Fantasy, Reality And Our Own Private World.

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It took some time but she went from a married woman to living out vivid sexual fantasies. I would always tell her when I was getting ready to show someone her nude selfies and make her tell me how turned on she was! banner1

She was in a bad marriage since the age of 17. We were early fourties late thirties. Still had nice bodies and looked younger than our age.She claimed to have only had sex with her husband in her life. This is the aa woman who is the mistress in all my stories. It took quite sometime but I knew that with attention and flattery I would be able to eventually get those clothes off of that fantastic body she was hiding behind her drab wardrobe her husband required her to wear. 

I won't get into too much detail on that part but she had a fantastic ass and legs that went to heaven and basically small breasts. I remember after about a year of befriending her we developed the ability to talk bluntly to one another and  she offered to meet up as long as we kept it secret. We met she was all dressed up and she wanted to drive somewhere private. When we got there she said, "well, get your dick out I've been wanting to suck it for a long time". I took my pants down she leaned in and dropped her pants and I began to rub her ass and said wow,it looks better than I imagined it would and started fingering her ass." I didnt even have to drop my pants to get hard around her so needless to say I was hard as a brick. She started bobbing up and down and when I told her I was getting ready to cum, she started making noises and started sucking harder and faster! He pussy was dripping down her legs! As she began swallowing my cum she started cumming. The first time I bent her over to fuck her she said "I've already came once just thinking about what something that big is going to do to me, at first I wasn't going to let you fuck me but I've been fantasizing about it. Dan is only about 4 inches compared to your about 11."
Needless to say I wiggled my cock in her tight pussy and stretched it out slow and easy then began to bury it until I started cumming. She always wanted it down her throat. Several days later she told me she couldn't walk right for 2 or 3 days and she thinks Dan knows.
Anyway after that point she seemed to have a raging sex drive. I always told her how killer her body was. Sometimes as she was giving me head I would use her vibrator on her saying "picture someone,anyone who comes to mind, fucking you while you are sucking my dick". At first she acted turned off by it but we began to have some awesome sex. 
One time I asked Her how she would feel if I showed a friend some of her nude selfies. She sheepishly replied "I guess if you want to but I don't think people are going to think I'm as hot as you do."She used to tell me how jealous her husband was and I remember telling her one time, "I am so proud of your body I would let 13 guys lineup and jack-off on you!" She said "wow! are proud of me!" 
During that hookup I text one of her pics to a friend. His response was "damn that's a nice fuckin' ass, let me see her titties." I showed his response to her and she wanted to know if he was "hot". I assured her he was and I added that from what he and I had talked about before he has a pretty good sized cock also. He has had many women also. I showed her a pic of him and she said "well,he is good looking". I told her to pose so I could send him what he wanted and she proudly stood up exposing herself full frontal and posed like a model!  I knew she was feeling it! He shot a response back "hell yes!". She was eager to see his response. She had always said "nothing like that would ever happen but I could fantasize, we all do." I began to say things like, "imagine what it would be like sucking my cock and him pounding you from behind!" She replied, "NO, he won't get inside me, I would rather suck his dick and you fuck me." To which I replied, "I would love to see the pleasure in your eyes as you are sucking me off and he is pounding that hot pussy from behind..or would you rather just kneel in front of us and take turns sucking our cocks?" I asked her " well, would you at least let him jack off and swallow his cum while I fucked you?" Once again she acted like she wasn't up for it. I kept assuring her it was all for her pleasure. I assured her I wouldn't pressure her and I ended up sending her pics to 3 other guys and she couldn't believe their responses. They all loved her ass! She said "I wonder what his dick looks like. I hope its not little." She was hooked! I text Andy her number and told him what she said. A few minutes later he text ME  pic of his dick and said "well, your gonna see it anyway". I showed her and asked her what she thought. She said "wow!.. it looks like the same size as you! Didn't ever think I'd see one much less have 2 that big. That's a nice dick!" I said ,"just imagine how much BOTH of us could make you cum!" She said, Yeah, that would be almost 2 feet of dick!" We had great sex before we left..she wanted to suck my cock and me use her dildo on her and told me "I am going to imagine your friend is fucking me while I give you a blowjob." The we set the phone up and videoed it.  She was cumming so hard during sex it was white cream dripping on the bed as she was taking it doggy style. 

The next night I got a text from her. She said she had a wet dream about it. She said she couldn't stop thinking about taking Andys dick.  Her mind had changed! She said she had went  from nothing ,to jacking him off, to sucking his dick but then she said "I just can't get out of my head how good it would feel to get fucked by 2 huge rock hard cocks, one a complete total stranger, in one day.We will see how it goes but tou know how I am..I hope his cum tastes good because I am so turned on with the thought of it I will want to swallow his load too..I know you really want me to do this also. Plus after this Ive been thinking about watching you fuck your neighbor. Maybe she will agree to that." Wow! I was ecstatic! 

A few mornings later Andy and I showed up. I had text her beforehand so she would be up. She came to the door in a thin pajama shirt outfit. She opened the door rather nervousl those cute nipples were poking through her top. I was already hard and leaking. Andy and I went and sat on the couch. She had went to the bedroom, which was very dark, so I motioned Andy to follow me. She was in an adjacent bedroom. Andy and I stripped naked. As she came out with the light on she could see both us naked..she walked in between us and began to rub on me as I bahama to fondle her and Andy joined in. All four hands were caressing and stroking all over her body. She was so overwhelmed she was almost paralyze. She grabbed both our dicks and began to massage them and said, "damn, those are 2 fine looking cocks. She knelt down and began looking up at us as she was stroking. She sucked mine a few strokes then switched to Andy. Andys dick was just about the same length as mine,maybe slightly longer, but slimmer but the head was my same size and it was bent up. Mine is straight. She got up pushed me onto the bed bent over with her feet still on the floor put her hands on my knees, looked at me devilishly and said "are you ready Andy!? I want you to grab my ass and fuck the hell out of me and when you get ready to cum, I want it in my mouth!" I laid back and she started sucking me cock with her eyes fixed on mine the whole time, Andy stepped in close, grabbed her hips and stuck his dick inside her. I could see the look in her eyes was pure ecstasy. Andy didn't waste anytime getting to business, he started out slamming her, she was moaning from the time he grabbed her body and started fucking her. Every slam he gave her thrust her forward and I had it timed with every pump I gave ,I could feel my cock going down several inches in her throat. The look in her eyes was priceless! PLEASURE! She was moaning incessantly, and I could see the pussy juice literally running down her legs. About that time I started moaning and began to shoot a load down her throat, she never missed a beat and sucked it dry,as always. Andy started almost yelling "I'm going to cum"and pumping harder still..she raised up turned around quickly ,got on her knees, opened up and took his load down her throat also! 

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