Going home from the beach

Butta17   April 23, 2018   | 22444 Views
One extremely hot summer day turned in to  hot sexy day. My girlfriend and I was going to the beach with her friends and there boyfriendsor husbands. We woke up late and made… rings One extremely hot summer day turned in to  hot sexy day. My girlfriend and I was going to the beach with her friends and there boyfriendsor husbands. We woke up late and made the drive down south to the beach so we can we meet up with all them. She called all of them and most of them were already down there.  She had a long t shirt cover her one piece swimsuit, and I was just wearing a tank top and swimming trunks.  It takes 2 and half hours to get down there. My girl took a little nap.  When we got closer,  she woke up. When we got there, we chatted with all of her friends. It was around 1 , the heat of day. We got in the water and started having fun with the rest of the couples.  I love when my girl wears swimsuit,  they hugs her curves and I always get turned on. It was around 6, and we decided to go back home, so we can meet up for a bbq.  When we got to the car, we notice we forgot the towels. We just got in the car, and drove off. The a.c. keep making us cold and not drying us off, so we decided to ride witg the windows and let mother nature dry us off.   She then dare me to drive naked all the way home,  I said triple dog dare to join me. She said let' do it. I pulled over and toss my shorts in the back.  She did the same with her swimsuit. I was getting turned on.  We were both naked.  That's what I like about her, we like to be naked,  we like to have fun, and we don't care what anybody thinks. All the faces when we drove by were priceless.  I think we almost cause 4 accidents. Then with an hour in to the drive, we got traffic.  Then I started to finger her so I can tease and see more crazy reaction. I stop right before she was going to cum. Sh was turned on.  Then she started to give me head . And she did the same thing but I came all over my seat. We just laugh.  When we got home,  we walk in to the house butt ass naked,  while the neighbors watch.  We went up to the bed room, I pushed her on the bed and started to fuck her until she fun at least 3 times. I fucked her with one leg up, two legs up and  then from behind.  She was satisfy
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