In The Pool

Juicy8Ginger   August 21, 2016   | 37460 Views
"I want to be in you now bitch" She stood up, then settled down, right on my dick. She rocked back and forth for a while then started bouncing. After all the things I'd done to her, she was always so tight around me. banner1 My and Nancy's relationship is complicated. We aren't dating, but we get together to have sex often. We date other people, but are still fuck buddies. Today we were going to a pool together. I love to have sex in public. It gets me off so much, and I cum so hard. But anyway today we were at the pool...

" Come on Nancy! Hurry up!" I called into the girl's bathroom. She rushed out " I was just getting ready for you" she was wearing a bikini that barely covered her tan c-cup breasts with bottoms that she pulled to the side to show her pussy, with only a landing strip that matched her short pixie style brown hair. My cock twinged. " Fine. Let's go." We were at my apartment pool. It was mostly empty except for a family with a 4 year old boy in the shallow end. As soon as I got into the pool room, I jumped in the deep end, which was about 5 feet. Nancy slowly lowered herself into the pool, sighing at its warmness. For a while, we just splashed around, until Nancy jumped in and her top came off. She came up, tits out to the world. My dick sprung up eagerly. I swam over to her, and pressed her against the wall of the deep end. I grabbed her breasts and started massaging then I slowly nibbled her nipple. She moaned in pleasure. The mom glared at us. I didn't care. I moved my hand to her hips and slid her panties down, then she kicked them off. I started rubbing her pleasure bud as I bit her nipples. "Oh oh oh Andrew god that feels good." Right before she came, I stopped. " You don't get to cum till I'm in you bitch." I slapped her ass. " Now," I said as I pulled down my shorts " suck it" she lowered down so just her nose was above the water and started sucking. God she new how to suck a dick. She pulled it all the way in, then slowly back out and nibbled on the tip. Her teeth ran down my shaft and I grabbed her head and pulled it towards me. As I face fucked her, the family left, casting us disgusted looks as they went. When I felt I was close, I stopped. "I want to be in you now bitch" She stood up, then settled down, right on my dick. She rocked back and forth for a while then started bouncing. After all the things I'd done to her, she was always so tight around me. I lifted her up on the side of the pool, then pounded her. I shoved all 9 inches of my rock hard thick cock into her. "OH OH GOD YEAH!" She screamed. " Do you like that you slut, does your cunt want my cock?" my pace quickened " YES YES I WANT YOUR BIG DICK IN ME YES YES!" her orgasm came with her shouting lots of profanities. " OH YES YOU FUCK TOY FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED MARK ME AS YOURS YOU DIRTY ANIMAL!" She shouted "You like that you cock hungry slut?" I slapped her ass hard " YES YES I LOVE IT I WANT YOUR COCK! I fucked her harder. I pounded her pussy so hard I thought it would rip in half. Her breasts bounced in circles her screames and moanes increased and she came, her cunt tightening around my dick so hard I thought it would get stuck. I fucked through it. As the squirted her juice all over me and contracted, I knew I wouldn't last long. A familiar twinging in my balls started and the orgasm took over. I pumped into her like a madman as the pleasure raced through my veins and out my cock. I moaned as I shot a motherload of cum into her used pussy. She contracted, milking out every drop as I came more and more, until I was drained, and pulled out. " That was great Andrew." Nancy said panting. "We'll have to do it again sometime." And with that she climed out of the pool and walked out of the pool room, our cum still dripping down her legs, ass swinging, leaving her swim suit in the pool.
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