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I tease a friend and get taught a lesson

Jackielovescock   August 24, 2020   | 25905 Views
My husband and I meet up with an old friend of his and I tease him to much which leads to my husband getting humiliated and me getting used. stepmom

I was 40 used to keep fit by playing netball, 36c boobs and have been for a long time a tease, my husband was in the army when we met and married.  We have 2 sons now both grown up, during are marriage I cheated a lot and got caught almost every time. But knew after the second time that he would always take me back. It lasted 20 years before eventually we got divorced.  

On this particular occasion we had just left the army and my husband had bumped into a very close old friend of his called Charlie, He had made plans for the 3 of us to go for a pub lunch on the moors. Now I have never really liked Charlie because sometimes he can be annoying to me.  During one of my marital breakdowns I drove away from Germany and went and lived with Charlie and his then girlfriend in Exeter for about 2 months. 

He started to annoy me by continually phoning my husband and telling him what I was up to. It was whilst there that after about two weeks I'd decided to teach him a lesson! So at every opportunity whilst his girlfriend was working and he was home with me alone I began to flash him or deliberately tease him.  I would walk out of my bedroom with my dressing gown open when I knew he was in the hallway, and 
pretend I was doing up the cord making sure he got a good eye full of my knickers and bra. This progressed 
onto the same thing but being naked. I would leave it open longer pretending not to notice he was there.

i would often set up the ironing board in the lounge when he was watching tv ensuring that my back was towards him and place the wash basket full of ironing as close to him as possible. I would then put on my netball skirt and loose top with no bra and a thong which I would pull up between my pussy lips. Then for the next 2 hours I would slowly do the ironing.  I would part my legs and then bend at the waist to search through the ironing basket making sure I took my time. My pussy which was clearly on view to him would have been no more then two feet from him, so he would have a very clear view.  

Half way through I would ask him if he wanted a cup of tea? Which he would always say yes to, this would give my a chance to see what sort of impact I was having on him. I would return and place his tea on the coffee table and get a good glance at his groin area.  Every time I would see his, and I hate to say this very very large cock squeezed against the leg of his jeans and nearly always with a growing wet patch showing at the end of his cock.

He sometimes would jump up and quickly disappear upstairs to his bedroom or toilet and then return 5 minutes later with a flushed look on his face.

So come the day of our outing to the moors it was very hot and sunny, I wore an old cut up pair of loose fitting shorts and a low cut tank top with no underwear at all just to tease him even more. We arrived at this nice quiet pub and went into the beer garden. The tables were low and the benches were high luckily for me.
Charlie sat down so I quickly positioned myself directly opposite, my husband disappeared to get the drinks so I decided to take full advantage straight away. I started to chat to Charlie and slowly began to open my legs. It must have taken him about ten seconds before he noticed and his stare was fixed on my pussy. 

When my husband returned I quickly closed my legs until he was sat next to me then opened them even wider. Charlie didn't seem to care that we could both obviously see him looking at my pussy. When my husband spoke to Charlie and he looked at him I took the opportunity to look at Charlies cock which again seemed massive and very hard. I looked straight into Charlie's eyes opened my legs further then smiled at him. 

We finished our meal then decided to drive just down the road to an old airfield which was ringed with a grass bank about two feet high, but you could lay back and relax on it. There was a ice cream van so I sent my husband to get three ice creams.  This gave me chance to position my self on the bank, I laid out with one leg on the bank with my knee raised the other on the floor legs nicely parted. Charlie immediately sat at my feet and my husband sat at my head allowing me to rest it on his thigh.

Charlies eyes were almost out on stalks he was less then a foot away from my completely on show pussy. I then asked him if I could rest my leg across his which he agreed to straight away. He placed his hand on my knee and I suggested he rub it because it was sore from netball practice. He was in there like a flash, slowly he rubbed on my knee then along the top of my thigh.  He began to move higher and higher then he started to go under my shorts and very close to my pussy. My husband then began to become aware of what was going on and suggested we call it a day. Charlie and I almost simultaneously said no it's a lovely day let's stay here for a while longer.

Charlie started to get braver and braver until I suddenly felt one of his fingers touch my pussy I gave out a little squirm which my husband noticed, which prompted him again to say let's go but we both said shut up.
i suddenly started to get aroused which was making my pussy wet. I couldn't understand because I didn't really like Charlie but I couldn't for the life of me get the view out of my mind of what seemed to be an enormous cock in Charlie's jeans I'd seen earlier.  Then it started, Charlie with every rub up my thigh he would touch me.  Then he moved his hand up inside my shorts and started to explore my pussy with his fingers. He then touched my clit, I gave out a muffled moan but it could be heard. Nobody seemed to say anythiny, why isn't my husband doing anything to stop this? 

Charlie then started to rub my clit I was getting wetter and wetter and found myself opening my legs wider. Charlie then moved his fingers down my pussy and slowly started to push two fingers inside of me. They went inside me right up to his knuckles.  He then openly and in view of my husband started to slowly move his fingers in and out Of my now very wet pussy. I started to moan, then suddenly my husband said we must go now again we both said no and he did nothing. Charlie started to move faster and faster in and out of me then he pushed another finger in, I could feel it cumming but thought no this can't be surely my husband isn't going to let him bring me to an orgasm? You could now hear slurping noises as Charlies finger moved in and out of my soaking pussy, he was going faster and faster. Then suddenly my husband stood up and said we're going. Charlie withdrew his fingers from deep inside me, my husband was walking to the car. Charlie looked at me and abruptly said open your mouth bitch I did as he said he then put his wet fingers in my mouth and ordered me to clean them off. I was shocked and hesitated for a second then he said now bitch, so I sucked my own love juices off his fingers.

we both got up and moved to the car, my husband already had the engine running so I went to get in the front with him, but Charlie barked at me and said your in the back with me bitch. Why wasn't my husband putting a stop to this? I climbed in the back and before I had chance to shut the door the car was moving. It was a thirty minute trip home and I thought soon this will be over. But as soon as we were moving Charlie was on me, one hand went straight under my top to my tits the other right back on to my wet pussy. He was squeezing my tits and then moved on to my nipples it took about two seconds for them to get rock hard. He then pushed his three fingers back inside me taking up where he left off.  Then with horror he looked me in the eyes and placed his lips onto mine, his tongue went deep into my mouth our tongues touched and it was like an electric shock.  

He sucked my tongue, squeezed my nipples at the same time pushing those fingers deep inside me. I was going to cum! I tried to stop my self but at the same time found myself opening my legs wide and pushing my hips forward, what was I doing? What started off as a tease was now truly out of hand. My husband was driving like a twat could he go any faster. Then suddenly we skid to a halt in our drive. My husband said, I will drop Charlie home but then Charlie replied no Jackie wants me to come in for a drink. He squeezed my nipple very hard and whispered in my ear don't you bitch. I said in a strained voice yeh let's get Charlie a drink. He then whispered wise move tease now it's my turn.

We went straight into the lounge I sat on the settee my husband asked what we wanted to drink then disappeared to make them. Charlie sat next to me and started straight in where he left off. My husband returned with the drinks placed them on the table and stood watching us. Charlie got to his feet and ordered my husband to sit in the corner an watch. And to my amazement he did exactly as he was told.

Charlie sat back down and started on me again only this time every thing was slower and more deliberat. He undid the buttons on my shorts and gently eased them off then came the tank top. I was now completely naked, sat next to a guy whom I'd teased for a joke.  He lowered his head and started to lick my boobs then sucking my nipples, then he moved up to my lips and kissed me passionatel, I was putty in his hands and responded by sucking his tongue, he took my hand and placed it on his leg then moved it onto his cock. I followed the shape of it up his leg, no it couldn't be that big. Charlie then knelt in front of me his head lowered down towards my soaking wet pussy, then I felt it, his tongue, straight onto my clit he licked the whole length of my pussy then gave my clit three or four licks, to late, it came like and out of control train my hips left the sofa I grabbed the back of Charlie head and pushed it hard onto my pussy and screamed out loud Charlie! Yes yes yes. Never before had I had an orgasm so intense and so long.

i looked across at my husband who was just sat watching, Charlie then stood up and said to my husband that's how you make a woman cum. My husband just lowered his head in shame. 

Charlie then said to him look at me, he did obedientl. Charlie undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor, my husbands eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open I then looked, Charlie had a pair of tight fitting hipsters on, but, then my mouth fell open as the outline of Charlie's cock was clear. He looked at me and ordered me to pull them down.  I did has he ordered my hands shaking as I slowly pulled his pants down.

Slowly they came down as I struggled to get it over the end of his cock which was bursting to get out, then boom. It was free, Never had I seen anything like this before. It sprang out and was pointing straight ahead. The first thing was its length I was guessing 12 inches although it could be longer but, it was the thickness of it let's say as thick as a deodecant can then it had an enormous and I mean enormous mushroom shaped head. And on the end of that it was dripping with precum. 

Charlie then looked at my husband and said, by the time I have finished today your wife will be my bitch to have whenever I want and there ain't fuck all you can do about it. Followed by do you understand? To which my husband lowered his head and said yes Charlie. Charlie then shouted, no! What you mean is yes master, got it? And my husband replied yes master.

Charlie moved towards me and shouted open wide, I thought there is no way I'm going to get that in my mouth. He then said do excactly as I tell you. He pushed his massive mushroom head up to my lips then slowly pushed inside. My mouth was at full stretch he push inside my jaw was at breaking point. Then the head was inside he ordered me to lick, I did as I was told. He inched in deeper, I began to gag, he ordered me to breath through my nose which I did. My gagging eased slightl, now he said stick your tongue out under my cock which I did. He pushed in further, even so I must of had only 2 inches of his cock inside my mouth. He pushed in another inch I gagged he pulled back slightly, this went on as inch by inch he eased his cock into the back of my throat. Then withdrew, he then told me to take a deep breath, which I did he then quickly pushed half of his cock deep into my throat and held it there. Then he withdrew it again and told me to take another deep breath,  this time he pushed in half way then drew back two inches and then forward in a fucking movement. He did this for about 30 seconds then pulled right back. I was able to breath through my nose and had stopped gagging. Then the same again. This time he fucked for longer. My jaw was aching my pussy was soaking and my husband was silent.

Then he ordered me to take a really deep breath, my eyes were watering, then he went back in and started again to fuck slowly at first and then faster, then without warning he pushed hard until his entire length was deep in my throat, I was gagging he didnt care, he gave out a massive grunt and I could fell his cum hitting deep in my throat, he then pulled out of my mouth and suddenly my face was being covered in his hot seed. Spurt after spurt huge jets of red hot cum covering my face, in my eyes my hair. 

I opened my eyes best I could and there in front of me was Charlie's still rock hard massive cock. cum dripping off the tip. He sat down next to me. I thought well his cock will shrink to nothing and the ordeal would be over. But it just stayed rock hard pointing to the ceiling. 

Then came the biggest shock Charlie shouted over to my husband, he said well don't just sit there get over here. He stood up and slumped towards me. Charlie ordered him on his knees and instructed him to lick every drop of cum off my face. I closed my eyes but Charlie ordered me to open them and look at my husband, he started, lick by lick drinking down all Charlie's cum. Until my face was clean. That's enough Charlie barked now get over here. No I thought there is no way he was going to do that. Charlie stood in front of my husbands face and said, shouted clean my cock bitch. My husband lowered his head and then slowly started to lick Charlie cock clean, Charlie then barked make a good job of my head followed by open wide bitch, and dutifully pushed his enormous mushroom head into his mouth. Come on he said lick it clean.

once Charlie was satisfied it was clean he ordered him back to the corner. Now it was my turn again, I was sopping wet because strangely seeing my husband cleaning our love juices off his cock made me even wetter.
Charlie moved between my legs his cock to hard and rigid. Charlie looked me straight in the eyes and said this is where you become my slave bitch. 

He inched his way forward I could feel his cock pressing against my entrance, my eyes were closed he ordered me to open them and look at him. He started to push his huge thick mushroom head into me it was h

Slowly it went inside there was pain. Pain I hadn't suffered since child birth. Then the head was inside me I came immediately a massive orgasm, wave upon wave I was in heaven. I shouted out Charlie fuck me hard, where did that come from?, he pushed inside me little by little no one had ever been this deep inside me, in it went until I felt his thighs touch mine. Back out he came but before he had completely withdrawn I was having another massive orgasm. Charlie laughted and said to my husband, I told you she would be my bitch.
i looked across at him and he seemed to be rubbing his cock. Then Charlie started going withdrawing all the way out then thrusting all the way in. Two mow thrusts and again I was cumming. I had only ever had two orgasms with previous lovers know here he was a person I hated giving me four already. 

Charlie got faster and on the way I had another three orgasm. His thighs slapped against, mine then with one almighty thrust Charlie gave a familiar grunt and I could fell him pumping into me. Then he suddenly pulled that enormous cock out and continued to cum spurt after spurt all over my pussy. . He then ordered me to close my legs. He returned to his seat and still his cock was rigid and hard, he then again summoned my husband.

He ordered him to lie on the floor which he did, and then told me to crouch over his head and hold my pussy lips closed with my hand, I crouched over his head, he then told my husband that from now on he would be the clean up guy. He told him to open his mouth and then ordered me to lower my pussy over his face but keep hold of my pussy lips, he guided me down onto his mouth and then ordered me to remove my hand. His cum came gushing out he told Tony to drink it all down which he did then when I was empty he made me lower my fanny down on to his face and move foreward and backward rubbing his cum drips all over his face.

i Know Tony was probably loving this because I hadn't let him lick my pussy for at least two years..

Charlie then told us both to sit down and said, I tell you what I might stay the night......

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