My best friends boyfriend

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I glanced to make sure my friend was still asleep, she was. I lifted my shirt up so that my bare flesh was visible and my hard nipple was pointing up Lesbian

So to start this story I should tell you that I didn’t lose my virginity until I was almost 20 years old.  I was raised by a very conservative mother and I had a healthy fear of pregnancy. 

Once I lost my virginity on a very drunken July 4th weekend I kind of went a little sex crazy and did things that 18 year old me would have never believed.

I had a guy friend who lived in a mobile home out in the country.  He was a couple years older and all my friends would hang out at his house on the weekends.  Sometimes there were 20 people and only 3 beds and we’d all spend the night.   That being said it was nothing unusual to find myself sleeping in the living room in a chair or on the floor with other people sleeping all around.  Some in couples and some single.

One night I fell asleep in a reclining chair before a lot of other people had fallen asleep.  I woke up but didn’t open my eyes a couple hours later when I felt a head lay on my lap and I hand glide up my bare leg.  The hand continued over my hip and just under the edge of my shirt.  I opened my eyes about half way and looked down into the dark brown eyes of my best friend’s boyfriend.  He glanced over to the couch and back at me.  I looked over and saw my friend sound asleep.  I looked back at him and he slid his hand farther under my shirt just grazing the bottom of my breast over my bra.   I inhaled, shocked at the touch and then keeping our eyes locked I slid down in the chair a little giving him better access.

Understanding that I was giving him permission he skillfully unhooked the front of my bra allowing my D cup tits to fall out into his waiting hand.  He quickly squeezed one tit and gently pinched a nipple that was already hard.  I glanced to make sure my friend was still asleep, she was.  I lifted my shirt up so that my bare flesh was visible and my hard nipple was pointing up.  He lightly ran his fingers over my nipple making it harder and bigger.  I closed my eyes and put my head back.  I heard him move and before I could look down I felt his hot mouth close over one nipple while his other hand pinched and pulled on the other. 

This young man had amazing skills.  I could feel my panties getting wet and I felt the need to spread my legs to him.  I was wearing short jean shorts and bikini panties.  I felt his hand leave my breast but not his mouth.  He sucked and nibbled until I thought I couldn’t take any more and then I felt him slide his fingers under my shorts and under my panties.  His fingers slid inside me easily since I was already hot and wet for him.  Slow at first he pumped 2 fingers into me while his thumb rubbed my engorged clit.  He sped up his fingers all the while his mouth took turns sucking and biting my hard nipples.  I moaned slightly, I couldn’t help it.  He looked up at me and shook his head and clamped his free hand over my mouth.

He then gave me a sly grin, glanced over his shoulder at his sleeping girlfriend and then went back to work making me cum.  I grinded my hips against his hand and he suckled me like a starving baby.  All at once I broke, cumming hard and fast in his hand.  He kept pumping and kept his other hand over my mouth.  Finally he took his fingers out of me and lifted his head and his other hand.  With another sly smile he winked at me and sucked his fingers clean.  I didn’t know what to do or say.  He got up, walked over to the couch and cuddled up to my friend and went to sleep.  I pulled my shirt back down and passed out.

When I woke some hours later there were people moving about in the house.  I went to the bathroom and while I used it I reclasped my bra only to find my nipples red and sensitive from the delicious treatment they had received the night before.  I left the bathroom and found my friend and her boyfriend making breakfast in the kitchen.  Her back was to me but she said “How did you sleep?”.  He was facing me and smiling like a fool.  “Better than I have in a while” I said.

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