Hot Tub Part 2

mstone   October 02, 2017   | 20323 Views
Part 2 so if you read my first story you know whats already happened After me and the two milfs finished fucking i figured it was time to go to bed so i said ladies this… banner1 Part 2 
so if you read my first story you know whats already happened 
After me and the two milfs finished fucking i figured it was time to go to bed so i said ladies this has been fantastic and ill... before i could finish my sentence one goes no way were not done lets go upstairs. so they get out of the hot tub wrap towels around themselves so im walking over to my robe and one of them beats me to it and says nope you have to stay like that. I said im not gonna walk around nude. she says oh yes you are and opens the exit and throws my robe over the railing and down to who knows where and im like why would you do that. so im looking aorund for another towel and obviously there arent any so i turn to them and say you put your suits back on and give me one of your towels. they are both shaking there heads and say dont worry we'll cover you one grabs my dick while the other starts smacking my ass. so we get into the elevator and no one sees me so were going up to my floor and it stops at the lobby so i put them both infont of me to try and cover a little bit so there standing infront still with my cock in hand mind you. SO i decide im gonna have some fun the doors open and i grab both their towels and rip them off them so there standing there nude as well they gasp. no idea who that employee was but he got the best flash of his life lol. so were all naked in the elevator and the employee is just standing there jaw dropped so reach around the milfs and push the door close button and say nothing lol. the doors close there all mad at me and im like come on that was great. there anger lasted maybe a minute because at this point im rock hard again so one them is on her knees and blowing me while im making out with the other. so we get to my floor and we all get out of the elevator still nude no one wanted to cover up. and im leading them to my room and we get to the door and obviously i dont have a key cuz it was in my robe that was outside. so i have the bright idea lets just fuck again where the vending machines are and figure out the room thing later. so ive got one spread along the side of  the ice machine while the other is grabbing ice cubes and sticking them in places i wouldnt put ice in but it made last longer so i was all for it. then i lay on  my back and they climb on top of me one on my cock and the other on my face and there riding the fuck out of me like straight out of a porn shoot. so im about to cum and this time no fingers went anywhere one of them just grabbed hold of my dick and sucked every last drop out of me. so now i gotta figure out how am i gonna get back into my room so i turn to the girls ready for one more adventure they were both up for it. so at this point all we have for clothing is there bathing suits and none of us were putting them on so i grabbed both and hung them from my door knob and with one milf on each arm we got back into the elevator and went back to the lobby so the doors open at the lobby adn i stuck my head out no one was around so we exited. (i know what your thinking lets go and find my robe and get the key but no no). i went right up the front desk with two bit titted milfs on each arm, and wouldnt you know it was our friend from earlier so he got triple the show now two milfs fully exposed and me still with a half chub which is still pretty big just saying. so somehow i convinced i was who i said i was and he gave me a room key so we head up to my room and i wish i could say i kept fucking them but i was spent. they did make out for a while while i watched which was very hot then one of them jerked me off and i came again so i figured i had to return the faor because i am a gentlemen i ate both of them out till they were screaming in extasy then we all just layed there panting and exauhsted from our night of sex and adventure. needless to say i am so glad i decided to get away. 
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