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Hot Underwear

ALbertpark895   April 18, 2017   | 40704 Views
So I had the chance to take a look at her banner1 The other day, I stood with my friend Tom by at a friends house, we were going to hang out around the city, he was ready but his wife suddenly wanted to join us, and she said wait for me guys , Ill get ready soon.
Rob his husband went to the bakery to buy something to eat, tom and I were in a living room watching a baseball game. Sarah went to the bath room to take a quick shower se said. we could see through the hall the door of the bathroom and across that hall the entrance of her room, five minutes later she got out of the bathroom with a little towel covering her main parts, we were like oh my gosh ! Looking at her. She smiled and said Ill get some clothes now, she walked through that hall, we were stering her beautiful tight ass surounded by that towel. she entered the room but left the door open.

After a minute I could see her walking from one side to the other of the room wearing only a tiny black bikini !
i could see only the space of the door inside the room, She was covering her boobs with the towel only by pressing it throug her breast, I could see her side boob. she was so hotShe was asuming that we could see her but she seems like didnt care about it.

She passed again but this time she was wearing a small bra. Tom was watching at her too this time. She looked so hot. We could realize that she was looking at herself a¡in a mirrow.

Sarah said with a loud voice, Guys I cant decide what to wear !

Take your time said Rob.

Suddenly she came to us wearing a very hot dress very tight to her body and asked us: Do I look good to you guys?

I said you look awesome, rob didnt said anything. I think Rob doesnt like it, I thing I wear something else.

and she left to the room again and after a little while she came again wearing anither dress with a long skirt but with the upper part very suggestive, her average boobs, looked so sexy. she had a skirt and a small blouse in her hand, And now she asked? or should I try this mini skirt?

I said, you should try it!

And just like that she olny turned to the wall and said, close your eyes guys. She was about to change clothes right there, O f coursewe didnt cover our eyes completely, we could see her body in her underwear while she was changing.
i feel very sexy using this , what do you think?
She looked stunning !!
and she said, I guess I`ll use this blouse without bra,
She took the blouse, and she took her bra out !!!  in front of us !!  What do you think of my boobs? should i make them bigger? she asked. Rob said they look awesome to me. If you want to make them bigger and firm, just do it, I said
Do you think they are not firm enough?
i havent touched them
do you want to feel it? Sure I said
And just like that I was touching her right boob !
Feel the other one Rob, she said. And Rob was touching the left one.
She seems to be enjoying just like us. So we started touching at her nipples

Guys you made my nipples hard ! She said with a smile. We stop and she put on the little blouse, Now I look Hot ! she said, and also said, Maybe we will continue this some other time guys I felt so sexy and exited, as she walked to her room to make her hair ready. We were speechless

A minute later Matt arrived and asked us, Hows the game guys?

Sarah stared at me from the room.. I look at her and said aloud: This game was Just Awesome. I cant wait to see whats next !
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