My father's friend watching

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I knew I will be alone this weekend so my girlfriend and I (girl too) were planning to play around at my house. I was looking forward to it. But, thing doesn't go the way we expected! We had a guest! But it was planed and the show must go on! cheating (I'm sorry for my English but I'll try my best)
My name is Min. I have long hair with medium build. My parents never daubted that I was into girls not boys.  I knew I will be alone this weekend so my girlfriend, Jane, and I were planing to play at my house. I was looking forward to it. When the day came, I dressed in short a very short that I would only wear inside and an extra thin T-shirt without bra! waiting for Jane to arrive around 11 am. I also had my pussy hairless ready for the joy. It was around 10 something and I heard the door bell rang. I wasn't so surprised thinking that Jane would want to come early. But when I got to the window to check it wasn't my girlfriend. It was my fater's friend, Jeph. Since I didn't wear a bra I managed to cover my front with my long hair and opened the door. 

"Hello Jeph, how are you?" I said hello with a naughty idea planned in my head! opened the door wide for him to get in as usual. He came in and said,

"Hey Min, I'm good. What about you?"
"I'm fine, thanks", I answered and I was about to tell him that my dad was not home today but I changed my mind. Before I could ask for what he wanted he told, "I came for a toot box that your dad borrowed, ... I know it I'm sorry I told him to return it any time but I happened to need it today."

I knew the box is in the garage but instead of doing the right thing, I just said.
"I don't know where dad put it but he will be home soon, can you wait? Maybe 15 min. Look, why don't you have a seat and I will get you something. What do you want? Coffee or tea or some beer?"

By this time he might already noticed the way I dressed and might also thinking about something and said,

"No problem, well, maybe coffee, thanks" 
I went to the kitchen and made a coffee. When I came back with the coffee, his eyes were fixed on me even when he took the cup from me. I have never done this before so to be honest I was a bit neverse but tried to pretend that there was nothing wrong. 

Before I could think of the next conversation, I heard the door bell. I was sure this time it will be Jane.

I went and opened the door. When the door opened Jane came in quickly and didn't give me time to warn her that we were not alone. It seemed like she was ready for the play. Once she stepped in and before the door closed behind her she took my face with both hands and kissed me. 

In fact, that was my naughty plan. I wanted an audience. I knew that Jeph was watching. I guided the way that Jane turned her back to my dad's friend. Jane didn't realize that we had an audience! She kissed me hard at the beginning and then slowly moved from my lips down to my neck her hands around my waist under my shirt. I looked over her shoulder to Jeph and definitely he was watching with his mouth dropped open!

Now, Jane moved lower to my nipples and you knew what next...she moved my shirt up and played with my nipples. That turned me on and even more excited with Jeph watching. Actually, Jeph was a good audience for just watching not saying anything as if he was dreaming and trying not to wake up from the sweet dream!

Jane started licking and sucking my nipples which I enjoyed it very much while one of her hand was searching down between my legs. I moaned from time to time and that pleased her a lot.

Jane was in a jean and also a thin T-shirt under her jacket. While kissing her back, I helped her took off her jacket and undone her jean's bottons. By this time, I think Jeph realized that I intended to show him and he seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Now, Jane's jacket was on the floor and then her T-shirt. She had only a bra on. I moved the straps off and unhook in. Jane still had her jean on but topless now. I played with her boobs and licked and sucked and she moaned with her face up. I almost forgot Jeph. I took a quick look at him,..Oh NO! he was giving his between legs a hand job!!!! His was so hard and big!!! And because of my reaction, Jane noticed it and turned back to see what it was and ....

(to be continued)


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