A Proud Wife

Squeedy72   April 21, 2020   | 23380 Views
I knew at the age of 16 from looking at porn and having sex with a 21 year old that I wasn’t the normal size, that women are curious when their friends say “he is twice as big as normal men.” Luxury

 My wife has a nickname for me "the anaconda". She is actually not the only one. Every steady girlfriend, and both women I have been married to, always seemed to advertise me. I'm not complaining because it has led to many group or "sex with friends" encounters. I've had sex with multiple married women just because of the fact of "wow, my husband isn't as big hard as you are soft". The only drawback has been very few regular partners who want to have sex frequently..but that's ok! 

 I knew from my teenage years I was not the norm by looking at porn and having sex with a 21 year old who was the first one who started telling her friends about my cock. Anyway that's a different story. 
 This incident actually happened before we got married. We had a cookout that day and everyone except Ann, current wife, Jane, a lifelong friend of my wife and frequent drinking buddy, Betty, a co-worker of my wife,were left. 

 Ann had always let me know about the fact that she had told Jane about me and she knew Jane would let me fuck her because she "threw herself at men". Matter of fact Jane was always flirty and would make inuendo. She was somewhat plump,short, had a nice full ass and a huge set of tits! Larger than Ann's, which is very unusual! Betty on the other hand was no one I would pursue on my own. She was tall , Ann put it "built like a linebacker". 

 We were all in the house with those three sitting on the couch. We had drank a few beers and out of the blue Ann asks as she is laughing, "hey, do y'all wanna see the 'anaconda'?" I already knew Jane had been told but as I quickly found out Betty knew also!  Jane sits up at attention slides to the edge of the couch, arcs her back so her boobs are pronounced even more, puts her hands on knees and says "come over here and get that thing out, I've heard all about it!" At the same moment Betty's face blushed and all She could get out was "oh god, I've heard about that!" We all started laughing and I looked at Ann and Betty and asked " long have you known about it!" Betty responded that everyone in the office knew about it! That actually started to arouse me even more. 

 I was standing about 3 feet from the couch and I pulled my shorts down,grabbed my cock and began to swirl it quickly, like a helicopter blade. It was all of 3 seconds then I quickly put it back in becasue I didn't know what Betty's reaction would be. Jane says, "oh wow, I didn't get to see it long enough, Ann now I know what you mean about needing help." Betty simultaneosly puts her hand to her mouth and exclaims "holy fuck!" as she looks at me and then Ann in shock. At first I am guessing it's shock for the fact that I exposed myself. Ann is laughing the whole time saying, "I've been telling you, it's not normal". 

 So as I'm standing there I am getting an exhilarating feeling over exposing myself. I'm slowly getting horny as I stand there imagining all three topless and giving me a blowjob. I can't stand it anymore. I slowly slip my shorts back down and step out of them while slowly and gently stroking myself. I'm a little more than half hard and I can feel goosebumps coming up on my whole body as everyone sits in silence watching the show! I start to approach Janes end of the couch as  she looks up into my eyes. Ann starts taking her shirt off and drops her bra exposing her large tits as I grab one of them and start rubbing. I let go of hers and with my full hard cock inches away from Jane's face I start rubbing her huge tits through her shirt. I can tell there is a feeling of not knowing what to do coming from Jane and Betty. 

 I see Jane lift her arm as she is staring into my eyes and I am so hard I can barely feel her hand grab my cock. She looks down at my cock,which is super hard now, and with trembling voice says "oh god, Jane im going to have to suck his cock. Can I?" Ann replies, " I don't care." Then looks at me and says " well, since you been wanting to fuck her maybe she will let you now." By this time Jane is telling me how good she is at giving head. She takes her shirt and bra off and exposes those huge tits. They are so big they are almost to her belly button! I grab her by her hair on top and start pumping her in the mouth. I always like to do it so I push in until she gags a little, then I know how far I can keep pumping. 

 I look down at Betty the whole time this is going on. I know she is curious because she is watching all of it and she hasn't left. I pull out of Jane's mouth and walk over to Betty. As soon as I pull out and move my body to take a step Betty is sliding to the edge of where she is sitting and taking her glasses off. She looks at Ann and says "dear god I can't believe I'm getting ready to do this but I'm horny as fuck, I might even have to get him to fuck me too!"
 Betty is pretty much unattractive. Nothing stands out at all about her. As I approached her I told her to take her shirt off and let me see her tits. Small tits and all nipple, but quite a turn on actually. As she was pulling her hair back she looked up and said "Ive never had one this big and it's been awhile since I've sucked a dick, but I'm gonna suck your balls through your bag!" And when she started sucking I started moaning and moaning, I looked at Ann and shouted "FUCK!". Ann said "oh wow, she is giving you one hell of a blowjob!" Betty was literally taking my whole cock down with each head bob. There have only been 4 women ,out of the 100 plus,who have been able to do that. It didn't take her long. I moaned "I'm gonna start cumming!" When I said that she started going faster and making mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm noises! I started shooting cum and she was still forcing my cock down the front of her throat! I dumped one hell of a load down her throat. Jane and Ann we're both saying Wow when it was done. During the middle of it I even looked at Ann and was telling her how good Betty could suck cock.
 Immediately as with every situation like this,there was kind of an immediate awkwardness that Betty was mistakingly feeling and she left without much fanfare. Shortly afterward Ann went to bed. Jane and I started back where we left off. Except this time I took her to the back bedroom and we fucked. Several days later Betty showed up knowing Ann was not home. As soon as she walked in I dropped my pants and she began giving me head. As she was giving me head I started asking her if she was wet and horny and talking dirty. She said she hadn't been fucked in almost 2 years. Even though I was not attracted to her body at all I told her to pull her pants down and bend over. She was wet! I started out slowly and then basically fucked the hell out of her! She came several times that I know of. I normally don't dont do it, but when I asked her where she wanted my cum she told me inside. So I dumped my load in her pussy. To my surprise I was very horun while I was fucking her. 

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