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im a primary school pe teacher and im 23, 2 weeks ago my boyfriend took a week of holidy and as schools are closed for summer break.i was also off from work.we were at my house and… stepmom im a primary school pe teacher and im 23, 2 weeks ago my boyfriend took a week of holidy and as schools are closed for summer break.i was also off from work.we were at my house and it was about 1.30 ish and my boyfriend said lets go upstairs.
So i said ok and went into my bedroom and i pulled the curtains slighty too.and got undressed we were fucking in all positions,legs over his shoulders, me riding him, him downforce fucking me etc etc.then he puts me on 4's and enters me from behind and pushing his entire cock into me then he sat back a little and ulled me up and i was then full frontal position but being fucked from moaning and telling him to pull my hair smack me fuck me harder and not quietly,i then opened my eyes slightly and saw the window cleaner stood there on his ladder with his mobile phone pointing right at soon as i saw him  grabbed the duvet and covered myself.told my bf and he looked and he had gone.i didnt tell my bf about the mobile phone recording and we just laughed embaressed,then he got upp closed the curtains properley and we carried on.
Asmy window cleaner does my windows fortnightly he was due to come 3 days ago,i dont know why but for some reason i got turned on when i thought about him seeing me i went upstairs and got undressed and put my robe on.i kept looking and eventually saw him and his mate coming towards my house.
i got my mobile phone and pointed it at the window and pressed record.i then led on my bed pretending to be asleep but undid my robe so he would see me naked and to add a bit of rudeness i opened my legs.iheard the ladder go on the ledge outside my window so led there i could here him cleaning my window then stop,then after about 5 minutes i heard him start but another noise came shortly after i heard him climbing down the ladder so i stirred and turned on my side,and waited for at least 20 minutes,then i opened my eyes and the coast was clear.i plugged my phone into the computer and took the recording off and watched it.i see the window cleaner start cleaning the window and then he notices me he then gets out his mobile and records me.then he looks down and gives hand signals next thing i his mate up another ladder recording me and there pulling faces and making gestures like there fucking me.then my window cleaner licks my window where id have been laying and so would be licking my pussy. i went into the itchen and saw his mate next door doing upstairs so i went into my side bedroom so he would be able to see me i opened the window stepped back took of my robe and coughed i walked past the window and saw him looking,so i stood slightly back and started feeling my tits squeezing them and then my pussy eventually masturbating myself with 3 fingers i then looked straight at him as i came on my hand and i smiled and walked off.yesterday i saw my neighbour in the garden so i took my topoff and bra and went to the window opened it and then shut it loudly he looked up and im stood there topless i then opened the window again looked down at him and smiled then walked out off view.then i secretley watched him and he couldnt take his eyes of the window he had seen me in.i ant to put my robe on and order a take away when it comes let my robe open so the delivery guy sees me nude then just pay him casually before closing my robe,but willi get in trouble for indecent exposure  by doing this
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