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I Share My Gf Part 2

Milfslayer   February 03, 2020   | 12407 Views
She walks into the living room wearing her Calvin Klein black and white bra and panties with her pink Victoria secret robe. "What do u want baby?" She asked. "Bring that phat sexy ass here." I grab her hands n pull her to me. I start kissing her stomach as I grab her ass. She pushes me down n starts to pull down my sweats. Then my boxers. A smile lights up her face when she sees my hard cock stand up. Lesbian

I had an interview for a spot on a new crew in the afternoon. I was qualified for the job n I was young so I figured I had it locked down. Easy considering I knew what to say in the interview n to let my references do the the talking. I was feeling really cocky that morning. 

When I woke up, I went thru my morning routine. (which consists of coffee, poop, morning bong rip then a shower) Then I had all this time to kill before my interview. I figured I'd get my gf n empty a load into her before I left. I called her name. She yells what from upstairs. "Come here!" I yelled back. It takes a couple minutes. Then I heard her coming down the stairs.She walks into the living room wearing her Calvin Klein black and white bra and panties with her pink Victoria secret robe. "What do u want baby?" She asked. "Bring that phat sexy ass here." I grab her hands n pull her to me. I start kissing her stomach as I grab her ass. She pushes me down n starts to pull down my sweats. Then my boxers. A smile lights up her face when she sees my hard cock stand up.
She started sucking my cock. She use her tongue to lick my balls up my shaft to my head. She really knows how to suck dick. I lay there as she suck my cock. Then I grab her head n start thrusting with my hips. Forcing my cock down her throat. When I stopped my gf was regaining her breath. "Now let's see that ass of urs" I said. My gf buries her face into the pillow n sticks her ass up in the air for me. I spit on her ass. Stick a couple fingers in her ass to get her ready. I line my cock up with her ass. I slide my cock an inch at a time. Slowly letting my gf get used to my cock. Her ass is sucking my cock in. It takes a bit but I get all 8inches of my cock up my gfs ass. I start to fuck her ass. My gf starts moaning all loud. I grabbed her hair n pulled it as I fucked her. "Yes u like my cock don't u? U lil slut. U love getting fucked. My lil whore. Yes take all that cock in ur ass. u love this? " I said as I started spanking my gfs ass. Watching my cock going in n out of her ass turned me on n made me rock hard. Once she was used to it I started to pound her ass. The sound of my balls slapping against her pussy was all u could hear besides my gfs moans.

I cummed in her ass. She laid there for a minute as she recover from that ass fucking. My cum was leaking out of her ass. I slapped her ass. "Go shower n wash ur ass." My gf got up n went upstairs to shower. I put on the clothes I'ma wear to my interview. No need to hide the smell of sex. I figured my interviewer would be a guy since the crew was for landscaping. Show him I'ma man, u know. 

I sat down to have a coffee. I hear a knock at the door. I get up to see who it is. It's Walter.(see Caught my Gf in the act) I welcome him in. We sit down n shoot the shit. After a lil bit Walter starts looking around. "Where's ur woman?" He asks. "Upstairs showering. Wanna blast?" I ask. Walter nodes. I pack her a blast n give him the bong. As he takes the rip my gf walks downstairs buck naked. "Babe where's my razor? Oh hi Wally." She said. Walter starts coughing out his blast. "Calm down. No need to act like u haven't seen her naked. I caught u fucking her when I came home from work n bin getting u to fuck her ass. remember." I said. "Jus not used to this. That's all. Jus said weird having u here n her walking around naked." Walter said. "Well shit let me make u welcome at home. Babe get over here n help Wally feel at home. Suck his big old man cock." I said. My gf comes over to Walter n undoes his jeans n pulls out his limp cock. "Awe. He's scared. Hes all limp like a worm." My gf starts sucking on Walters limp dick. He starts to get hard. Seeing my gf suck Walter off made me horny again. Walter pulls out of my gfs mouth. He cums all over her face and tits.I realized my show was over as Walters cock went limp. "That was upsetting. Couldn't hold ur load any longer?" I asked. Walter shook his head no n put his cock away. "What's the matter wally? Ur nervous. Ur acting all weird." I said. Jus as he was bout to respond his daughter came to the door. "Come in." I said as my gf pulls a blanket over herself as she wiped up Walters cum. 

"Dad y r u here? Mom was looking for u." His daughter asked. I was still hard from watching my gf suck Walter off. I tired to hide my hard on. "I came by to speak to Jr bout our bill situation. That's all. U can go back to the RV I'll be back soon." Walter said ushering his daughter outside. After dealing with his daughter he comes back inside. 

"What's up man? What u mean bill situation? Last time I checked u were still paying me back the debt u earned." I asked. Then he starts going off. "No it's nothing like that. I jus tell them that so I don't have to tell them I'm constantly thinking of fucking my daughter now. Alot recently. When I think bout it I get really hard, like rock hard. When I see my daughter walk around the trailer I think bout jus ripping her clothes off n fuck her brains out. Enjoy her tight lil body. My wife catches me staring at my daughter. I think she knows I wanna fuck our daughter. She's started sucking me off n doing wild shit with me. She even offer a threesome with her sister. Letting fuck any hole I want. Trying me to focus on her n not think bout fuck my daughter. The other day she walked in the mytrailer to me jerking off under the table to my daughter as she washed the dishes in her short shorts. My wife sent our daughter to the room. She cussed me out. Then when she was done being mad she saw I was still hard. She told me if I wanted to fuck, fuck her n she will let me enjoy every fantasy I can have but only if I leave my daughter alone. She let me fuck her ass right in he kitchen. I don't remember when I last fucked her ass.'

"Wow real problem. Ur wife wants to fuck u to stop u from fucking ur daughter. Sounds like  ju Sogot  ga ussweet deal. But I still wanna watch ur lil daughter take ur old man cock. Jus get her away n u can have all the fun u want with ur daughter. Let my gf take ur wife out. Promise I won't let my gf whore out ur wife." I joked. Walter looked at my gf. "U would take my wife out so I  could fuck my daughter n get it out my system." My gf nodds. "Of course I would. I wanna try out ur woman for a while. I promise to leave no marks." "That's y u were so nervous walter? U wanted to fuck ur daughter. Damm ahaha." "No I'm nervous cuz I think my daughter knows I wanna fuck her."

"The other day I came home early n my wife was at her moms, only our daughter was home. As I get home I decided to scare my daughter. I crept up to the window when she sleeps by. When I looked inside, I saw her sucking off my wife's brother, her uncle. I watched her suck his cock with such hunger. I was so turned on watching her go. The window was shut so I couldn't hear anything. I could tell my daughter was having on her uncle. Tho it looked like she enjoyed it. My daughter stopped sucking his cock n got on her hands n knees on the bed. Her uncle walks over the edge of the bed n slowly slides his cock in my daughter. I see her uncle start slapping her ass. She stood up on her knees as her uncle fucked her n groped her tits. I was rock hard by this point. Felt like I was going to explode. My cock was throbbing,begging to be unleashed on my daughter. I went around the RV n unlocked he door as quietly as possible. I slowly opened the door. As I opened the door I could hear my daughter moaning. "Fuck me uncle. Give me the big cock. Make me cum. I love u uncle." I closed the door behind me making no noise. I could hear the sounds coming from the other end of the RV. I moved to where I could see them. I watched my daughter enjoy getting fucked by her uncle. My daughter had notice me watching. She made no move to draw attention to me. If anything she put on more of a show. When her uncle was done he bear hugged her n cummed deep inside of her."

"What happened when the uncle realized u were there?" I asked curious. Walter hesitates then answers. "He started crying, begging me not to tell his wife that he loves barely legal pussy. He can't help himself. He said my daughter was jus another name to his list of barely legal fuck list." "What did ur daughter do?" I asked wanting to know more. "She layed there as me n her uncle talked it out. She definitely noticed my hard on." "Sounds like ur daughter wants u to fuck her. She must like older men. Here's how we gonna get u balls deep in ur daughter. First, u send my gf g ur wife for groceries. In that time go have some one on one time with ur daughter. Film it n show me." I said. Walter smiled n agreed.

I realized I had my interview soon so I kicked Walter out. I got ready n went to my interview. As shit luck would have it my interviewer was a chick. She noticed I smelled like sex right away. "That's not very professional." She said as I followed her into the room for the interview. I shook my head. Why me fuck sake.

I barely made it thru he interview. This chick was such a SJW. Kept trying to prove she was better than any man on the crew. She kept reminding it was her crew her rules. Once it was over she told me she was giving me a hard time cuz I already got approved before the interview. I called my gf n told her get ready n dress sexy cuz we were celebrating.

I got off he bus n walked home. I was in a great mood now. No stress. As I walked in I called my GF name. No reply. Great, her ass probably fell asleep. I went upstairs n shower n changed. As I came down stairs my GF came in the front door. She looked amazing. 

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