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a long story Lesbian Hi all,about 9 months ago i moved into my new house,on the day i moved in the neighbour moved out up until around 10 weeks ago it remained empty.
I hadnt noticed anyone move in till i was cleaning my car and i heard a female say after you have done yours,you can do mine.i turned around and stood in the next door garden was an absolute stunning brunette female,about 5'10 wearing a tshirt that showed her belly.
I laughed and said ok i only charge £5 or a brew and she laughed back and said hello my names rachel,i said hi rachel im chris.
As she had just moved in i said if theres anything you need doing just give me a knock on,unless you have a partner that does it all.She says no ive no partner so you will most likely hear your door bell go from time to time,i say anytime at all.
A week or so passes and im about to go in my garage and go out on my quad when i hear the door bell go,so i answerit and rachel is stood there and says ive got a new washing machine and dishwasher and i can only get my washing machine going as there is nowhere to connect the dishwasher too for water and the pipe at the back.
So i say you need a cutting collar it goes on your gold pipe you then tighten it up and it pops your cold water pipe and allows you to join another item needing cold water,you will also need a connector to your waiste trap,so i said ill come round and see what you have and need and then ill go to wickes or bq and grab it and then fit it for you,so i go round and she has the space but no waiste for the dishwasher and also cold feed as id expected,so i go and get the parts needed,i get back and within the hour the job is done,rachel says what do i owe you i say nothing your ok,and she says no i need to pay you for the parts at least,so i give her the reciept and say sort it out later.
I go out on my quad and a few hours later come home and jet wash the quad off then go indoors and sit down worn out,i order dominoes and wait for it to arrive,i make a coffee and my pizza is delivered and i eat it at about 8.30pm i get ready for a shower,i go upstairs and into my bedroom which has a side window to rachels side window in her bedroom,i close the main windows and im closing the side one,when i see rachel walking about her i pull one closed and leave the other open and sit on the bed,being a pervert really hoping she is in her bedroom to take her clothes off..
Just as im thinking it she appears in the side window and takes of her jumper,my heart starts beating and im feeling the exciitement of whats next,the jumper comes off and she is now in a tshirt,i see her arms fold and up comes the tshirt and thats taken off too,she now has a white bra on and i think straight away fuck me her tits are big.
She disappears from view and then i see her again in a robe,and i think bastard but glad as if she had removed her underwear i didnt have my phone to record her haha.
So just in case i miss anything i get my palm cam out and i put it on my bed side cabinet.facing rachels side window,i then press record and i go for a shower.
I finish my shower and go into my bedroom and instantly look at rachels window and the curtains are closed.
So i go downstairs and make a brew put a film on then goto bed,i turn my bedroom light on and i see rachels curtains have been undone again,so i put my tv on and i press record on my palm cam.i fall asleep almost instantly and im awoke by my doorbell going.i look and its the postman with a parcel id been expecting,i go down sign for it and go back upstairs,rachels curtains are closed so i open my parcel and chuffed my item has arrived,i then rewind the tape in my palm cam and plug it into my tv grab the remote and press play.
Nothing exciting happens for a for a little while then i see rachel come into her room with a towel on her head and in her gown,she takes the towel off her head and towel dries it,she then opens her gown and it drops of her,i see side boob and then she turns to the window looks accross for a good 10 seconds then walks away from view,for a few seconds then comes back into view still with her tits in view and closes the curtains.
I then fast forward to where ive gone to bed and carry on to see see if i caught anything,as soon as i see rachels light come on and start watching it,she comes in her room and walks to the far side of the room and opens her cupboard still in her dressing gown and takes an item of clothing from the wardrobe then turns to the side window and take off her dressing gown,her tits are on show again and now i see she has pubes and my cock goes hard,she puts on a tshirt and a pair of shorts and goes out of sight,she reappears and closes her curtains.
I do the same the next day but the side curtains dont open,infact for about 2 weeks they dont open.
I come in from work and almost as soon as i get in the doorbell rings and its rachel i say hiya hows things and are you settled now and she says,hiya im nearly there but are you any good at electrics,i said im ok all depends what it is,she says my shower has gone off,so i think its the fuse so say il come and have a look,so i go round and open her meter cupboard and all the fuses are in the on position,so i say ill have to go and get my electrical i go back round and into the bathroom,and take the front of the shower and it shows no electric going to think there must be an isolation switch somewhere.
So i say to rachel is there any other switches or fuses in the house she says theres one in her bedroom ill show you,so we walk accross the hallway to her bedroom adn she opens the door and then points to the switch,and its a fused i undo the screw and ask if she has any fuses.
She says i doubt it,so i go to mine and get a fuse pop it in and put the switch back together and then say to rachel try the shower,next thing she screams and lauughs and says its working now,i then fully tighten the suse screw holder and turn around and rachel is stood there like its a wet tshirt competition and she has no bra on and i can see her nipples and dark surround.
I say did you get in the shower to try it she says i had to i couldnt reach and i laugh,she says thats it you laugh,she then picks up her robe and she crosses her arms grabs her tshort bottom and whips it off,showing me her massive tits,i dont know where to look but by then she has put her robe on and says thanks chris your a star,im still wondering what the fuck had just happend.
So i say if you need anything else just let me home and a few hours later decide to take a shower,i go in my bedroom and i close my main curtains,im about to close the side ones when i see rachels light on and she is looking in her wardrobe,so i cloise one curtain put my camera on record and think fuck it im going to act all normal take my clothes of walk to mt wardrobe get my robe out then put it on,all without looking towards the window,so i take my pants off and then go out of window view my cock is semi hard at this point,so i take my boxers off and i go to my wardrobe which rachel can see if she is looking i then stand side on whilst i slowly get me robe out and then stand facing the window and put it on,i then close the wardrobe door and walk out of the room.i take a shower and go downtairs and make a coffee,i then go back upstairs and into my bedroom and lie on the bed,i rewind the video and watch it and you see from the second im in my boxer shorts rachel is watching,but trying to hide so if i look i cant see her,i walk past the camera nude and rachel comes to the curtains and closes them but leaves enough open to watch but her light is on and i can see her watching me.
This is what i have ben doing up until 2 weeks ago she shows me i show her etc however 2 weeks ago i wa in my local pub and rachel comes in with her mate and there sat drinking and i go oer and say can i get you both a drink,rachel says hiya and then says to her mate this is chri from next door and introduces her mate as chloe,i buy them a few drinks and last orders go and i buy the last drinks,before i finish rachel comes over and thanks me for the drinks and says she is going so i say no problem and say gnite,i leave the pub and walk up the road to my house as i pass rachel she is in her living room and sees me and she comes to the door and says do you fancy a brew,so i say yeah sure i go in and she says what do you have i say coffe or tea with milk 1 sugar,she brings it in and sits down and starts asking questions,i answer and then ask if i can use the toilet,she says yeah course you know where it is and laughs,and i say yeah i do,when i come down rachel is in the kitchen and walks in to the living room and says,i didnt leave it a mess did i and i say i didnt even look to think to be honest,she says have you got a tattoo on your neck but keep it hidden i say i have but i dont hide it and show her,she says have you any more i say yeah and show her,she says have you any peiercings i say my eyebrow and my nippple,she then says ive got a few tattoos and piercings she then starts showing me her tattoos,she has a desing under her tit so lifts her top up past her tits to show me it,and i kist look at her tits and hard nipple,then she says and ive got my nipples pirced and to show me takes her top off,so she is sat on her settee topless and she says... Do you like my tits and i laugh and she says are you nervous i say no im just shocked,she gets up and says folllow me a minute and goes upstairs so i follow her and she goes in her bedroom and says.i dont know if you know or not but see that window and points to the side one i say yeah ive got one too.she says i know i watch you get naked through it,i say what and she says i always watch you get undressed,i say i saw you a few tmes as well and she says i know i saw you a few times watching me.
I say didnt you mind and she says no i enjoy you watching me and i love how hard your cock is have you ever wanked and thought of me i laughed and she said have you and i say ive had a wank and you have come into thought a few times,she says well whenever you want a wank come and knock on my door,so cheekily i nocked on her bedroom door and she smiles,she walks over drops to he rknees opens my pants takes out my cock and starts sucking it and putting it down her throat,i fuck the living shit out of her and have been doing everynight since,she askd me last night if i wanted a threesome with chloe so i said ok and so on friday im having a threesome if i coud post videos and pictires on here id show you what im upto
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