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judy1947   July 14, 2022   | 9700 Views
Since I posted my How it started a few things have changed. I still borrow my wifes used panties to jerk off into and still really enjoy doing that. BUT I GOT CAUGHT AGAIN. This… banner1 Since I posted my How it started a few things have changed. I still borrow my wifes used panties to jerk off into and still really enjoy doing that. BUT I GOT CAUGHT AGAIN. This time by the daughter of a close friend.
   Last winter I spent a week at our cottage. The first few days our place was just to cold to stay in so I stayed with a friend and his wife. I had his grown daughters room. A women about 45 or so. When moving some of her things from a dresser ( to make room for my things ) I happened to notice the elegance of some of her panties. They were called  " La Vie En Rose " I couldn't help myself. I had to have a pair of them. There was a pair that I actually could still see some of her her pussy stain. The smell of her purfume was exciting. I have never worn anything that felt that good before. When I went back to my cottage I had to take them with me. I was probably the best orgasm I have had in years. I also found out that some panties have one side of the gusset not stiched.  When I was soft my cock fit almost perfectly into the gusset. It didn't take long until the feel of them made me hard again and the tension was FANTASTIC. I shot a load into them and didn't touch myself. The rest of the week I wore them everyday and washed them each night. Riding a snowmobile wearing panties with a bunch of other men and women was great. i probably shot my load at least once a day just riding the machine. By the end of the week I went back home to my wife and had to get rid of the beautiful panties.
    A few weeks later I went back up for a few days riding and was looking forward to stealing anouther pair of them. Unfortunatly SHE was there.This time I stayed at my own cottage and spent the day with them. On the second night SHE came over to my place for a drink and play cards. During the game she casually mentioned that a pair of her panties was missing and did i know what could have happend to them. I of cource said I didn't know but did say I had moved them from the drawer to anouther one. Had she looked there? She laughted and said she knew I had taken them since I was the only one who had been in her room. Not to worry though she wouldn't say anything if I just paid for them. All I had ever bought myself was Walmart panties. DAMN who knew panties are that expensive. $75.00 later she asked how I had liked them. I told the truth and said they were HEAVENLY to wear. She was a little shocked at the wearing part. She had thought I had taken them to just jerk off INTO. She wanted to know if i had on any now. I said No. Did I have any there with me that week? I said yes but they were a old pair of my wifes and no where near as nice as hers. She then asked me to go put them on for her, or she would tell her father about me. I went back to my room and undressed and put on the old blue stained panties my wife had thrown out a few weeks before and her nightgown. When I came out into the living room she giggled and I did the little turn around for her. She wanted to know why a BIG STRONG TRUCK DRIVER would wear such things. So I told her the story about how it had started. After about an hour of sitting around in my nightgown and panties playing cards and talking she went back to her place for the nigh.
    The next morning we all were going for a long day trip on the snowmobiles. Before we left I had to go to the bathroom so I went back inside. Coming out of the bathroom I met her and she gave me a bag and told me to go back in and put them on. Inside was anouther pair of her La Vie En Rose panties. Still warm form her body. I did as requested. That day everytime I looked around she was watching me. I was SCARED wondering where this was all going. She knew I was happely married and the lack of sex with my wife didn't bother me. She is in a relationship with a fabulous man and I didn't think she fooled around on him either. The day went great. I blew my load in her panties once then again a few hours later. When we got back from the ride I said i was tired and just went back to my place to shower and have dinner alone. Not to be unfortunatly. She showed up about 10 min after I got back and out of my snowmobile suit. My pants were a mess from cumming in them twice. When she came in she giggled at me again and said she thought that was why I had just come home. But she wanted her panties back. I said covered in cum but that was why she had given them to me in the first place. I started to go back to my room to take them off but she said NO take them off there for her please. I protested but started to undo my pants. She watched me take my pants off and then the cum filled panties. When I had them off she took them from me and slowly sucked the cum from them. Looking me in the eyes as she did. My cock got HARD again and she asked me to jerk it off for her while whe cleaned her panties. I did until I again shot a load into her hand. She never touched my cock or took her eyes off me while I was jerking off. We cleaned ourselves up and she went back to her place and left me wondering WTF had just happened. We spent another 5 days at the cottage and nothing happened again. We did a lot of riding and spend a lot of time together but she neve mentioned what happend again.
    That was last winter. Since then my wife and I have spent a lot of time at the cottage and she has been there a few times. Only once has anything been out of the ordinary. I found a pair of La Vie En Rose panties under the dash in my boat a few weeks ago. Any idea where they came from?? I'm really wondering what is going to happen next with her.

Thanks for again reading.
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