pulling slowly back.

I gasped, "Ohmifuckinggod, it burns.” Digging my fingers into the mattress, I threw my head back. But even as I complained and convulsed, I loosened my ass and pushed back against him, wanting more of Butch’s hard cock inside of me.

Butch moaned at my submission and started really fucking me, sliding his cock in and out of my tight, swollen red asshole. I gasped and moaned constantly, panting as his cock delved deep in my ass, then groaning as he pulled almost all the way back. He relished the fuck as he thrust into ass. He watched as my cheeks tensed and my asshole stretch around his cock.

I panted and trembled across the bed as Butch fucked my ass. He went as deep as he could and then pulled back all the way, until the tip of his dick brushed my gaping, swollen sphincter. I moaned and murmured, hanging my head until it touched the sheets. I shuddered and started gasping as I cummed. My asshole squeezed tightly around his cock. Throwing back my head, I screamed out my orgasm.

My sharp, cries echoed loudly throughout the room, reverberating off the walls. "AHHHHH," I shrieked. Looking at my face in profile, it seemed to Butch that I was surprised by the fact that I was cumming. Butch took advantage of my surprise and fucked me harder, making me scream and wail uncontrollably.

As Butch was about to cum he pulled out, spun me around and put his cock in my mouth. Trying not to think about where it had just been I closed my lips around his shaft and sucked.

At daylight we staggered out both so sore we almost couldn’t walk. Neither of us were know in the area and the chances of us being recognized was nil so Butch followed me up the street to this greasy spoon café where we had a surprisingly good breakfast. We chuckled because the waitress referred to Butch as my son.

On the drive home I was feeling so guilty, that I decided the next time I had a free night it was only fair that I invited Shane. But damn, Butch’s dick was bigger and he fucked so much better. Of course if Butch kept his mouth shut and Shane never found out? No, that wouldn’t be fair.

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