First time fucked!!

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It was complete dead silence. Only thing they were hearing was each other's heartbeat.the cold breeze from window made the event more special. She was breathing heavily , may be it… banner2

It was complete dead silence. Only thing they were hearing was each other's heartbeat.the cold breeze from window made the event more special. She was breathing heavily , may be it was adrenaline rush .
       Their brains were completely numb, Surrendering to hormones. They were about to explore something that they have been waiting for years. His cold eyes , scent of his body made her even more restless. She was about to loose control over her actions.
He was calm but not for the long time .
           They said physical attraction is not required in true love..but truth is love is like unfinished poem without intimacy. There were millions of thoughts running in their head within few seconds.
             They expected it would be like fairy tale romantic evening,.but soon they realised that it will be ugly, wild and passionate.
      They did not wait long , started kissing eachother passionately but was wild. He made the  first real move of intimacy, adult romance . He started kissing on her neck...she went down weak in her knees. She surrendered completely to him. She couldn't control it anymore ..she pushed him back..asked him
- "where is the protection?"
      It was safely lying below the pillow. He pointed it towards the pillow. She took out the condom . It was in her hand ,both were looking at it. And then they looked at each other.
   He asked her...-" are you sure? You want to do it?"
For a second millions of thoughts passed infront of her eyes. But her mind was in no position to make any decision. It was completely filled by harmones.
   She immediately said...-. "let's do it!!!"
His eyes broadened, there was some spark in his eyes ...she noticed itand said again...          

            "fuck me before I change my mind, otherwise you won't get me in your entire life!!!!" ... teased him with an evil smile.
     He was absolutely shocked!!!. She was seeing her another side ..which he had no idea in their 2 years of relationship. He was in ride of his life time.
     He attacked on her like hungry lion , but she was lioness in her own way. He may be the king of her imaginative kingdom . But she will rule the bed , it's her territory.
       For the next moments...It was pure and deadly combination of love and lust. He  was exploring every inch of her body without mercy. For her it was pain and pleasure, her mind failed to name that feeling. With eyes closed, joy tears were rolling from the corner of her eyes ..
             Rest it was the direction of love gods, to show these love birds glimpse of heaven that they never imagined even in their dreams.
           As he finished inside her, she was on the edge of heaven. Never wantd to return earth.  That was the feeling.
              A feeling of satisfaction. Love in their eyes,  a happy smile and one sweet little kiss to end the heavenly act. It was gift by love of gods to honest love . Indeed it was the best gift that any couple could receive. Isn't it?.

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