Turned out and on

Brandy56   July 19, 2018   | 79582 Views
After 20 years of marriage she caught me in her panties Lesbian I have been a cross dresser since I was 15 years old. I have always kept it a secret until I was 40 yearsold and had been married for 20 years. Then one night it all changed.

My wife and her best friend were headed out for a girls night out. I was excited because it meant I would have the house to myself and would be able to play around the house in my panties. She had barely pulled from the driveway and I was pulling out some of her panties to wear. I put some crossdresser porn on the TV and was having a great time when all of a sudden my wife walked through the front door. Her friend had an emergency and had to cancel. Needless to say I was in panic mode. That is until she began to smile.

She sat next to me and we talked about why I dressed and I found she was upset that I had kept it a secret for long and was totally fine that I was wearing womens cloths. She lead me to the bedroom and began to find more of her cloths for me to wear. Needless to say I was in 7th heaven.  She loved that my cock was getting hard as she put several pairs of panyies on me to model. I admitted that I loved wearing panties that she had worn for a day. She pulled up her dress and took off the panties she was wearing and told me to put them on. When I felt them against my balls I could feel that they were wet. I asked her if me in panties turned her on and er answer was 'Fuck yes" I pushed her onto the bed and started to eat her pussy that was dripping wet. I could not recall her ever cumming that fast or strong

We snuggled a few minutes and she jumped out of bed and told me to just lay there.. She went to the dresser and pulled out one of her toys that looks like a real cock. She had me get on my hands and knees. I was hesitant and she could tell.

"If you want to dress like a woman you are going to learn to be fucked like a woman" she told me. She got some lotion and lubbed my ass and the toy. It took a bit but soon she had the toy deep in my ass. It didnt take long and I was enjoying how great it felt getting my ass fucked. She started talking dirty to me telling me how much I wanted to feel a real cock in my ass. It was something I had never thought about but right then I was telling her how badly I wanted to be fucked by a real cock. She had me turn over and had the dildo burried deep in me and she started sucking my cock. In a few seconds I was shooting a big load of my cumm into her hot mouth. As soon as I had gotten done cumming she moved up and kissed me sharing my cumm with me. She had never done this before but I loved it

We got dressed and I wore panty and bra under my cloths and we went shopping for more cloths. We are lucky because I acn wear almost all of her cloths  While we were shopping she kept telling me how I was her bitch and other nasty talking. She was saying how she was going to find men to fuck me. As soon as we were in the car she was fingeing her pussy to get herslf off. We went to an adult store and boughta strap on dildo. When we got home she fucked me with the strap on

Since that night I spend 80% of my time at home dressed and we go out with me dressed at least once a week. I am now retired so get lots of time to dress and each day she lays out what she wants me to wear. She has kept her promise to find men to fuck me. At first she just watched but has started joining in. Her favorite is to see me sucking a cock as I am getting fucked in the ass. She cumms just watching.
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