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The story about an incident in a construction site. Ashish has a new project to renovate his farm house, the contract is given to Charlie. Things take a lot of turns after the work begins. Luxury Hey Charlie how are you?

Hello Ashish, how ya doing? The works just about to finish.. your farmhouse will be the best project I had worked on.

I see your work is fantastic Charlie, I'm glad you took over the project.

Ashish you had given me the liberty to finish this project without any objections.

Charlie I can never object a man like you! You deserve all the liberty.

Ashish? What do you mean?

"Ashish gets close to Charlie and whispers in his ear"

You're a man who fixed this job well, Charlie I have to give you something satisfactory for the job you did!

"Ashish's long shoulder length hair, wearing a spectacle behind which he had beautiful brown eyes.
His fabulous pouty lips just close to Charlie's face... Time stops!"

Ashish what are you doing? I'm straight! I'm sorry mate!

I'm very cross Charlie! I want to spend the evening in this farmhouse once it's done!
I have to thank you for what you have done here..

Sure and if you're going to sign some checks I will be happy to spend the evening in this farmhouse Ashish..

I will sign on you, you're going to be my property Charlie!

"Ashish whispers and thoughts for himself runs down his spine"

>>>The evening in the farmhouse.

Welcome Charlie! Thanks for coming!

It's my pleasure Ashish..

Charlie why don't you sit down in the couch! I will grab a drink for you.

Yeah Ashish..

"Ashish is wearing a formal shirt and a pant.. just like a gentleman, and same goes with Charlie, but he's in a T-shirt fit with his muscles and a denim"

>>>Few drinks goes on and then Ashish invites Charlie for a swim in the new pool..

No Ashish I would not prefer swimming..

Oh Charlie come on please..

Ashish you carry on I will sit by the side of the pool.. watch you swim.. and I will be good with my drink.. it has some effect on me already..

"Ashish leans forward to Charlie's face almost about to kiss him but there's a pause just close to the lips, Charlie was offended and couldn't take the bisexual heat between them"

Ashish I hate what you're trying to do! I will better leave, I'm not comfortable with your behavior lately..

I'm sorry Charlie, I will not tease you anymore, please feel home.. I will not repeat it..

"Ashish is pleading and Charlie feels sorry and they move to the pool"

>>>Near the pool, Ashish strips his shirt off giving a visible view of his back to Charlie, it was almost to dark by 6:30 PM.
Charlie stares at the back and the shoulder length hair of Ashish.
It was a trance, Ashish had the best soft and feminine back... He was skinny.
When he dropped his pants... To Charlie's surprise he wore a panty like innerwear.

His ass was perfect and his hips almost so cute bubble butt.. the beautiful skinny mistress getting ready for a swim.

Ashish are you gay?

No Charlie I'm not!

Then why are you attracted towards me Ashish!? I'm just confused!

You're the Man I desire Charlie! I'm not into woman nor I'm into men..

Then!? What are you into Ashish!?

"Ashish walks up towards Charlie from the pool, his wet body and the front view of Ashish almost looked like a model doing a catwalk infront of him..
With the tits small and the perky nipples..
With the shine on the face, and the hair and the lips, it was a beautiful lady walking towards Charlie!"

Charlie! I'm transforming into a lady, I feel like a lady but I cannot express it to a man.

You're transforming!? You mean you're a transwoman!?

"Standing infront of Charlie with slight embarassment and covering his face! Ashish doesn't have words to explain!"

Ashish I understand, come here let me give you a hug! You're in trouble I understand that!

"A caressing hug and the tall Charlie man is looking down to his petite brunette new girlfriend who is struggling to express all the feelings!"

"Looking into each other's eyes, Charlie wrapping Ashish in a towel and hugging and kissing his forehead like a loving boyfriend"

Ashish don't worry! You will find answers for your questions! Trust me!

I trust you Charlie! That's why I desire a man like you! A man for me who would be you!

Ashish! I don't know what to answer but!

"The sudden but and the lips locked immediately between Charlie and Ashish!
Charlie squeezing Ashish and the lips lock and tongues play.. they smooch like lost lovers.."


Call me Aish! Please Charlie! I want to be Aish and I want to be Mrs Charlie..

Oh baby! You're such a sweet girlfriend.. my beautiful Aish!

"Charlie wrapping and lifting his cute little doll Aish and towards the bedroom!
The newly built house from Charlie for Aish, the new bedroom to be the theatre for their romance..
Their moans will be filled in the room, Ashish will be shouting out Charlie's name for more"

Charlie please take my virgin pussy! 

Aish you're going to be my mine!

Oh I'm waiting to be yours my love Charlie!

"Putting Aish on the bed, she's swirling like a snake in it's tempting curves, ready for the mating"

Aish I'm so hard! 

Let me see my man!

"Aish pulling down Charlie's Denim to see the surprise package"

Oh my god Charlie! I don't think I can take it!

Then don't take it Aish!

No Charlie! I'm waiting for it! I want you inside me! Deep inside me!

"Aish taking the entire cock deep inside her mouth sucking and making it so wet! And her nipples getting so hard for Charlie to suck them while he fucks his beautiful girlfriend"

Aish your skin is so soft baby, like a beautiful woman!

I had been under harmones and laser and much more! I'm turning to Aish very soon!

You're going to have pussy!?

To get pregnant for you Charlie! Yes I'm going to have a pussy and these tits for you to suck and breed me! Oh Charlie! I'm so turned on!

"Charlie biting her neck down to her tits and the nipples! Squeezing and making it wet and his hard dick rubbing her clit!"

Aish I want to get inside you!

Let me turn around! Grab my hips! Rub my anal pussy! Be gentle my love!

Oh baby your hips are so perfect to hold!

Get inside me Charlie! Ohhhh baby! Ohhhh yaaa!!

You're so tight my love! Aish it's so perfect! I feel your!!! Ohhhh babe...

"Charlie is deep inside Aish! Slowly gently moving in and out!
Grabbing the hips and moving deep inside! It feels like a genuine bond! Loving the way she would moan and slamming onto his huge dick!"

Charlie cum inside me! I can't take it for more! This pleasure is immense! Ohhh baby fuck me hardddd and hardddderrrr... Arghhhhh..

"Looking over her shoulder and moaning loudly! Filling the room with her screams!
Charlie stealing her virginity!"

Oh I'm cumming babe!!! Ohhh yeahhh I'm cummingggg!!!! 

"Aish arching back taking everything inside her! Charlie holding her neck and biting her neck!
Squeezing her hips and her nipples! Petite tits!!!
He made her a woman!

Aish and Charlie both end up cuddling making love! Forever their bond is built!
Made for eachother!
Story continues!

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