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KAROLINA’S ADVENTURES – PART TWO: KAROLINA AND THE INTERN   Karolina sat in front of the computer typing, bored as can be.   It had been a week since her adventure… Lesbian


Karolina sat in front of the computer typing, bored as can be.

It had been a week since her adventure with Ben, and to say things had been rough at home was putting it lightly. Will had raged at her for hours the night after her adventure with Ben. Karolina was ashamed to admit to herself she didn’t feel bad about it, but for the sake of her relationship, she had apologized. Nonetheless, things were extremely rocky between Karolina and Will, even if Will loved Karolina too much to ever leave her.

Despite the turmoil at home, Karolina and Will agreed to keep things normal at work. Will popped into Karolina’s office, pulling her out of her bored daze.

“Do you remember Tom?” Will asked. “The lawyer who retired a few years ago?”

Karolina nodded. Tom was a sweet, kind old man who had been something of a mentor to Will when he was starting out as a lawyer. They had hosted Tom at their house for dinner several times, and he had always been great company.

“His grandson is thinking of becoming a lawyer. He just finished high school but still isn’t 100% sure law school is the right path for him,” Will explained. “Tom asked if his grandson can intern at our firm for a few days. He starts tomorrow. I’m in court and so are the other lawyers in the firm. You’re going to have to train him.”

Karolina wasn’t all that crazy about the idea of having to train some kid she had never met before, but both the chance to get on Will’s good side and to repay Tom for his kindness led her to agree.

The next day, Karolina was dutifully typing away at her computer when there was a knock at the door. The receptionist, Lynn, stuck her head inside and informed her the intern had arrived. Karolina sighed and told Lynn to send him in.

Karolina’s eyes grew wide when the intern walked in. She had been expecting a nervous kid tripping over himself; instead, a tall, well-built young man confidently strode in. Karolina stood up to shake his hand, while discreetly trying to appreciate his toned physique, chocolate skin and sharp suit.

His firm handshake flustered Karolina even more. “Hello, I’m Karolina,” she managed to stammer out. “And your name is?”

In a deep voice that made Karolina crazy, the young man replied, “Nice to meet you, I’m Andre.”

Flashing a big flirty smile, Karolina invited Andre to sit down and tell her a little more about himself. She learned that Andre was 18, played high school football, and was undecided of whether to pursue a career in accounting like his father, or join the legal profession like his grandfather.

Karolina couldn’t help but openly stare at Andre throughout their conversation. The kid was HOT! Karolina thought to herself with a smile, Where were the kids like this when I was in high school?!

While she felt a little embarrassed to be thinking this way about Tom’s grandson, Karolina hadn’t had sex since her adventure with Ben, and Andre was definitely getting her juices going. Andre kept asking questions about the law firm, and Karolina kept mumbling and stumbling over her words. Not wanting to make a fool of herself, she told Andre she needed to go to the restroom and slipped into the bathroom in the corner of her office.

Karolina took a few deep breaths as soon as she closed the door. She was hot and her pussy was throbbing; she hated when that happened, as it usually meant she was about to make a bad decision. She could feel another bad decision was on the way.

Karolina looked at herself in the mirror. The peach-colored dress she was wearing was professional and covered her well. She had not come dressed for the occasion at all. You just broke Will’s heart, Karolina thought to herself. There’s no way you can do it again…..

Can I?

Karolina unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Now or never, Karolina thought to herself.

Stepping out of the bathroom in her black heels and white lingerie, the clicking of her heels on the floor giving her confidence, Karolina stepped behind her desk and sat down as if nothing had changed. Andre’s jaw dropped. The last thing he had been expecting was for the woman training him to come out of the bathroom dressed like a Victoria’s Secret model!

“Stand up,” Karolina ordered. “Take your dick out and start stroking it.”

It took Andre about half a second to comply. Karolina couldn’t help but grin as she saw his cock; Andre had inches for a young man. She enjoyed the show for a little bit, watching Andre stroke his cock until it was hard. But Karolina wasn’t interested in just watching.

Getting up from behind her desk, Karolina kept eye contact with Andre as she walked towards him and dropped on her knees in front of him.

“Slap your cock against my face.”

Andre would not have traded this moment for anything in the world, even winning the lottery. He immediately complied. Karolina loved the feeling of Andre’s heavy cock thudding against her face; something about being degraded turned her on so much. Karolina grabbed Andre’s cock and started to slap it against her lips herself.

Wanting to tease Andre, Karolina flicked her tongue against his balls. Getting into it, Karolina kissed, licked and sucked Andre’s balls, taking turns sucking on each one individually before taking both into her mouth at the same time. Andre moaned as Karolina worked his balls; Andre’s inability to keep quiet turned Karolina on even more; she suspected with a body like that, Andre got tons of action, but from girls his age; no one with the experience and skills like her. She expertly wrapped her tongue around his balls, spurred on my Andre’s moans and the feeling of his testicles pulsing in her mouth. Slowing down a bit because she didn’t want this sexy piece of ass to cum before she got to fuck him, Karolina started to slowly and repeatedly flick her tongue around his balls.

As tasty as Andre’s balls were, Karolina wasn’t satisfied. She kissed her way from Andre’s balls to the head of his cock and back down again. She was warmed up and ready.

“Fuck my face.”

Karolina opened her mouth wide; Andre took the invitation and rammed his cock down her throat. Karolina’s eyes watered, but she was no quitter. A mix of tears and eyeliner streamed down her face as Andre held her head between his hands and legitimately FUCKED her face. The tip of his cock rammed mercilessly and repeatedly against her tonsils. Karolina gagged, choked and spit, but refused to ask Andre to slow down. Karolina felt her panties start to get soaked; she was so turned on that this 18-year-old kid was using and abusing her throat.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Karolina’s eyes darted to the door. It was not locked.

I’m so screwed, Karolina thought to herself. That had to be Lynn. She still had Andre’s cock in her mouth. The second that door opened, she would be exposed.

“I’m going for lunch,” Lynn said from behind the door. ”Do you want a salad from that Greek restaurant we always go to?”

Relieved, Karolina pulled her lips away from Andre’s cock and replied, “I’m okay, thanks for asking! In the middle of an interview, take you time and enjoy your lunch!”

Karolina and Andre waited until they heard the front door shut behind Lynn before both of them burst into laughter. It had been a close call, and they both knew it.

We have the office to ourselves, Karolina thought to herself, while a crazy idea formed in her head. Rising to her feet, Karolina went to her desk and grabbed her keys. Sauntering her way back to Andre, she grabbed him by the cock and led him outside of her office and to the office right next to hers.

Will’s office.

Karolina reluctantly let go of Andre’s cock just long enough to open the door, then she grabbed Andre’s cock again and led him inside. Releasing his dick, Karolina walked up to Will’s desk and, without a word, bent over the desk and pulled her panties below her ass.

Karolina had barely pulled her panties down when she felt the tip of Andre’s cock spreading her pussy lips. Andre slowly slid his massive cock inside of Karolina, until he was balls-deep inside of her. His initial strokes were slow and deliberate, enjoying Karolina’s moans and her juices streaming down his cock. Picking up speed with his strokes, Andre began slamming his football player frame into Karolina. Karolina’s body jumped every time Andre slammed into her, throwing the papers on Will’s desk to the floor. The last thing on Karolina’s mind was making a mess, however; she was completely focused on the 18-year-old cock satisfying her every need.

Lynn walked into the office, sipping on her iced tea. She usually ate at the Greek restaurant, but she wanted to see if she could leave a little early today to attend her grandson’s recital, so she had ordered her meal to go. The second she set foot in the office, Lynn dropped her drink in shock. The door to Will’s office was open… and the intern was ramming Will’s wife all over his desk! Staring in silence for a few seconds, Lynn slowly backed her way out of the office and then ran to her car.

Karolina and Andre were so into their tryst that neither had noticed Lynn.

Lynn ran to her car, mind racing. I need to tell Will, Lynn thought to herself as she struggled to unlock the door due to her hands shaking so hard. Karolina had become a friend since she had joined the firm, but Will was her boss and Karolina’s husband. He needed to know. Lynn reached into her purse for her phone.

Back in the office, Andre continued to ram Karolina from behind.

“Don’t stop,” Karolina managed to get out between deep breaths. She knew she was close and just needed a few more seconds. Andre picked up his speed and Karolina exploded. She squirted all over Andre and Will’s desk in one of the best orgasms of her life.

Karolina collapsed on the table, but Andre still had plans for this slut. Grabbing a fistful of her hair to keep her bent over the table, Andre pressed the tip of his cock against Karolina’s asshole. Karolina’s eyes went wide, but she didn’t protest as Andre’s cock slid slowly into her ass. Luckily, his cock was well lubed with Karolina’s juices.

Karolina’s body tensed as inch after inch disappeared deep into her ass. She was a fan of anal, but this was the biggest one she had ever tried it with. Karolina’s moans began to pick up as Andre was all the way inside her and began to slowly pound her tight ass. The slow strokes were driving Karolina wild. It was just missing one thing….

“Cum in my ass.”

That was all it took. Andre tried for a few more strokes but Karolina’s sexy command had sent him over the edge. He shot his impressive load deep into Karolina’s ass, and Karolina’s eyes rolled back in her head; the euphoria of having her ass violated with such a big load of cum was unreal.

On the other side of town, Will exited the court, tired after a long day in trial. Pulling out his cellphone, he noticed he had 7 missed calls and 2 voicemails from Lynn, the receptionist at the office.

Shit, Will thought to himself. Is something wrong at the office?

Will’s eyes went wide as he listened to Lynn’s voicemails.


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