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Spontaneous Surprise Part 10: Ending of Pajama Party

Swiftcreek   January 23, 2021   | 18318 Views
This room was huge with a four-post bed, mirrors on the ceiling, and a sitting area with an antique chase lounge. The four-post bed had leather cuffs at each post for some bondage fun. Eve turned around as we entered the room and said, “I want you to blindfold me, tie me up, and have your way with me.” banner2

As I took Eve down a dark hallway in this mansion to find an empty room to ravage her, I was still reeling from the information that Eve had dropped on me about my little cum slut. I knew I had to put this towards the back of my mind for a little bit so I could enjoy this ginger haired vixen. At the end of this hallway, there was a door slightly cracked. I assumed this meant that it was vacant. All the other doors were shut and you could hear moans and sounds of funishment. 

This room was huge with a four-post bed, mirrors on the ceiling, and a sitting area with an antique chase lounge. The four-post bed had leather cuffs at each post for some bondage fun. Eve turned around as we entered the room and said, “I want you to blindfold me, tie me up, and have your way with me.”

Oh, did I have some ideas running through my head with this lady. She still had the periwinkle lace lingerie on that had captured my eye in the crowded living room earlier. As she got closer to the bed, I grabbed a handful of that beautiful red mane of hers and pulled her head against my chest and groaned in her ear and said, “you are mine and I own you until I am finished with you!” She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she was the kind of lady to enjoy a man to take what he wants and use her for his pleasure. 

While my left hand was wrapped up in her hair, I took my free hand to unsnap her bra and release her perfect store-bought breasts. I threw her onto the bed and turned her over on her back while aggressively kissing her vulnerable neck. All the while, I was guiding her arms one by one up to each bed post and securing them with the leather straps. I then slid down to her legs and guided each one to their perspective bed posts as well. 

There were some toys on the night stand table that were catching my eye. I grabbed the silk blindfold and slipped it over her eyes. I then took the feather from the night stand and ran it in between her “C” cup breasts that literally never move. The light color of her nipples blended in with the freckles on her body. As the feather ran down her chest, she jumped and the chains of the restraints gave their first chatter. 

I was really enjoying this as I feathered her all over her body. She squirmed and cussed at me for torturing her this way! I quickly stuffed her mouth with a gag ball and secured it with a strap around the back of her neck. At this point, she still had her panties on. It was time to rip the lace and tear them off of her! Her pink labia was exposed and was glistening a bit. I grabbed the massage wand from the toy area and began rubbing her pussy on the lowest setting first. She began to buck a bit and those chains began to chatter again as she moaned through the gag ball. I turned up the intensity of the wand a bit. Her sounds got even louder. 

I began to alternate the massaging wand with my two fingers as I penetrated her soaked bright pink pussy. Against her natural porcelain skin, her pussy was so pink and was ready for a tasting. Her juices were running into her ass crack and onto the sheets. I removed the ball gag so I could hear her pleasure as I tasted her. She had some oversized lips that were fun to play with and suck on in my mouth. Her clit began to reveal itself as she relaxed a bit and enjoy her licking. 

My cock was so engorged at this point. I stood on the floor to remove my clothes and climbed back onto the bed to straddle her shoulders as she laid there wondering what I was about to do. I knew she could feel my warm balls on her face as she attempted to lick around her mouth to find them as she was still blindfolded. She was pinned by my legs as I straddled and slapped my cock down on her face. I rubbed it on her face and brought it to her mouth as she took him in. I let her play for a minute before I began to penetrate deeper into her mouth as she gagged. Her spit was running out the sides of her mouth as she became a sloppy mess. 

I removed the blindfold and the restraints on her hands and legs as I pushed her face into the pillows with her ass in the air. I pulled her head back with another good handful of hair and tugged on it as I entered her swollen and soaked pussy. She was a moaner and a screamer. I am sure everyone down that hallway could hear her take my cock and take it deep. She could take a really good pounding too as I fucked her and spoke about the things I wanted to do to her. I kept telling her that I am not finished yet. She was at the edge of climax several times and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock and I would pull him out to keep her from cumming. This infuriated her. “You don’t get to cum until I say you can cum” I said in an authoritative tone as I grabbed and squeezed her face with my hand. “Do you understand?” I growled. “Yes, sir” she said as she cowered back into her submissive role.

I rolled her onto her back again and pulled her to the side of the bed so I could get some good leverage. Her legs were spread and up in the air, as I entered her again. “I want to use this pussy” I said as I fucked her as hard as I could. She was grasping at the sheets on the bed with all she had. I pulled my cock out and went to my knees as I licked her pussy up and down again to give her a little different sensation down there. In a matter of seconds, I could not hold her back any longer. I tried, but she was too far over the edge of her climax. She grabbed my head as I was pulling away from her and she pressed my face against her sloppy mess of a pussy. I was in heaven as I just kept licking away on her clit as she came. Her twitching and whimpering just kept going as she released onto my face. 

I tried to pull away again but I heard her say, “Not yet, please, not yet. Keep licking baby!” I just kept doing my thing as I love to eat a sweet pussy, and she immediately came again and a little fountain of her juices was released. With her squirting a little, it all ran down her crack onto the hardwood floor as she was still on the edge of the bed. “It’s my turn now” I said as I slammed my cock into her. 

 She gasped and grabbed the bed sheets again as I stroked her long and slow which is always the best way to get me to cum. After a couple strokes, there was the twinge I was looking for. “Oh, wow, you are getting ready to cum, aren’t you?” she said. “Oh yes” I said enthusiastically. “Mmmmmm Baby, I can feel you swelling inside me. I want to taste it” she said as she grinned and looked into my eyes. 

I took him out as she slid her body off the bed onto her bent legs. She was at the exact height to take him into her mouth. I groaned and groaned as my climax was upon me. I released and pulsated a week’s worth of cum into her mouth. She took every ounce and it began to overflow out the sides of her lips and down her chest. It was the prettiest and messiest sight you have ever seen! I suddenly fell into a wing back chair in the room to catch my breath.

As I opened my eyes and looked around, there was my little cum slut in the corner of the room on the chase lounge playing with herself. She had snuck into the room to see if I was man enough to tame Eve. “You did such a good job Daddy” she said as we cleaned ourselves up. “I wanted to get my money’s worth” I joked as we all gathered back into the main room. It was late and everyone was starting to say their goodbyes. Before we headed out the door, my little cum slut’s parents wished us well and as we got into my SUV I said, “your parents seem to be a great couple”. That statement seemed to hit a nerve and the look I got confirmed it. That conversation was for another night......

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