Inside the pleasure dome.

Davy Smith   November 18, 2020   | 15405 Views
My wife bent over the black PVC horse, after the height was adjusted, and allowed her legs to be spread and ankles strapped , a wide 20cm strap wrapped over her waist pinning her down. Then an elderly man inserted his penis into her glistening, excited pussy. I watched as he began to pump away at her. But now, my redhead was ready. Her partner had pulled out of her, leaving a spermy trail, now it was my turn. banner1 When you first join the 'Pleasure Dome' you have to be tested for STD's, as you are on every visit before entering the arena. If you refuse to be tested, you aren't allowed in. You only need wear a condom if a chosen
sex partner is at risk of becoming pregnant.

My wife and I both knew that we will be having sex with multiple partners, that it is only recreational, that we will leave still as man and wife.

On entering, we are led in to a small room with lockers. The female assistants are dressed as maids in latex micro skirts, no knickers, the male attendants in open crotch latex trousers, their cocks and balls exposed.
The maid hands us a white towel each, and leaves us to undress.

We strip, then walk into the arena area.
There is a salty sex odour, about 25 to 30 couples are engaged in various sex activities, and an elderly gentleman immediately spots my wife and points to a vaulting horse contraption, covered in black PVC, with ankle straps and a wide belt on the top.
He leads her by the hand, and after the height is adjusted, she allows her legs to be spread and her ankles strapped. The wide belt is wrapped over her waist, pinning her in position, then he inserts his penis into her glistening pussy and begins to pump away.  I watch for a while, but then the redhead I have had my eye on for some weeks is finished with her partner. He pulls out of her leaving a spermy trail and walks away.

My redhead beckons to me, and I move over to her, my cock erect and pulsing, dripping pre-cum.

She is lying on a double bed covered with a black PVC sheet. Pools of her previous partners cum are glowing bright between her thighs, but she grabs my cock and pulls me towards her.
She is about 30 years old, not beautiful, but still attractive.
I kneel between her legs, and she guides my cock inside her pussy, slippery with sperm.
As I pump away at her, she tightens her vagina muscles around me, enhancing a fantastic sensation, until I cum inside. She unwraps her thighs, I slide out, and we're done.

My wife I see now has another man up her, a younger man, shagging her vigourously while she is still strapped down. I can hear her breathing heavily, then suddenly a gasp, and she begins to shudder with orgasm.

Her lover pulls out of her and slaps her on the bum.
I ask if she is ok, does she want another cock, but she wants to be unstrapped.

We get dressed, go home, and everything is normal again.......until our next trip to 'The Pleasure Dome.'
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