A Different Direction

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The last series of shots required her to lie on her stomach to be photographed from the rear. During these shots, the photographers were summoned to the stage and directed to shoot intimate close ups of Caron’s backside. One of the shots required her to raise her right knee to a 45 degree angle. As she moved to assume this pose, I could see from my vantage point standing on the second riser facing the stage that the lips of her vagina were swollen and noticeably visible to the assembled photographers. This observation produced an intense erection on my part. I happened to notice that middle-aged Mr. Polo shirt lost his composure as well as he lowered his camera and leered at Caron’s exposed pussy. Lesbian


                The Craig’s List ad caught my eye immediately. Listed in the category, “Creative Gigs” it advertised for a mature female model with a “sense of adventure” that was willing to pose nude for an  “erotic artistic project.” The ad requested that at least two photos be submitted with the online application, one of which was to be a nude or semi-nude body shot. The modeling fee for this project was $100 for a half hour of posing with an option to pose for an additional half hour at the same rate.  Letting my imagination wander, I thought that this would be a perfect project for my friend Caron. At age 55, Caron is often mistaken for a woman fifteen years younger.  She is, to put it politely, well preserved. At 5’7” and 118 pounds she has an alluring figure that still turns heads when she enters a room. Her rounded and shapely 34C breasts have maintained their “perky” appearance over the years to the point where she can still go braless if the has the fancy to do so.  Her slender body features soft rounded hips, a flat stomach and legs that are shapely and nicely proportioned. Acutely conscious of these beautiful gams, she often takes care to showcase them by favoring tight jeans worn with calf-length black boots.  

                Since Caron is relatively shy, I thought it unlikely that she would share my enthusiasm for participating in an “erotic, artistic project.” This, indeed, proved to be the case as my initial gentle probes into the matter were met with rejection. Despite these initial expressions of disinterest, I persisted. Two days later, I sensed that I might elicit a more encouraging response if her mood was artificially elevated; I decided to raise the issue after we had both shared a bottle of Pinot .  I re-packaged my proposal and presented it as a dare. For good measure I wagered a $100 bet that she was too modest to participate in such a risqué endeavor. This time she took the bait and agreed to apply for the modeling gig provided that I pay the expenses of our upcoming trip to Ireland. . Although this venture was becoming increasingly costly, I readily agreed to this caveat and was ecstatic and sexually charged with the thought that Caron would pose nude for another guy! While she had done several boudoir shoots for me clad in a sheer negligee and various tank top and panties combinations, she retained a profound sense of privacy and agreeing to the photo shoot was really stretching her comfort level.  My fantasy was to become real!

                Our next step was to reply to the ad. I had several “head shots” in my collection so I selected one that highlighted Caron’s penetrating blue eyes, turned up nose, pearly white teeth and thick, lustrous blond hair.  She looked radiant. I wanted two simple body shots that would show- case Caron’s exquisite figure without being overtly erotic. So I took full-frontal and body profile shots of Caron clad in pink cotton bikini panties and white bra. The photos successfully highlighted her nicely proportioned, ample breasts and athletic legs. Upload. Send. Wait for a response. Our application process was complete.

                Within 24-hours, “Brad” responded that her authentically, wholesome demeanor was exactly what he was looking for in a model.  As I expected, he went out of his way to enthusiastically comment on her “perfectly shaped breasts and toned, sculpted legs.” He then went on to more fully explain the nature of his project. He said that five different photographers of both genders would be shooting, each from a different perspective and that the photos would ultimately be displayed in a multi-media collage of some sort. As stated in the ad, the shoot would last one hour assuming that Caron was not uncomfortable with the arrangements. Brad vaguely alluded to the shoot “taking a different direction” after a short break, but was not specific about what that direction might be. He did assure us that Caron was free to discontinue participation in the shooting at any time if she felt uncomfortable. Brad also mentioned that Caron would need to sign a release at the time of the shooting session. We agreed to the conditions as stated and after an exchange of emails, we were given Brad’s cell number and a date, time and place for the photo shoot.

                Three anxious days after our email exchange, we agreed to meet Brad and the other photographers at the location provided. Brad had given us the address of the former site of an abandoned elementary school. Since Caron had been a teacher, we nervously joked that she would feel right at home in this setting. Our instructions stated that we were to meet in room 314B. This room had been a miniature theater and several folding chairs were positioned on risers that surrounded a well-lit platform stage. The view from the risers provided an elevated perspective on the photographic subject. The only objects seen on stage were a strategically positioned black reclining couch and a brown velvet covered elevated stool. Various types of photographic equipment and backdrops were spaced sporadically around and behind the stage as well. It was amusing to imagine that five years ago budding young thespians had presented their plays on this very platform. I’m sure they had never seen a performance like the one that would shortly be rendered!

                A slightly built 30- something nebbish with owlish black framed glasses and a dark brown pony tail greeted us at the door. “Hi. You must be Caron and Spencer. Glad to meet you. I’m Brad” he mumbled at a barely audible level. “Thanks for working with us on this project. We really appreciate it. Finding the right models is challenging.” We exchanged pleasantries and quickly got down to business. Brad presented us with the release forms which we quickly read, agreed to and signed. I asked Brad if it would be OK for me to sit in on the photographic session and he enthusiastically nodded his assent. Per instructions, Caron brought a short white terry cloth robe to wear when not being actively photographed.  Brad led Caron to a small backstage dressing area where she was to undress and put the robe on.

                As Caron prepared for her modeling debut, I surveyed the room to take stock of the photographers who were all advanced photography students at a local community college. They were making adjustments to their expensive Canons and Nikons and unenthusiastically engaged in muted conversation. It was an eclectic group with two women (both in their early 20s) and three men. Two of the men, both dressed in jeans and hoodies, were in their mid-30s, but the other man dressed in khakis and a golf shirt appeared to be nearly 60. It was mildly unnerving, but undeniably exciting, to think about these strangers inspecting and photographing my nude lover.

                Ten minutes later, Caron emerged from the dressing room clad in her mid- thigh length terry cloth robe which had been loosely tied at the waist. The carelessly secured robe allowed for an enticing view of Caron’s round breasts. All conversation ceased as the five photographers assumed standing and kneeling positions fewer than five feet from their model and awaited Brad’s instructions on the desired poses.   Responding to a non-verbal cue, Caron untied the robe and carefully placed it on a folding chair that had been positioned stage left. She was standing fully nude with her right hand resting gently on the head of the couch, her right leg slightly bent. Each of the five photographers was focused intently on the alluring naked woman standing before them. My heart was pounding and I sensed blood rush to my partially erect penis.  Four of the photographers abruptly positioned their cameras and awaited instructions to begin shooting. The middle aged guy, however, appeared a bit anxious and unsettled. Holding his Cannon in his left hand, he was staring intently at Caron shifting his gaze between her breasts and vaginal area. His mind didn’t appear to be on the photography assignment.

                I couldn’t blame him. Caron looked absolutely stunning. Her 34C breasts looked magnificent, pleasingly erect and sprightly. Brad had advised Caron to apply some pinkish cream to her areolas. He explained that it would enhance the color contrast between her skin and nipple area. The cream worked well, highlighting Caron’s small, perfectly rounded areolas and erect nipples. I was watching Caron about six feet away, stage right. This perspective allowed me to view Caron’s body in three-quarters profile, perfect for appreciating the symmetrical curves of her breasts and shapely, sculpted and toned legs. I couldn’t resist glancing at her pubic bush. Brad had mentioned that she might want to consider waxing her vaginal area. As this would have been inconsistent with the natural appearance that she cultivated, Caron rejected this suggestion and retained her small, blond pubic triangle. It did not do anything to detract from the alluring appearance of the lovely mature woman standing on the stage.

                As the stage director of this erotic production, Brad commenced issuing brief, pointed instructions on the poses he wanted Caron to assume. He began the shooting by calling on Caron to assume various standing and kneeling positions; arms raised, arms at the side, legs modestly closed, legs slightly spread. The five photographers were now all actively engaged in shooting their comely model. They moved about briskly, frequently changing their angles and proximity to Caron as they photographed their nude subject.  Next, Caron was directed to sit on the velvet stool. Legs were crossed and uncrossed; hands were cupped over her breasts and then repositioned to allow her arms to hang limply by her sides. She then clasped her hands behind her head which was turned three-quarters profile. This movement had effect of slightly raising her breasts. She looked totally sexy. Legs were demurely crossed and then spread slightly open. Watching this was an incredible turn-on. I closely examined Caron’s face to detect signs of anxiety or discomfort, but she displayed neither. She was obviously comfortable and totally enjoying the experience. Her facial expressions changed with each instruction to take a different pose; subtle smiles, blank, non-expressive, pouty. Following ten minute intervals, Caron was given two minutes or so to take a stretch break.   

The last ten minutes of the session were spent photographing reclining poses. They became progressively more erotic as the photography continued. Initially Caron was instructed to assume a variety of positions while lying on her back with legs closed and eventually with her legs open. These were followed by poses of Caron resting on her left side. So far, the poses assumed all called for Caron to face the cameras. The last series of shots required her to lie on her stomach to be photographed from the rear. During these shots, the photographers were summoned to the stage and directed to shoot intimate close ups of Caron’s backside. One of the shots required her to raise her right knee to a 45 degree angle. As she moved to assume this pose, I could see from my vantage point standing on the second riser facing the stage that the lips of her vagina were swollen and noticeably visible to the assembled photographers. This observation produced an intense erection on my part. I happened to notice that middle-aged Mr. Polo shirt lost his composure as well as he lowered his camera and leered at Caron’s exposed pussy.

                These series of shots concluded the first half of the photo shoot. Caron winked at me and we both retired to Caron’s small dressing area. Following a 15 minute interlude we were to return to the stage and resume shooting in a session that was to “take a different direction.”

                Caron slid on her robe, secured the sash around her waist and we emerged from the dressing area. As she walked toward the photographers assembled around the stage, she was greeted by an unexpected surprise. The second session was to include another model who would be posing with her. His name was Enrique, a 35 year old Hispanic massage therapist. Although he had also donned a robe, it was obvious that he was one masculine hunk. He stood about 5’10’ and sculpted calf and thigh muscles were visible under his short robe. He wore his black hair cropped short and his face was pleasingly angular. His dark eyes were penetrating and intense. Caron stopped dead in her tracks and her face visibly reddened when she saw him. She turned abruptly to face Brad and sputtered “Is this what you meant by ‘a new direction’?” Brad lowered his head and responded, “Yeah, I know this is a bit of a shock and I apologize for springing this surprise on you. But I was hopeful that you would be sufficiently comfortable with the project by now and might be willing to take this additional step. Remember, you’re free to split anytime you feel that you’re not OK with what we’re doing here.” The anger has dissipated from Caron’s voice and she responded in an unemotional and clinical tone, "Spencer and I need a few minutes to talk this over.” Brad appeared relieved that she didn’t immediately flee the building and replied, “OK. Take your time, but I’m really hopeful that you’ll stick with the project.”

End Part 1

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