Whipped cream bikini

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It was a Friday night and I had a date with a sexy woman.  Her name was Alex. She was on the skinny side but her style and tattoos attracted her to me.  We planned to meet… stepmom It was a Friday night and I had a date with a sexy woman.  Her name was Alex. She was on the skinny side but her style and tattoos attracted her to me.  We planned to meet at the movies. I started getting ready around 530 because I had to shower and get dressed.  She is one of the few girls like when I wear the small men underwear, so I made sure I wore  a blue see through jockstrap.  I wore a light gray vest, blue shirt and blue jeans.  She text me to make sure I wore my cowboy boots.  She wanted proof that I actually had some. When I left my apartment ,it was around 630. I was getting close to the movie , when Alex text me, and she said she can't make it tonight because she got sick. I decided to turn around and go back to my appartment. I was a little mad because I knew it was some bullshit.  I went to the store and got me a six pack,  when I got a text from Jessica.  She said come through because her and  veronica was drinking,watching tv ,and playing cards. They are the same girls who made me jack off for them in the locker room at the gym. I kept in touch with them from time to time. I decided to go over . Jessica started talking to my  friend Andy at one time, but they fell out. Me and veronica always have a lot of sexual tension,  but never acted on it. When I got there, they were watching  Varsity Blues.  I just sat on the couch,  talk to them and watch the movie.   Then the part came on where she came out in a whipped cream bikini.  We started talking about that. Then they mentioned to me , that I should go with them to the beach and they will be a swimsuit contest for group of three. It was going to be mostly women there because they showed me who all was going to the beach party.  They said we have to be extremely sexy. All of the other candidates was slim or have more muscular. We all think they wear something skimpy or revealing.  I thought about,  what about a whipped cream bikini.  They instantly thought it was a great idea.  She let's test it out. They instantly stripped their clothes off and  stopped asked, are you going to get naked too.   I started stripping and they noticed what kind of underwear I was wearing and started.  We all got naked,  and try the whipped cream.  It didn't stayed on me so I had to shave.  Veronica helps me shave. And I shower. Then I try the whipped cream again.  It stayed on me. Only Veronica saw because Jessica went to bed. She was turned on, and so was I when I saw her. We went to her bedroom,  and started to have some kinky freaky sex with the whipped cream. It was overdue because all of the tension.  I slept with veronica in her bed. The next day, we went to the beach. We sign up for the contest.  All of the women was wearing all types of bikinis so was the men. It was our turn and we stripped and put the whipped cream on 
 We walked out and everybody was going crazy.  We ended up disqualified because it was not a swimsuit.. we got cleaned up and left because it was no fair.  We didn't care about the contest,  especially since me and veronica was all over each other . Jessica saw that and did yall have sex. We nod our heads , and said I want to watch . When we got to their apartment , we were in veronica room and me and veronica was having sex while Jessica masturbated to us. 
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