Tori Loves Attentiion

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Tori Loves to tease and fuck cheating

Chapter 1: Tori Loves Attention.

I hope you enjoy and please vote. I will answer all your comments, as I always do.

I am writing this in the person of the character. This is the first time writing as the woman. I hope you enjoy.

I am Tori and Tom is my twin brother. We turned 18 a month ago. I am 5’6” with auburn hair, cut around my cheek bones flowing to the nape of my neck in the back. Big brown eyes a slight overbite with full lips. Slender shoulders firm round breasts with protruding nipples. A slim waist that accentuates my perfectly rounded bottom. Long muscular legs that are always displayed with heels.

I have always craved attention and Tom is been happy to be in the back round. Actually he likes to watch me getting dressed and play with myself. Now that we are legal so to speak. I have upped my game with getting noticed.

At school my skirts got shorter my blouses got tighter and my bras when I wore them were always darker than my blouses. I loved the cat calls from the boys and the leers from our male teachers. When I noticed I was being starred at. A button would mysteriously come undone showing more boob.

A week after our birthday. Mom and I were shopping. I was wearing a short spandex skirt that just covered my 18 year old bubble but. A cute little pop top and of course heels. Mom was in a short sun dress with her ample cleavage showing and sandals.

We noticed men giving us long leering looks. I was getting excited knowing they wanted to fuck us.

“Do you think Dad ever fantasizes about other woman?” I asked Mom.

“He has no reason to. I fulfil every sexual fantasy he could have before he thinks of it. If more wives were as sexually open as me. That guy in the shoe store wouldn’t have a hard on right now.” As she bent over so her boobs almost fell out.

I bent over in front of her pretending to push them back in. My skirt rode up to expose the bottom of my ass cheeks. I was getting so aroused visualizing his cock growing and pressing against his pants.

“I think we should see if you can find some new heels?” She smiled.

We went in hand in hand. Bart came over his cock pressing against his pants.

“How can I help you beautiful ladies?”

“I was looking for another pair of heels. Maybe a little higher than these? These don’t really show my legs off, the way I like. Maybe in pink. I love pink.” Stretching my leg out, giving him a look at my smooth silky legs.

Mom sitting beside me leaning over, running her hand down my leg to remove a shoe. Bart swallowed hard as I spread my legs giving him a look at my pink thong.

“I’ll look in the back.” Scurrying away.

“Wait I’ll help.” Jumping up and running after him.

After cornering him in the back. Pushing my body against him.

“Who do you want to fuck more? Me or my Mom? Straddling and riding his leg.

Sweat beads formed on his forehead as I felt his cock on my thigh. I could feel the wetness of my pussy through my thong and wanted his cock in me so bad.

“Well. Me or Mom? Squeezing his throbbing cock.

“I I’m married.” He shuddered.

“So neither then. Fine.” Getting off him and sliding my saturated thong off and handing it to him.

Smoothing my skirt down. Lifting my top showing him my firm ripe boobs and shaking my head.

“Bring the shoes out when you find them. Size 5.

Shrugging my shoulders and rolling my eyes up told Mom that this idiot didn’t want to fuck me.

“Found some.” Carrying two shoe boxes out.

I put my foot on his lap spreading my legs so he could see my bald pussy lips as he slid the shoe on. Then the other. I stood up raising my crotch to his face. His eyes widened as he inhaled taking in the scent of my wet pussy.

There was his cock again pressing hard against his pants. I pranced around in front of him giving him a good look at the young horny bod he had just turned down. Mom whistled and shook her head.

“Do you think I could take you out sometime? He asked timidly.

“Like a dinner date?” I asked smiling.

Pick me up at 7. I’ll wear my new heels for you.

He nodded. Mom paid for my shoes and I wrote our address down.

What a perfect night. Mom and Dad had their weekly date night which meant they wouldn’t be home until Sunday. It was the weekend so I could stay up late.

I chose my pink spaghetti strap mini dress with my new pink shoes. No bra no panties so my nipples would be clearly visible and pink lip gloss.

He showed up at 7 sharp. Tom answered the door. Bart had looked like he just saw a ghost as Tom said.

“Kinda of old to be dating my sister don’t you think. Kinda like fucking your daughter.”

“Tom!” He’s just taking me to a nice restaurant. Bart is married.” Stop being mean.

I was an inch taller with my heels on. I slid my arm around his waist and kissed his balding head as he awkwardly started toward the door. I stood at the car door waiting for him to open it for me. Obviously he wasn’t used to opening the door for his wife.

I slid into the seat allowing my dress to slide up revealing my slender legs and letting him know I wasn’t wearing underwear. Smiled when he squirmed sitting in trying to get comfortable with his hard on pressing against his pants. I shifted in the seat showing more of my thighs and crotch knowing he wanted my hot young body even more.

We made small talk on the way to the restaurant. I found out he had been married fifteen years and had three children. Two girls and a boy. His wife was depressed and he hadn’t had sex in three months. No wonder his cock was always hard.

Walking into the restaurant. The host smiled looking at us and the men tried to steal looks as we walked by. Their wives gave stuck uo disgusted frowns at me. All this only confirmed what Mom had told me and made me excited at all the potential dates.

We were lead to a curved seat with a candle in the corner of the restaurant. Bart wasn’t sure where to sit, so I slid in and patted the seat next to me.

The host took an extra look as my dress exposed my inner thigh and my boobs brushed him. I could see I had made his evening which only added to my arousing mood.

“Your waiter will be here shortly. Enjoy.” Walking away shaking his head.

I immediately took the table cloth arranged it over my crotch and placed my dates hand on me under it. Bart turned red but timidly touched my moist pussy. I reached over wrapping my hand around him squeezing gently.

“What can I get you to drink?” Handing us menus.

“Water for me and iced tea for Bart. I don’t like booze and he is driving.” I answered as Bart was still trying to process what was happening under the table.

Our waiter. A young man, saw the table cloth and assumed. Judging from the bump in his pants. He imagined more than what we were doing. Maybe he just liked my rock hard nipples starring back at him. Either way. I was enjoying my date so far.

After we had our meal. The waiter returned with our bill. Leering at my hard nipples and trying to see under the table cloth.

“Will there be anything else? Some napkins maybe”

“No. Not necessary. I swallow.” Licking my lips as he turned red and bolted off.

In the car. We decided my place was the best place to go. Bart was nervous about Tom being there but it was the best choice. I knew Tom would be watching and that made me even more horny. I set the rules for our date.

“You can fuck me as many times as you want. When our date is done. You will never forget me but you will never see me again.”

I then undid his pants slid them down.

“Bet I get my desert before we get back to my place.”

I leaned over and licked his cock from tip to base. Inhaling deep as my nose reached his pubic hair. I love the smell of cock sweat. I licked up his shaft circling my tongue under his head before taking him in my mouth and inching down slowly.

Massaging his big balls while increasing my bobbing on his cock. My mouth slightly open to accommodate his wide girth. All I could think about was how it would fill my little 18 year old pussy. I continued sucking and massaging when I felt the car stop at a red light.

I raised my mouth to his head. Locked my lips under his throbbing mushroom tip. Stroked and sucked flicking my tongue until I felt his balls tighten.

He arched and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed fast making sure none escaped as I sucked him dry. I sat up. Showed him the last of his cum on my tongue and swallowed.

He pulled into the driveway. Pulled his pants up. Looking over at me.

“That was a nice evening. Thank you.”

“Don’t you want to come in and fuck me? I want you to. A strong man like you can do it again.” I assured him.

He got out. Hurried around to open my door looking around nervously to see if any body was watching. I got out and walked him to my door. Took his hand and went straight to my bedroom.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll go get ready.” Taking my white satin wrap.

I slid out of my dress and shoes. Gargled put the wrap on. He had the door closed light standing with nothing on. I opened the door turned the light on and went to the bed. I wanted to make sure Tom had a good view of me getting fucked.

I laid on the bed exposing my boobs and pussy. Licked my fingers making them wet and rolled my hard nipples between them. Bart looked embarrassed with his pot tummy and sagging man tits. His cock twitched so I began rubbing my pussy. Parting my lips so he could see my clit getting wet.

“Come taste.” I whispered.

Arching into his tongue as he gently licked me. I took his hand and put it on my aching tit. His tongue licking up and down. He was getting the idea as I met his tongue with my clit as I fucked his face.

I fingered my wet pussy so he followed. His fingers were bigger and thicker which caused me to fuck him harder. My body tensed and my pussy squeezed his fingers. I convulsed and my clit exploded on his mouth as I came.

I pulled him up and kissed him hard on his mouth. Tasting my cum as I licked the inside of his mouth and around his shiny cum glazed lips. I tasted almost as good as his cum.

I guided his now fully erect cock into me. My pussy stretched to accommodate his thick throbbing cock. My tits were burning with lust as I arched and retracted wanting him to fuck me hard.

“Turn me around and fuck me from behind. I won’t break. Fuck me hard. I want you to treat me like a slut. Fuck me Bart. Fuck me.” I screamed.

I knew Tom would be watching and that made me want it more. Knowing he would be hard too and he would be stroking his cock watching his sister be used like a slut brought me to another body shaking orgasm.

My wrap clung to the sweat on my back as Bart got over his timidness and pounded my tight little cunt like I wanted. He was pulling on my firm tits as he plunged into me with each hard thrust.

He pulled out of me. Turned me around. Lifted me up and set me on his cock. Laying down so I was facing him to fuck him cowgirl. I was totally engulfed by his cock as I bounced up and down on his big hard cock.

He sucked on my nipples. Biting and sucking. Bart was now taking charge and lifted me up to fuck me fast and furious. My God. My body was tingling as my juices ran down my leg.

He stopped to catch his breath as I gyrated on his cock so close to climax. I felt his twitch and knew he was going to cum. I reached behind and fondled his tight ball sac. Gently tickling with my nails.

His body went into spasm as his cock erupted shooting his thick hot cum deep into me. I fell forward as my body began shaking in orgasm. His cock kept shooting cum in me as lights went off in my head and my pussy tightened on his cock.

My pussy still quivering. I got enough strength to roll off. Cupped my hand under me and farted out his cum. His eyes widened as I licked it from my hand.

It tasted so good mixed with my sweet cum. I then slid down to his shrinking cock and sucked the last of his cum. He jerked as I licked his tender cock head and tried to pull away. I smiled but was determined to get all of his cum.

“Do you want to fuck my tight little bum now?” Running my wet finger up and down my ass crack.

“I can’t. I’m done and that is just wrong.” He answered sternly.

I bent over in front of him. Inserted a finger in my ass and then another. Fingering my tight ass in front of him. Just then Tom came in my dress. Tom was jerking off in my dress. Was he fantasizing about fucking me. That is so taboo and hot.

Bart got dressed. Saw Tom for the first with my dress wrapped around his cock saturated with his cum.

“I have to go now. Maybe next time I will be OK with anal. Just have to get used to it.”

“Bart! There will be no next time. So now or never. Just do it!”

Bart walked out.

I shrugged my shoulders knowing he would relive this night all his life. Normally I would be upset at being turned down. But Tom my twin brother fantasizes about fucking me. I knew he liked watching me but to actually want me. I couldn’t even be mad at him for ruining my dress.

I’ll have to get him to live his fantasy. Chapter two is coming.

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